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A Vid For the Weekend…

I bestowed the title of one of my ‘Favourite New Bands’ to Johnny Reb in last nights

post and it got me thinking about how The Portugal Years has been one of my favourite ‘exertions’, certainly by a local band, so far this year. However, hot on it’s heels will be the album from She’s Hit entitled ‘Pleasure’ (June 6th). It’s an absolute gem and it’ll get more column inches on this blog closer to it’s release date in June but I can say for now it’s a peach and very VERY loud. I’ve been pretty excited about hearing it since the release of their first single RE:Peater last year, it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

So, for some viewing over this weekend, here’s the video for ‘Shimmer Shimmer’, their new single which is out on May 23rd and if you are around the Stag & Dagger festival on May 21st in Glasgow, do try and pop along to see their set at Nice & Sleazy’s.