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I like my music indoors

Recently, I have been considering the disparate activities of my flat-mate’s compared to my own. Were I to call upon my favourite bard of the central belt Aidan Moffat to set the scene; his life is the hedonistic romp of The First Big Weekend and he, no doubt, sees my own as the cyclical and serene Cages. My own interpretation of the latter is phrased a little kinder than the current misnomer I’ve been gifted: ‘old lady.’

Such teasing can be entirely attributed to the fact that I consume alcohol in much more reasonable measures than I did whilst at university. Therefore, I reject the implication that I am anything other than the excitable and immature creature that I have always been. That being said, I do have a new appreciation for certain comforts. For instance, the city based festival is something that I’ve always appreciated but now find myself increasingly excited about.

I guess the beauty of the city festival includes accessibility, advanced knowledge of the venue, a good meal being at hand and a warm bed not too far away.  You will not find yourself lacking in lubrication if we compare habits of a ‘major’ outdoor festival should my introduction be instilling this concern. My Triptych days eventually became a sleepless and overworked haze but originally

as an attendee those three to five days the festival spanned were a dreamy, inebriated rapture. The talent, the sounds, the many, many drinks. The festival and the sum of its parts will of course dictate this sort of behaviour. For instance, the Glasgow Film Festival won’t lead to any liver damage, (un)suprisingly(?) Celtic Connections might.

My attention has been drawn once again this year to the Stag and Dagger festival.  It boasts over 50 bands and DJs, seven venues and one ticket. The first acts that have been announced have the Elba ‘we’ salivating; with White Denim, Phantom Band, Django Django, Willy Mason and Bear in Heaven all due on May 19th.

The ticket is a very reasonable £17.50 or was £12.00 if you snatched an early bird price. The previous years’ line up promise another impressive selection of acts. I guess the greatest dilemma you will be faced with is what head line act you choose.  Ultimately you may have to sacrifice some mid evening

bands to guarantee a spot for whichever finisher you have your eye on though it is a small complaint that exists at all festivals; indoor or out.  Perhaps there isn’t so much different about the two, as Aidan says:

A new life is just a new routine,
a new function for the old machine

Winter’s Here

Judging by the scene outside my flat this morning, the mist makes it look like Silent Hill, winter has arrived in Glasgow. There has been loads of wee things going around this week that I have meant to blog about but haven’t had the time to. So I guess this is just a wee round up.

jason lytle xmasI’ve noticed there is a lot of free christmas songs going about the internet and they have all been covered in different blogs but my personal favourite so far has been Merry X-Mas 2009 by Jason Lytle, ex-Grandaddy. It’s the perfect listen on a winters morning, 35 minutes of improvised piano music and something a bit different to listen to. If you download this and enjoy it, I’d definitely recommend the album ‘Solo Piano’ by Gonzales. I’ve dusted that off this week along with other music perfect for winter including Joanna Newsome and Sufjan Stevens. I believe Sister Winter hasn’t been off Chris Elba’s i-pod all December! I could post links to other good free downloads but the truth is, I haven’t kept links for them all and they have probably been covered elsewhere. Peenko’s Friday Freebies is usually has a pretty comprehensive collection of free downloads. I have also been enjoying these advent calendars, plenty good freebies here…

Banquet Records Advent Calendar

Maps Magazine Advent Calendar

On the gig front there have been loads this month which I have wanted to go to but have just not had the time or money to go to all of them. Im disappointed to have missed The Phantom Band at The Arches last night, looks like it would have been a good night. This week, Thursday poses a bit of a problem with Sparrow and The Workshop playing at The Mill and Super Adventure Club, Lyons and Bronto Skylift playing at Stereo. I think it will be Stereo for me, but who knows! Glasgow PodcArt also have their Christmas party at the 13th Note on Thursday with Panda Su, Kid Canaveral, The Darien Venture and Tokyo Knife Attack. The week after, i’ll definitely be in attendance at King Tuts to see The Cinematics on the 23rd. Really looking forward to that!

Right, off to dig out the Christmas DVD’s!