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She's Hit – Pleasure

I’ve been meaning to write about this album for ages. I suppose ever since I got a copy of their single ‘RE:Peater” sent over to me last year, I knew I couldn’t wait for the album. So here we are some 7 months later, i’ve been listening to the album for a couple of months and I’m glad to say it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest.

The first thing that hits me, as it did with the single, is that She’s Hit are loud, like really loud and not in a horrible thrashy racket way, loud in the way that you just know the person recording the album has a volume button that goes up to 11, not 10. It’s a bit like when you’re watching the telly and all of a sudden the adverts come on 10 times louder than the programme was. So, top marks on the volume front.

The album opens with title track ‘Pleasure’ and sets it’s stall out as an album which will give you a good kick up the backside. The vocals almost sneer and spit at you and guitars clunk and echo around your ears. It’s a full on aural assault which continues throughout the rest of the album. ‘Part 1’ and then ‘Lustless’, still mercilessly feedbacking and wailing, give a brief respite but is immediately trumped by my standout track RE:Peater.

All in all, it’s a great album, sure you could say that they take influence from the Jesus and Mary Chain and Iggy Pop, but at the same time they sound like nothing else going about here at the moment. Also, if you do get your paws on a copy of the album you will be rewarded by a second album with each track on the album receiving a remix courtesy of a variety of different artists including, Dam Mantle, Remember Remember, The Unwinding Hours and Fox Gut Daata.

‘Pleasure’ is out now on RE:Peater Records and you can pick up a copy over here at the RE:Peater store.

A Vid For the Weekend…

I bestowed the title of one of my ‘Favourite New Bands’ to Johnny Reb in last nights

post and it got me thinking about how The Portugal Years has been one of my favourite ‘exertions’, certainly by a local band, so far this year. However, hot on it’s heels will be the album from She’s Hit entitled ‘Pleasure’ (June 6th). It’s an absolute gem and it’ll get more column inches on this blog closer to it’s release date in June but I can say for now it’s a peach and very VERY loud. I’ve been pretty excited about hearing it since the release of their first single RE:Peater last year, it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

So, for some viewing over this weekend, here’s the video for ‘Shimmer Shimmer’, their new single which is out on May 23rd and if you are around the Stag & Dagger festival on May 21st in Glasgow, do try and pop along to see their set at Nice & Sleazy’s.

Elba Annual 2010 – Phil (Elba)

Our final annual comes from Elba Sessions’ constant and reasoned voice; Phil. You will be well acquainted with him by now I’m sure.  For those of you who are not: he is a man of great taste, intelligence, wit and charm.  As a great driving force behind everything Elba I’ve found him to be exceptionally motivated and particularly good at knowing what buttons to push to get the most out of everyone he works with.  It is holding all these elements together and only ever snapping when things have reached well passed boiling point which leads us to his alter ego.  With a quiet and calm demeanor, a patience like no other, an ability to maintain organization even whilst working under potentially incendiary conditions and the occasional (and very understandable) melt down, who else could we select?

All that sucking up needed balancing out with something ridiculous. Ironically he will, of course, love this comparison. Here is Phil’s account of 2010:

Album of The Year – This is a tough one. There have been quite a lot of albums I’ve really liked over the course of the year and the title of ‘favourite’ constantly seems to change. I think ‘Method’ by Thirty Pounds of Bone gets the win though. It is an honest album and really nicely put together and produced. For the first couple of months, Los Campesinos! and Field Music would also be in with a shout as well as notable mentions for Chris T-T, Meursault, Super Adventure Club and The National.

Best Gig – There have been several people I have really enjoyed seeing this year, RM Hubbert, King James, Super Adventure Club (possibly the most fun that can be had watching a band, as well as the most jealous at how ridiculously good individually they are). Best gigs are usually defined for me by notable things or songs that were played. In that sense, there have been two or three great gigs for me in 2010. The National, which seems to be on everyone’s lips really stands out just for the whole occasion. Mr November, including a tour of the crowd by singer Matt Berninger, was a biiig standout as well as the completely unplugged sing-along to Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks.

Also, on two occasions I’ve seen a band play a song this year that has just made the hairs on my neck stand up. When The Scottish Enlightenment bellowed into Little Sleep at the end of the set at their album launch in the 13th Note and when they played it at The Liquid Ship on one of our Elba gigs, i knew that there was something pretty special happening.

Favourite New Band(s) – Probably could make a lengthy list here but I’ll try to keep it short. Bella Ruse play the kind of sweet indie folk pop that I’m just a sucker for. I’ve also been digging Caitlin Rose, The Mariner’s Children and more locally Johnny Reb, She’s Hit, Yusuf Azak and The Douglas Firs.

Musical Memories of 2010 – Putting on some great bands at The Liquid Ship as part of our Elba Sessions gigs…Chris’ boundless enthusiasm for Springsteen…Kim’s boundless enthusiasm for music and her awesome writing…Kim and Chris’ support and patience when I get ‘the rage’… The National at the Academy…Willy Vlautin at the Captains Rest (if indeed that was this year)…The return of Le Reno Amps…Making some new musical acquaintances…oh, and being thanked in the sleeve notes for the Thirty Pounds of Bone album was pretty sweet.

Hopes/Plans (music) for 2011 – To kick on with Elba a lot more. I really want to get a good focus going on the blog, going for a bit of a wider viewpoint on the music we all love here at Elba rather than the same old. We’ll also get the Elba Sessions gigs going again in a few months, peepers on the lookout for bands to play already. I’m also looking forward to Dj’ing at the first BARmellodie night at Bloc on January 21st. Also, I want to start getting along to a lot more gigs and seeing some bands to get excited over.

So that’s us for 2010. Have a grand old time this evening!  We wish you a bonne année and we will return before you have fully recovered fully from the celebrations.

RE:PEATER Records Launch Party

Just a quick shout out for a great show happening in Glasgow this Friday (17th Sept) at the 13th Note. The official launch party of Glasgow label RE:PEATER Records includes sets from Fur Hood, label owners and Fat Cats, SHe’S HiT and first signing to the label Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers.

The doors are at 8:30pm and the tax will set you back £4.

We’ll have more on the single release in the coming weeks (it’s bloody good likes!) but for now, get yoursels along to the note!!!

What’s Goin’ On?

So it seems that we’ve been getting way too much into the Easter spirit here at Elba. Loads of easter egg munching, drinking, holidaying and then the inevitable back to work ‘blurgs’ have left the Elba blog looking like a bit desolate. That being said, things are busy busy busy over at Elba Studios. We should maybe follow their good work ethic? Never fear though, I’ve taken a bit of a time out from, well, housework, ‘work work’ and watching trashy TV (yes, Cougar Town, it’s you I’m talking about) to let you know of a few gigs coming up over the next couple of days.

Tomorrow night (Friday 9th) there is a couple of things on our radar. First up an artist who we unfortunately didn’t manage to get along to at Hinterland (sad faces and regret all round), The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, is supporting Australian bluesman (with a penchant for Hip Hop beats) the John Butler Trio at the O2 Academy. Heading back over the River Clyde, recent visitors to Elba Studios, Inner Sight, launch their forthcoming single with a support slot for Edinburgh favourites Isa & The Filthy Tongues who also launch their album on the night. The ‘cosmic dance rockers’ take to the Stereo stage tomorrow night and it’s £7 to get in. We’ve been told to expect some surprises????????

On Saturday, it’s a veritable feast. I’ve had serious trouble deciding where I’ll drag the better half, behold the options…

A) Another good gig at Stereo featuring a rather stellar line up headed up by Three Blind Wolves who are launching their new album ‘Sound of The Storm’ (looking forward to hearing that one), one of last weeks ‘Elba Hinterland highlight‘ bands, French Wives and the chaotic but excellently named John Knox Sex Club. Tickets are fiver.

B) The Ruck In The Duck. (The poster leaves me no choice but to use boxing lingo…apologies.) A heavyweight bout of champions. A battle between Glasgow’s two best, unknown, record labels. Taking place at (the name gives it away) The Flying Duck, the line up includes She’s Hit and Calacas representing the awesome Lucky Number Nine Records and in the ‘other’ corner showing off the Armellodie stable are Sheffield’s ‘tough as steel’ upstarts Kill The Captains and Cuddly Shark. The first bell rings at 8pm so get in early for your ringside seat.

So there you have it, two options for Friday and Saturday. Take your pick!

*This is in no way meant to be a definitive gig guide, just gigs we like the sound of. If you do have a gig coming up that you think we should know about, just holler at us, we’re always looking for somewhere to go!