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January Podcast – Conor Mason

After a wee rest we’re feeling refreshed here at the Elba Sessions and to kick off the year we’ve got a podcast featuring Conor Mason. Recorded last month in between his two Elba gig appearances it features three live tracks from his debut album ‘When It’s Over’. It was a pleasure having Conor over, our first ‘overeas’ podcastee and hopefully it won’t be long until we see him back here, as long as he books a later boat home next time! Also, you will notice that you can listen to the podcast, right here on the blog, for the very first time! Thanks to the recommendations we got!!


Conor Mason Podast by elbasessions

Elba Annual 2009 – Al Nero & Scott Maple (Le Reno Amps)

I don’t think it’s any secret that we here at Elba Sessions *heart* Le Reno Amps. Not only have they popped up on an Elba Podcast and an Elba Sessions Presents…at the Liquid Ship, we’re also helping them give a rousing send off to their bassist this Thursday at the Grand Ole Opry deep in Glasgow’s cowboy country! Indeed, Al and Scott almost single handedly changed the face of the Elba Sessions because for 30 worrying minutes at The Liquid Ship, being bombarded by their patter, we questioned whether the Elba Sessions were actually made for wannabe stand up comics. Thankfully a few months on, we’re still concentrating on bands, and the booking agents of northern England’s working mens clubs are not booking Le Reno Amps. Phew. We’d like to think last months appearance on the cover CD of WORD Magazine and this month’s review in MOJO is down to their appearances with Elba, but we can’t take all the credit…the four of them are affa hard workers!

Le Reno at Elba

Album of The Year

Scott: Heavy Trash – “Midnight Soul Serenade”

Al: Bloody Hell just one! I’d probably plump for… De Rosa – Prevention,

but worthy mentions…
St Vincent – Actor
Golden Silvers – True Romance
Wilco – Wilco (The Album)
Jason Lytle – Yours Truely, The Commuter

Favourite New Band

Scott: Last ‘new to me’ band I heard and keep returning to are Empire of the Sun, reckon that album’s going to be with me for years to come. How very populist of me! I’m also currently very taken with the Dirty Projectors – or possibly not! They did a brilliant track with David Byrne on ‘Dark was the Night’, investigating further I learned they did a concept album in 2007 called ‘Rise Above’, which is (Wiki quote) “…an attempt by band leader Dave Longstreth to remember and reinterpret the entire Black Flag album Damaged after not hearing it for almost 15 years”. Now, I learned to play guitar by listening to Black Flag and the Circle Jerks – unless Dave Longstreth heard Black Flag through a coma from his hospital bed, this album is short on remembering and heavy on re-interpretation! I think I may love it, but it’s too early to say, I may wake up one morning and realise I actually hate it and forever refer to them as fucking BAWC’S! (Brooklyn Art Wanker Cunt Students)

Al: I really love the Golden Silvers album so yeah Golden Silvers. I’ve been listening to Super Adventure Club’s “Chalk Horror!” album a lot of late too, so yeah they’d both be my favourite “new” bands!

Best Gig – Le Reno Amps

Scott: The Windmill in Brixton

Al: Ooh this year, eh, we had a couple of belting London shows at The Windmill in Brixton and The Sheep Walk in Leytonstone back in April, they were both really great. More recently we did a Merchant City Festival show with Super Adventure Club and The Elvis Suicide. It were a lot of fun too.

Best Gig – Other

Scott: Faith No More at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh

Al: I cannae mind what I did last week let alone all year but Morrissey at Barras in May was totally amazing. Wilco at Greenman was brilliant, I was very very merry on cheap red wine. Eh what else, Field Music very recently at Captains Rest in Glasgow was great too. There’s been too many. I should stay in more.

Best Memories of 2009

Scott: Touring and gigging to promote the album – i.e. playing with Brakes, spending time with our friends from Drift and Cottonmouth Rocks. OF COURSE – THE ELBA SESSION AND GIG! YAAY! (ed: clearly a man of taste)

Al: Being right up the front for Field Music, literally felt like I was invading Peter Brewis personal space it was so rammed in the Captains Rest. That band deserve a bigger stage for sure! I was grinning something awful.

Hopes for 2010/Things You’re Looking Forward To

Scott: Hope I don’t drop the baby (ed: you’ve been in a band with Al for years. You’ll be just fine!). Looking forward to FINALLY finishing this next album, hoping it sounds as good as its current promise. Also, hoping my PC doesn’t pack in before I finish the bloody album.

Al: I’ve been working hard on setting up a record label with a collective spirit. It’s called Armellodie. I’ve been doing it for a while but having just released our first longplayer (Cuddly Shark’s eponymous debut) I’m getting my teeth into it now and am set to release some corking records next year. You can check out Armellodie at www.armellodie.com. The website is launched in December 09.

Hopefully with a bit of luck we’ll have a new LRA record out sometime after the Summer next year. Can’t say too much cos, in all honesty I don’t know too much, other than it’ll be another record which has songs on it that Scott and I have written and sing in perfect harmony!

I’m going to the Pavement ATP in May. I’ve never seen Pavement before, my better half has seen them like, five times or something, so this will hopefully put an end to her bragging about it so much. I cannae wait.

I also cannae wait for Spoon at Tuts on Valentines Night. My better half’s not bothered about Spoon but I love them. So much so I persuaded her to get us tickets cos I’m skinto, of course I’ll buy her a drink at it, I’m romantic like that!

Le Reno Amps play ‘The Wolf’s Last Stand‘ at the Grand Ole Opry, Glasgow, this Thursday 3rd December with The Moth and The Mirror, Rags and Feathers and Conor Mason.

November Podcast – Martin John Henry

Martin John Henry
Martin John Henry

Our podcast for November is now live. Listen to the excellent Martin John Henry here.

Martin joined us at Elba to discuss going solo, upcoming releases (including creating the packaging for his quarterly (‘In Three’s’ project)) and how it is writting on his own.

Martin performs two tracks of his own work (‘The Other Half Of Everything’ & ‘Woodilee Song’) and an acoustic version of ‘Pest’ taken from De Rosa’s 2009 album ‘Prevention’.

‘Prevention’ is a big favourite with all at Elba and worth tracking down for anyone that is yet to pick it up. Also, still available 2006’s debut album ‘Mend’.

Martin is currently working on his first solo album, keep updated on release dates and project updates on his myspace.

All northern loons and quines can catch Martin at The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen on the 20th of November as part of an evening with Chemikal Underground records. Also on the bill are the mind blowing Phantom Band, Emma Pollock and Aidan Moffat and The Best Of’s. Sounds like a great night!

Elba Sessions Presents (Two)…

We had a great night at Elba Sessions Presents…(One) and are equally excited for what should be a cracking second night next Thursday (5/11).

The Liquid Ship2On the bill we have Julia and The Doogans, John Hinshelwood & Sandra Gellatly and Andrea Marini. Andrea has just done a podcast for Elba Sessions which you can hear on the myspace.

I hope you will all join us for what should be a great evening (well, not everyone, I mean, not that you’re not welcome but The Liquid Ship really isn’t the biggest place on earth!). Myself and Chris popped along to see Julia at the Captains Rest last month and were blown away so we are really looking forward seeing her and her cohorts at The Liquid Ship and hopefully we can bag ourselves a fridge magnet!

If you do pop along, come and say hello! No excuses, it’s free to get in!

News and Stuff

Evenin’ ladies and gents,

There’s been a whole load of stuff happening here at Elba Towers as well as happening everywhere else so I just thought I’d post a wee update…

We’ve been in the studio recording next months podcast with Martin John Henry (ex-De Rosa) and it’s gonna be a goodie. The double bill of October podcasts featuring Andrea Marini and Salon Society are still up on the myspace page for those who haven’t listened yet (note to self; do something about making them downloadable!).

Elba Studios‘ Stephen has been fairly busy in the studio recently whilst also masquerading as a keyboard virtuoso. He’s been practicing with the afore mentioned Salon Society for their album launch this coming FRIDAY (30/10) at Arta. We’ve been told rehearsals are coming on well and it should be a great show!

Andrea MariniThe second Elba Sessions Presents…evening on November 5th is all sorted and ready to go. We’re feeling super organised this time and still buzzing slightly after the last one! We’ve got a great line-up on the night featuring Julia and The Doogans, John Hinshelwood & Sandra Gellatly and Andrea Marini. It would be great to see some of you down at The Liquid Ship, after all it is a recession busting £0 to get in!

Myself and Chris Elba are off to see Chris T-T at Sleazies this week, really looking forward to it, some good local supports playing as well. Other notable gigs in the next 7 days are Camera Obscura + Emma Pollock at Barrowlands (29/10), Los Campesinos + Copy Haho + Sparky Deathcap at King Tuts and Glasgow PodcART’s big gig at The Classic Grand featuring Esperi, Debutant, Panda Su and Yahweh, who we caught at Sloans last night and were mightily impressed with!

Also, for everyone who likes a good freebie and hasn’t done so already, go here to download some tracks which The Scottish Enlightenment are just giving away!!!

Our Christmas album debate has now had a couple of responses, all bigging up LOW and in Al’s case, posting us a youtube video which is still chilling us to our very core…all very HO HO HO! Join in here

Night! x

P.S. We have just set up a facebook, if you have one too, just search facebook for Elba Sessions, be a fan!

P.P.S Muller Little Stars Jelly Pots are dynamite!

October Podcast Part 2 – Andrea Marini

Elba Sessions - Andrea Marini
Elba Sessions - Andrea Marini

Instalment 2 of our October Podcast is now live.

Andrea Marini joined us at Elba to play three stunning live tracks. Andrea opened with a track ‘with no name yet’…(that’s what we like to call yet another Elba exclusive…) before closing with ‘Windmills’ and ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’.

Andrea also shared with us how he works, key influences and reveals how close the album is to completion.

Andrea Marini can be seen live in the coming weeks at our very own Elba Sessions Presents…@ Liquid Ship on 5th November (Free Entry) with John Hinshelwood/Sandra Gellatly & Julia & The Doogans.

Also Live – 25th October – Brunswick Hotel (OXJAM Festival) & 25th November – Captain’s Rest.

Head down to check him out live…and pick up a CD…They’re Free!!!!

October Podcast 1 – Salon Society

Salon Society Poster
Salon Society Poster

Instalment 1 of our October Podcast is now live.

Salon Society joined Elba Sessions to discuss the launch of the new single ‘Preaching The Blues’ (Out Now), their debut album Promenade (Out 30th October), launching a record label….oh and pissing off the pope.

We were joined by Roxanne, Dorothy & Luci from Salon Society and the girls were eager to discuss all the things ‘Salon Society’. For any newcomers to the band you can listen to 3 album tracks (including single ‘Preaching The Blues’) along with details on how the band was formed, the choice behind ‘Preaching The Blues’ as a single and the joys of recording in Elba Studios.

The ‘Promenade’ album launch will take place at 8pm on Friday 30th October 2009 as part of the Glasgay! Festival at ARTA (62 Albion Street, G1 1PA) in the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant City. Tickets (£5) are available at the Q!Gallery (0141 552 7575) or on the door. Special guests for the night are Kochka and Sandra MacBeth.

The album was recorded in Elba Studios and is released 30th October on First Aid Records.

Podcast Update 29/9

*The Word From Elba HQ*

Just a quick update for anyone eagerly awaiting the two podcasts for October. Due to busy schedules by all parties we are launching these a couple of days later than normal on the 5th October.

Our two podcasts involve Salon Society & Andrea Marini.

Salon Society who’s single PREACHING THE BLUES is out on 1st October followed by the album ‘Promenade’ at the end of the month with launch night at Arta on 30th October.

Andrea Marini who will be playing at the Elba Sessions second night at Liquid Ship on 5th November is also playing Oxjam Festival in October and will have news on this and more in the podcast.

So check back for those on the 5th October for the above and in the meantime check out our September podcast with Le Reno Amps who have just finished their UK tour promoting new EP ‘The Stand Off’ and will be headlining the Elba Sessions 8th October night at Liquid Ship.