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Elba Annual 2010 – Stephen Scott (Elba Studios)

A bit of an extended post today. As you may or may not know, Elba Sessions took it’s name from Elba Studios which is currently based down the Hidden Lane off Argyle Street in Glasgow. We like to keep in touch with what’s going on in the studio and likewise, the studio likes to keep up with what we do, we’re kind of like the cooler younger brother I suppose (just joking Stephen, really!). Anyway, there’s plenty of good stuff going on in the studio and as we approach the end of the studio’s busiest year, we thought it would be good if owner, producer, cleaner all round Elba Studios dogsbody, Stephen, got us up to speed with developments…

“as of next year we will be running sessions over two studios. I have just finished renovating the exisiting elba studio to have it specifically set up for recording or tracking. The idea is to have a separate space for recording and mixing and mastering, so clients can come down to the recording studio which has been set up to create a great creative and inspiring atmosphere to focus on the recording. Once the recording is done the session is sent up to the mixing studio (name of studio still unknown!!) where an engineer will have access to the most impressive studio kit list in Scotland (in our humble opinion).

as always we still outsource all our mastering to Eighth Nerve Mastrering, which is in my opinion the best mastering service in the country! We also now have friend of Elba, Dean Owens on board as a producer who can be hired in to work with clients from pre-production to working with them each day in the studio.

This year we are once again working with Creative Scotland on the YMI demo fund and have at this stage confirmed that we will be working with Loch Awe and Trapped Mice and still have another 3 artists to confirm. Recording will take place between Jan and March next year.”

So, there you have it! And just to keep us firmly ‘on-topic’, here’s Stephen’s answers for this year’s Elba Annual…

Album Of The YearBelle and Sebstian – Write About Love

Best Gig Of 2010best gig for me this year would have to be the first Music Box night we put on with antimatter records. The night was a great success having packed out the venue, there was a great vibe to the whole thing and the acts and photographers were brilliant!

Favourite New BandsThe Wellgreen, Lewis Wilson and The Beatmakers, The Recovery Club, The Scottish Enlightenment, Julia and the Doogans, Reptile House, Jonathan Sebstian Knight to name a few!

Musical Memories Of 2010too many to pin down I reckon from spending so much time in the studio!

Hopes and Plans For 2011 – getting the new double studio set up and hopefully busier than ever with projects! Also really looking forward to working in the new mixing studio we have merged with, getting my hands on all that outboard gear!

The Recovery Club – Rest And Be Thankful

In December, The Recovery Club’s Graham chatted to us at the Elba Sessions about how 2009 was for him. He mentioned to us that there were hopes of a single release in 2010 and hey presto, 8 months later, here it is! Knowing that they were an honest bunch and that they had kept their word, we thought we should really have them round to the pod to play a couple of songs and have a natter about their single ‘Rest and Be Thankful’. The Recovery Club Podcast by elbasessions *To download – just click on the arrow on the right hand side of the player! If you like the cut of their gib and adobe acrobat pro upgrade best price have fallen in love with the entrancing and soothing single you might like to know that the b-sides Weird Weather and D.N.A are just as good and that from Monday July 5th, you can purchase these tracks on the Antimatter website and at some good online stockists! They also play The Liquid Ship on Tuesday the 6th of July to celebrate said single! Get yourself down there!

Musicbox – March 4th 2010

A bit of a heads up for everyone on a new event happening next month. It’s called ‘Musicbox’ and it is being run by local label Antimatter Records with the help of our older, more business-like sibling, Elba Studios and cutting edge audio visualists Genre Is A Dirty Word.

The night will showcase an eclectic set of 4 musicians and as a bit of a twist, 4 great photographers. The idea being that each photographer is assigned an act each and is given a month to get together a visual representation of their work to be projected on the night during their act’s set. I make today the 4th of Feb so I suppose the project has started for the photographers!

The acts playing on the night will be…

The Recovery Club
Paul McLinden

and the photographers…

Kat McDonald
Gavin Inglis

Musicbox will take place at Glasgow’s Universal on March 4th at 8pm and you can get more info as well as being able to purchase advance tickets on the Antimatter website. Entry is a very cheap £3.

Elba Annual 2009 – The Recovery Club

Any band which includes either lap steel, mandolin or a banjo is generally on to a winner with me. It’s fortunate then that today’s Elba Annual features a band with all of the above. The Recovery Club were formed in 2005 and have gradually grown over the past few years. Next year sees them release their debut single on Antimatter Records. Today, Graham shares his 2009 with us…

Album of The Year – ‘Veckatimest’ by Grizzly Bear

Favourite New Band – Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Best Gig – The Recovery Club, playing at Gilmorehill G12 as part of Antimatter Records’ Genre is a Dirty Word night

Best Gig – Pixies at the SECC.

Best Memories of 2009 – Seeing the band blossoming and growing into what we’ve always wanted it to be.

Hopes for 2010/Things You’re Looking Forward To – Releasing and launching our single with Antimatter Records in February.. recording – and hopefully releasing our first full album.

For all info on gigs, releases etc…check out The Recovery Club myspace here