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Randolph's Leap and the Curse of the Haunted Headphones

It’s maybe just me, but this would make an excellent title for a Scooby Doo episode. Excellent name aside, this is a wee gem of a homemade record which has found itself a limited casette release on Peenko Records. And when I say limited, i think there is only 20 or 30 available. For those who are either not lucky enough to grab a tape before they sell out or for those firmly now rooted in the digital age, there will of course also be a download option.

I believe this was predominantly a collection of bedroom recordings made by frontman Adam Ross but the lo-fi almost ramshackle sound of it, coupled with RL’s fairly unique lyrics make this a really endearing listen.

My first encounter with Randolph’s Leap was a few years ago with a song called Cassie O’Tone which I’m pleased to say is included on this album. It still contains some of my favourite lyrics;

I sit here in

the bath and pretend i’m doing the luge

I keep misjudging corners and break my skulll in two

If my

fantasies are failures then what hope has real life got

The album is released on Monday and if you want to try them for yourself you can download Dying In My Sleep over on Randolph’s Leap’s bandcamp page. You can also catch them play in Glasgow tomorrow night (Feb 18th) at the Captains Rest where they will supported by Donna Maciocia and Kith & Kin. There is also possibly another very special guest but we’ve got no idea who that could be.

Elba Sessions Presents…(Last gig of 2010!)

Indeed, it will be the last Elba Sessions at The Liquid Ship for a couple of months. We’re taking a well deserved break from the live element of Elba over the winter break, not to hibernate, no we’ve got much better plans than that! Knoxy is heading off to New York for part of December, lucky bugger. I’m becoming a Dad in December, or so the doctors say, I’m not quite sure how they actually can predict a ‘due date’, anyway, all being well the wee one will be here for Christmas! Kim is going to be a busy bee, whilst me and Knoxy are off faffing about, she’s going to be getting us a bit more organised on the blog front so expect these pages to get a bit busier over the next few months. We hear so much good music, we’re kinda feeling bad we never write about it.

Anyway, brief update over, it’s business time. Joining us down at The Ship on November the 4th will be the following clutch of talented people…

i build collapsible mountains

We are so pleased to bring you ibcm! That is all…

Only kidding. Having just released his debut album on Peenko Records he has quite rightly garnered praise far and wide and has a growing reputation in the Scottish music scene. He mysteriously appeared on our radar in early summer, I think. The aforementioned Peenko sent me a track and I immediately loved it. It wasn’t until I asked who it was that I found out that this was the first recorded track by Luke Joyce aka i build collapsible mountains and that he had and he hadn’t played any gigs as ibcm yet. We are delighted to welcome i build collapsible mountains to The Liquid Ship!


Hailing from the Isle of Lewis, Niaal Masson aka Iglue currently resides in Glasgow but the music he writes is most definitely influenced by the island. Listening to his songs totally chills me out and I can only presume that comes from island life. As I saw on his tumblr

“the sea sounds a lot lot better than motorways and police sirens. Silence is amazing.”

That’s not to say you should expect some avant-garde silence act if you come along, but I for one am looking forward to chilling out listening to iglue on Nov 4th.

Now Wakes The Sea

Now Wakes The Sea is the latest project of Alan McCormack who I previously knew of as Popcorn Superhet. Taking influences from the writing of Sufjan Stevens (we like him at Elba don’t you know? oh? we mentioned it?!), Sparklehorse-esque vocals and the miserablism of Arab Strap this is a bit of a departure from his previous work. With an EP due out at the end of the year, I hope we’ll be seeing plenty more from Now Wakes The Sea over the coming months.


Facebook Event Page

i build collapsible mountains


Now Wakes The Sea (Free Download!)