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Elba Annual 2011 – Maple Leaves

I feel like I’ve been a bit of a social butterfly over the last month or so, well, compared to the rest of the year. The first year of fatherhood has understandably curbed my gig going but I seem to have managed to be out to a heap of good things in the last few weeks.

This trend continues into this weekend with Glasgow’s Popfest at Heavenly. I’m particularly looking to Sunday night’s gig, not only because of the BMX Bandits and Lenzie Moss but also because it’s a while since I’ve seen Maple Leaves play.

We caught up with Anna ahead of this Sunday’s gig to look back on 2011.

– Album of the Year

‘Diamond Mine’ by King Creosote and Jon

Hopkins has to be a Maple Leaves favourite! The first time I heard it was in my tent at Wickerman, when I was woken up to streaming sun and ‘John Taylor’s Month Away’ being blasted from the main stage at 8 in the morning for reasons I still can’t completely fathom. I’d had three hours sleep and far too much whiskey, but it was such a fantastic song I didn’t mind the wake up call. I went straight home and bought the album, and it’s not been off the cd player since.

– Song of the Year

The aforementioned KC song is pretty darn special, however Ross our bass player suggested The Go! Team – Buy Nothing Day which I also love. Great dancy pop song.

– Best gig played

It’s six and two threes between Wickerman Festival and
GoNorth Festival in Inverness really, as we had a blast at both gigs, though they were entirely different. The crowd at Wickerman were so polite and really got into it, and GoNorth was a great band bonding experience, not at least for the ridiculous feat of jamming a full sized piano into the miniscule Market Bar. Good times.

– Best gig seen

I have to say The Mountain Goats at King Tuts earlier
this year. John Darniel might actually be

the funniest front man ever. He had the audience eating out of his hands, and the songs really speak for themselves. Our drummer Graeme says The National were incredible, but I’ll say Mountain Goats for now, as I had to miss that gig for work and I’m still sore about it!

– Thoughts on 2011

2011 has seemed to be a great year for your folky
artists – some great albums from Fleet Foxes, Fionn Regan, Bon Iver, KC and the like. Otherwise, 2010 was much stronger indie pop wise – all the good bands were probably touring last year’s releases.

– 2012 plans

We’ve just recorded an EP to be released at the start of 2012 which we’re really excited about. It’s got trumpet on it and everything! Besides that, what with a brand new guitarist and a bunch of new songs, we’re looking forward to gigging lots, playing further afield and releasing our own brand of Maple Leaves 85% cocoa dark chocolate…possibly.

Well, i can definitely be counted in if the Maple Leaves Confectionery brand takes off!

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