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Museum Lates: Game Masters

‘F​or me, growing up as a human being on the planet Earth in the twenty-­first century was a real kick in the teeth. Existentially speaking.’

Wade Owen Watts is the protagonist of Ernest Cline’s 2011 dystopian, 80s obsessed, gamer novel, Ready Player One. Wade is a teenager experiencing the sort of angst-­ridden life you might expect of a slum resident, alienated from his peers in the virtual school he attends, only feeling content when free to roam as his alter ego, in armoured guise, Parzival. This is the new everyman.

‘Reading? You are aware that it’s the twenty-first century?’

If my friend is to be believed, I am not that everyman.

IMG_1023I do not lack enthusiasm when it comes to gaming. There is a stack of unopened games beside my console. Each was selected after a painstaking amount of research. Alas, I have spent more time considering and discussing these acquired items than I have spent playing them. As time rolls on and becomes itself a luxury, streamlining your interests becomes imperative. Ironically, I can quote a science fiction novel about a virtual world because I chose to read rather than immerse myself in an interactive RPG. The only reason that this work of fiction spoke to me is a life-long love of gaming and so called geek-ery. My misspent youth assisted my making the High Scores table in Tetris when I visited Barcade in Brooklyn last summer and outlasting, by an arcade mile (two Quarters) the locals who chose to co-op Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with me. I got game. So, whilst I may have preferred to read a hard copy of this than a digital one, I did rate it on Goodreads as soon as I had finished.

To return to the opening quote, ‘growing up’ is no longer so easily pegged to youth. Recent statistics place the average age of the UK gamer around 35. So it is perhaps fitting that the next in the series of adults-only Museum Lates events will be tied into The National Museum of Scotland’s Game Masters exhibit. From the same source, we’re told 40% of game sales in 2014 included digital content, subscriptions, apps and mobile games. Our lives are embedded. I’m curious to take a trip round this event and exhibit and consider technology’s triumph.

This Friday, the 13th (eep!), the Museum will open it’s doors with an almost rude amount of entertainment available for a very reasonable price of £12. The exhibit itself is impressive with talks on game idea origins, cosplay, and physical gaming delivered by industry and academic minds. Vic Galloway shall be compering, the synthetic sounds of The Wild Curve and Happy Meals should appeal to those accustomed to an electronic palette, VJ for the eve is Susanna Murphy and the rest of the evening will be scored by Fresh Air DJs.

Bonus level: there will be a range of consoles and retro games available to play, singstar, a silent disco, facepainting and fruit-arcade themed brooch making taking place.

Someone is going to have to drag me off of Asteroids tomorrow night…

Head over to the East End Social

ee socThe East End Social is a new music and community engagement programme based in the east end of Glasgow. Principally run by Chemikal Underground with support from the 2014 Commonwealth cultural programme, the social has already lined up an impressive list of events with many more to be announced.

Despite having arguably Glasgow’s best venue, the Barrowlands, on it’s doorstep, the east end seems to be crying out for a more organised and varied music scene and the East End social appears to be the perfect hub for this. Taking in several venues around the east end including Rutherglen Town Hall, Platform (Easterhouse), the afore mentioned Barrowland ballroom and what appears to be the social’s ‘home base’, The Bowler’s Bar in Bridgeton, the East End social already has a wide and varied programme of events. Whether you’re after some Sunday afternoon jazz, a bit of Ghanaian kologo or a day chilling in front of a Reggae soundsystem, the East End social seem to have it covered. There will also be a set of intimate gigs hosted by BBC radio’s Vic Galloway as well as current Scottish album of the year winner RM Hubbert, who will be playing, along with friends, at Rutherglen Town Hall.

With loads more to be announced, you might want to keep your eyes pointed eastwards.

East End Social website

East End social on Facebook

East End social on Twitter

Mogwai Mogwai Mogwai…

…seems to be all that we’re about here at Elba recently! However, we feel it’s fully justified, after all, Kim is still giddy from their show at Paisley Town Hall and has had plenty good stuff to say about their new album. I myself will admit to being more unfamiliar with them than I should be but I’ve resolved with Kim that this will change!

Anyway, we were sent this rather lovely video of them playing Rano Pano recently, for BBC Scotland’s Vic Galloway Show.

Enjoy! I’m off to do my homework!!

Elba Annual 2009 – Cuddly Shark

Today’s featured band on the Elba Annual are Glasgow’s self proclamed finest hillbilly rockers, Cuddly Shark. After the release of their eponymous debut album in November (Elba review here), things have gone rather well for the two guys, one girl band. A slew of fine reviews for the album has been backed up by being named album of the month on Vic Galloway’s Radio 1 Session in Scotland. They are also doing a live session this week on Vic’s Radio Scotland show, not to be missed. Colin, Jason and Ruth took some time out to tell us what made their year…

cuddly shark

Album of The Year

Colin: Super Furry Animals – Dark Days/Light Years

Ruth: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz

Jason: Future Of The Left’s Travels With Myself And Others. Didnt do that much for me to begin with but found i’ve been playing the heck out of it recently! We call that a grower in the industry. Waiting with bated breath for a shotty of the new Heavy Trash LP fae Scott Maple!

Favourite New Band

Colin: Super Adventure Club

Ruth: Has to be Super Adventure Club, if we were good, we would be Super Adventure Club!

Jason: We recently played with Sleepy Vole in Edinburgh. Really enjoyed his Lo-Fi distorted carry on.

Best Gig (Cuddly Shark)

Colin: Aberdeen, Moorings, Nov 09

Ruth: We played the Moorings in Aberdeen last month which was pretty crazy. A guitar string went through my plimmy into my foot just before we started, so hitting my tuning pedal was fun! Moorings is always good for a bit of old rocker slamming action!

Jason: had a few fun ones this year but guess it would be the album launch at Captains Rest. It was ace to have it finally out and was a fun night.

Best Gig (Other)

Colin: Faith No More, Peace & Love Festival, Sweden

Ruth: Breeders, king tuts, May. The fact that Kim Deal now looks like an over weight R.E teacher, and Kelley had coloured spots on her fiddle to remind her where to put her fingers only added to the brilliance of the night!

Jason: Faith No More at The Corn Exchange on the 25th of August. Was amazing!

Best Memories of 2009

Colin: Releasing our debut album. Watching Faith No More with my fellow Swedes

Ruth: Finally pawing the completed cuddly album! It was 19 months in the making, we could have knocked up ten new chicken runs in that time!

Jason: Releasing two albums this year (Shark’s debut and Le Reno Amps Tear It Open). It’s been a mental busy year. But roll on mental 2010!

Hopes for 2010/Things You’re Looking Forward To

Colin: Touring the album and playing places i’ve never been to before.

Ruth: Well, Im off to fry my ginger skin in St Lucia next month…Then its busy busy spreading the joyous shark message across our fair land!

Jason: A busy mental 2010!

Cuddly Shark do a live session for Vic Galloway this evening on Radio Scotland from 8pm. Their album is out now on Armellodie and can be purchased from the Armellodie Record Store, from all your usual download providers and from Avalanche Glasgow.

They will be embarking on a tour early next year and all the dates can be found on their myspace page here