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The Armello-tour Steams In To Town

Not bad poster eh? And the line-up isn’t too shabby either. Our chums at Armellodie hit the road in a couple of days with eight bands from their roster, seeing the sights of Bonnie Scotland. The tour kicks off this Thursday in Edinburgh’s Wee Red Bar with sets from newest signings Trapped Mice, The Douglas Firs and Super Adventure Club. 6 more dates over the next nine days take in Dundee, Glasgow twice, Aberdeen, Lossiemouth and Elgin featuring label mates Cuddly Shark, Le Reno Amps, The Scottish Enlightenment, The Hazey Janes and Chris Devotion & The Expectations. The full details are at the end of this post.

If that news wasn’t enough to to make you get yourself out to see some live music, maybe this excellent EP from Kowalskiy featuring all 8 bands, might convince you.

I’m going to three of the gigs so I might just see you there.

SupervAdventure Club + The Douglas Firs + Trapped Mice
Wee Red Bar, College of Art, Edinburgh
Thursday 2nd August 2012

The Hazey Janes + Le Reno Amps + Cuddly Shark
Duke’s Corner, Dundee
Friday 3rd August 2012
Free Entry

Le Reno Amps + Cuddly Shark + The Scottish Enlightenment + Trapped Mice
Nice n Sleazys, Glasgow
Saturday 4th August 2012

Super Adventure Club + The Hazey

Janes + Chris Devotion & The Expectations
Art School, Glasgow
Wednesday 8th August 2012

Le Reno Amps + The Hazey Janes + Chris Devotion & The Expectations + Cuddly Shark
Tunnels, Aberdeen
Thursday 9th August 2012

Chris Devotion & The Expectations + Cuddly Shark + Le Reno Amps
The Steamboat, Lossiemouth
Friday 10th August 2012
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Cuddly Shark + Le Reno Amps + Chris Devotion & The Expectations
The Thunderton, Elgin
Saturday 11th August 2012
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I Made You A Mixtape…Six

So far in this mixtape series, I have kind of steered clear of having any sort of theme on the mixtapes. This week however, is somewhat of an exception. The Scottish Album of the Year award was

launched this week and it immediately got me thinking of which Scottish album from 2011 would I want to win the award. I know people sometimes are quite quick to judge awards ceremonies and awards, particularly in Scotland, but this seems to be organised rather well and the prizes on offer are absolutely terrific. We have a huge amount of enthusiasm for the national music scene in Scotland and it’s great to see an award promising inclusion and most importantly, a celebration of Scottish music.

This weeks mixtape contains some tracks from a few of the albums which I really enjoyed in 2011. I say ‘enjoyed’ because I’m fully aware that some may not technically be the best albums but at the end of the day when I want something to listen to, I want it to be an enjoyable experience, and these albums gave me just that.

Also, I’m not 100% on criteria but there’s certainly a Scottish related element to all of the tracks included here. I’ve also tacked 3 or 4 songs on the end which do not fall into the category of Scottish Albums of 2011, but this is a mixtape, and I wanted them here!

Rob St.John – Your Phantom Limb from the album ‘Weald’

Kicking off controversially with one that I’m not sure is eligible, however, this album was released on an Edinburgh label (Song, By Toad) and Rob is a big part of the Edinburgh music scene, despite his roots being firmy south of the border. This album really knocked me for six. A really beautiful album and this track in particular was the first track I heard when released as a split 7″. It’s an album I rate very highly and this week in particular, when the snow fell, really set the scene perfectly.

Mike Nisbet – Not Long from the album ‘Vagrant’

Honestly, I should stop now. I’m pretty sure the percentage of posts we’ve written mentioning Mike Nisbet in the last year is topping the 70% mark. The truth is, a year ago when we got a sneak peak of the album, we were immediately smitten. It was one of the best and most heartfelt albums I’d heard in a long time and I was so pleased that late on in the year, people really started picking up on it. It’s not easy to self-release an album and this album really deserves some recognition. Beautiful is the only word…

Jonny – Waiting Around For You from the album ‘Jonny’

Another possibly contentious one. An album written by a Scotsman and a Welshman but really, it’s no ordinary Scotsman, it’s none other than Norman Blake from my favourite Scottish band of all time, Teenage Fanclub. This is a really good fun and upbeat album, well worth a listen if you’re looking for a smile.

The Hazey Janes – Paper Hearts from the album ‘The Winter That Was’

I just mentioned Teenage Fanclub and I put The Hazey Janes in a similar bracket in that if it’s sunny, and I’m looking for something to put a smile on my face, I’ll reach for The Hazey Janes, and they won’t disappoint. I was delighted to hear last year that they were releasing a record on Armellodie records and when released, it was a welcome return to form for a band who were out of the game for something of an enforced sabattical.

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – The Copper Top from the album ‘Everything’s Getting Older’
This it seemed was a ubiquitous choice amongst Scottish media last year. A beautiful an emotive album of which this, was my stand-out track from the album. The video is also excellent and worth a watch

FOUND – Machine Age Dancing from the album ‘Factorycraft’

This album was released on Chemikal Underground early last year and is an excellently experimental album. They also released a single on Chocolate vinyl, which is always a win.

Le Reno Amps- Cottonmouth Rock from the album ‘Appetite’

Another band that we absolutely adore. Live, they are fairly unbeatable when they are on top of their game and whilst on a ‘break’ at the moment, we have everything crossed that come August, they might make a re-appearance.

This album was described by many as being full of different styles, which it is, but that doesn’t make it less endearing. This track is LRA at their glam inspired, duelling guitar best. As it’s been noticed, they can be a bit like marmite, and yes, we love them.

Strike The Colours – Safety In Numbers

I’ve come to the end of my selection from 2011’s albums and this track is from a band who I believe are due to release new material this year, Strike The Colours. ‘Safety In Numbers’ is from the brilliant ‘The Face That Sunk A Thousand Ships’ EP.

Cancel The Astronauts – The Hardest Thing

CTA are an Edinburgh band who seem to specialise in a ‘really poppy hook’ although, you might not get that from this track. I raved about their ‘Funny For A Girl’ EP a few years ago and they sent me their new single a few years and despite this track being completely different to the first two tracks on the EP, I really love this one! The single is called Intervention and can be found over here.

RM Hubbert – Gus Am Bris An Latha (with John Ferguson)

RM Hubbert’s new album ‘Thirteen Lost & Found’ may be in quite a few album of the year polls come the end of 2012 and this track is one of my favourites from said album.

Loch Awe – How It Began

This song was one of my favourites from 2010 and I commented at the time how impressed I was with the EP which was recored in a matter of days. Loch Awe have come a long way since this song and EP, but it’s something I always revisit every now and again.

Elba Annual 2011 – The Hazey Janes

I was particularly excited this year at the return of The Hazey Janes after a bit of a ‘sabbatical’. They released their new album ‘The Winter That Was’ a couple of months back and now just in time for Christmas have released a free download to put some sunshine in your December. You can download The Darkness Ends for free over at Soundcloud or if live is more your thing, they will play King Tuts in Glasgow next Wednesday (28th December).

Andrew and Matthew were good enough to answer a few questions for us about the year that was…

– Album of The Year

Andrew: Not much of the music I bought this year was released in 2011, however, I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve heard of St. Vincent’s ‘Strange Mercy’. Annie Clark’s guitar sound is a continuing puzzle and delight. Cymbals Eat Guitar’s ‘Lenses Alien’ sounds cool too.

Matthew: It’s been a good year for pop records, there were return-to-form albums from old favourites like DJ Shadow and Wilco, and unexpected gems from the Arctic Monkeys and King Creosote. I’ll go with Yuck’s self-titled debut though. Best reissue was the Numero Group compilation ‘Salsa Boricua De Chicago’.

– Song of the Year

A: I’ve no idea, to be honest. I do really like Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat’s ‘The Copper Top’ though. Scottish and dour… at its

very best.

M: Hmmm, it’s hard to argue with ‘Video Games’ being the defining song of the year, I think ‘A Real Hero’ by College was more relevant to us though. So simple yet so brilliant.

– Best gig you played

A: Perhaps slightly predictable, but I’d have to say ‘The Winter That Was’ album launch at Dukes Corner, Dundee in October this year: it was rammed and moist.

M: Yep, pretty obvious, but it was our only hometown gig. What can I say, we got away with it!

– Best gig you saw

A: The one and only time I’ve seen the Scottish Symphony Orchestra was completely amazing. However, I was sat next to a pair of posh twats who kept giving me disapproving scowls, so I’ll say The Posies at King Tuts instead.

M: I really enjoyed seeing a Pensioner and United Fruit double bill in Dundee earlier this year, there was also a fantastic avant garde/noise gig at Drouthys a few weeks ago but unfortunately I couldn’t tell you who the artists were!

– Any musical thoughts to share on the year 2011?

A: C#m turned out to be the new Emajor… who would have thunk it!?

M: I tried to abandon all musical thoughts again this year but it never happens. I think 2011 was pretty strong musically, both in what I’ve heard and what we’ve been doing. We’re looking forward to 2012.

– What does 2012 have in store for you?

A: We have

a collaboration project down our trouser leg for early next year that we’re extremely excited about, but it’s a something of a secret at the moment!

Returning: The Hazey Janes Album Launch

I mentioned earlier this week that we would be sharing some details of a gig we were helping to put on, so here it is!

We’re donning our Armellodie tin hats for this one, and doing our best not to get in the way, to help launch the new album from The Hazey Janes. The Dundee band are about to launch their new album and when Armellodie came a calling (whilst General Al is fighting the good fight in China), looking for an extra pair of hands to help out with the Glasgow leg of the album launch there was no way we’d refuse and what better way than to celebrate than have a wee party at the Captain’s Rest.

If a bit of ‘beefed up’ sunny power pop sounds like your bag, then this gig is more than up your street, and being that it’ll be mid-October, who wouldn’t want a bit of sunshine in the evening? As the label say ‘they’re like Big Star on steroids’. Nuff said…

The Hazey Janes will be joined on the night by local band The Brazen Cars and Loudon, who we featured at Elba Sessions Presents…probably around a year ago now.

The gig, as you’ll see from the lovely poster above, takes place on October 18th at the Captains Rest which precedes the release of the ‘The Winter That Was’ on October 24th.

You can download the lead single ‘Carmelite’ from The Winter That Was below.

Carmelite by The Hazey Janes by Armellodie

Over and out…

The Hazey Janes – FREE Download!

It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to a track on my ipod then gone back and re-played it 4 or 5 times in a row. It’s not for lack of good music either, the recent Turntable Kitchen playlist has been on repeat for the last few weeks but there’s 20 tracks there, so you’re getting a bit of variance.

However, this morning, the only thing that stopped me playing the latest Hazey Janes track ‘Carmelite’ was that I arrived in the office.

I was maybe overly-excited when Al from Armellodie told me that The Hazey Janes were going to be next band to release a record on the label. They’re one my favourite Scottish bands and

nobody does sunny indie pop songs better. My only issue is that their two and half minute songs are so good that I’m left disappointed that they only last for two and a half minutes. A minor gripe I assure you.

You can download the new single ‘Carmelite’ for free below from the Armellodie soundcloud player.

The Hazey Janes will release the album on October 24th. Can’t wait to hear it!

Carmelite by The Hazey Janes by Armellodie