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Elba Annual 2011 – Maple Leaves

I feel like I’ve been a bit of a social butterfly over the last month or so, well, compared to the rest of the year. The first year of fatherhood has understandably curbed my gig going but I seem to have managed to be out to a heap of good things in the last few weeks.

This trend continues into this weekend with Glasgow’s Popfest at Heavenly. I’m particularly looking to Sunday night’s gig, not only because of the BMX Bandits and Lenzie Moss but also because it’s a while since I’ve seen Maple Leaves play.

We caught up with Anna ahead of this Sunday’s gig to look back on 2011.

– Album of the Year

‘Diamond Mine’ by King Creosote and Jon

Hopkins has to be a Maple Leaves favourite! The first time I heard it was in my tent at Wickerman, when I was woken up to streaming sun and ‘John Taylor’s Month Away’ being blasted from the main stage at 8 in the morning for reasons I still can’t completely fathom. I’d had three hours sleep and far too much whiskey, but it was such a fantastic song I didn’t mind the wake up call. I went straight home and bought the album, and it’s not been off the cd player since.

– Song of the Year

The aforementioned KC song is pretty darn special, however Ross our bass player suggested The Go! Team – Buy Nothing Day which I also love. Great dancy pop song.

– Best gig played

It’s six and two threes between Wickerman Festival and
GoNorth Festival in Inverness really, as we had a blast at both gigs, though they were entirely different. The crowd at Wickerman were so polite and really got into it, and GoNorth was a great band bonding experience, not at least for the ridiculous feat of jamming a full sized piano into the miniscule Market Bar. Good times.

– Best gig seen

I have to say The Mountain Goats at King Tuts earlier
this year. John Darniel might actually be

the funniest front man ever. He had the audience eating out of his hands, and the songs really speak for themselves. Our drummer Graeme says The National were incredible, but I’ll say Mountain Goats for now, as I had to miss that gig for work and I’m still sore about it!

– Thoughts on 2011

2011 has seemed to be a great year for your folky
artists – some great albums from Fleet Foxes, Fionn Regan, Bon Iver, KC and the like. Otherwise, 2010 was much stronger indie pop wise – all the good bands were probably touring last year’s releases.

– 2012 plans

We’ve just recorded an EP to be released at the start of 2012 which we’re really excited about. It’s got trumpet on it and everything! Besides that, what with a brand new guitarist and a bunch of new songs, we’re looking forward to gigging lots, playing further afield and releasing our own brand of Maple Leaves 85% cocoa dark chocolate…possibly.

Well, i can definitely be counted in if the Maple Leaves Confectionery brand takes off!

Maple Leaves website

Weekly Gig Round Up 24.02.2010

Lets just address the rather large elephant in the room straight off the bat. You know the one? Its got the giant red ‘T’ stamped on cialis cheap its side? While the internet has been abuzz with news of Scotland’s annual excessively populated music marathon, we at Elba feel it is our duty to turn your attentions to what is happening more immediately on the gigging front. This is entirely due to our love and commitment to the local music scene. Nothing to do with not having a ticket. No, no, no! We’re not bitter. Let me rephrase that: PHIL is not bitter.

But less of this jesting! Glasgow is looking truly delicious this weekend when it comes to live music.

Tonight and tomorrow night a King Tuts stalwart returns to play to his adoring fans. Tom McRae tours ahead of his fifth studio album ‘The Alphabet of Hurricanes.’ This man has a voice that can reduce even the loudest weegie drunk to tears. I have literally seen this happen; and I do not mean literally in the figurative sense that it is so often used these days. It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of this man but we urge you to head along to this show if you get the chance. Oh and head over to Tom’s myspace should you feel the need for some intellectual ranting. God help us the day this man finally cheers up, his artistry stems from his deep rooted connection to his misery and we certainly wouldn’t want him any other way.

Also on Wednesday night, Sunderland five piece post-punk-indie-pop boys Field Music play Nice and Sleazies. This tour is on the heels of their new eponymous LP. Live, this group are meant to stun more than shine. Prepare yourself to be shocked into adoration.

A triple bill featuring Japandroids, Other People and Cuddly Shark will be pounding King Tuts’ stage on Friday. This one promises to rock. Anyone who was at Elba Presents… (Four) last Friday night and saw the softer side of Cuddly Shark will want to drop into this to experience them in their full frenzied form. In fact, send a wee email to the Shark and they’ll get you in for 3 quid!

On Friday The Pin Up Ladies Night returns to Flying Duck for a the third time. As well as The Pin Ups Djs & Bow Peep playing indie, punk, soul & electropop there’s a line up that I shall allow to speak for itself:

Live – French Horn Rebellion (Kitsune)
Maple Leaves
Guest Gjs – Tracyanne & Carey (Camera Obscura)
Adele & Ailidh (Sons & Daughters)
Emma (Delagados)
Emmy Kate & Marie Du Santiago (Kenickie)
Manda Rin (Bis)

Our final recommendation for the weekend is for the San Francisco Matador signed Girls. Another highly acclaimed, must see troupe. They play Stereo on Saturday.

Happy Gig-gling!

Walking in a Hinter Wonderland

Here in Elba-blog-land we are feeling very fresh faced and it’s not entirely to do with the sub zero temperatures our fair city is enduring. The runny noses can certainly be blamed on the frosty days and brisk breezes. However, we are riding on the heels of musical majesty and growing more excited as some eagerly anticipated events are starting to come together.

On Friday night, another successful Elba Presents… took place at The Liquid Ship. Thanks to all who came along to the fourth live Elba outing. It was a nice wee turn out. For those who didn’t make it, it was a most delightful night featuring King James, Maple Leaves, Craig Davidson and Cuddly Shark. There’s talk of a release from King James in the near future and following their awe inducing set it’s one to look forward to. Their stripped back folk and layered harmonies are bewitching.

Now on to the rather tasty news that was delivered to our inbox last week. On Saturday
3rd April the multi-venue music and art festival, Hinterland, returns. The Arches, Sub Club, Macsorleys Music Bar, The Admiral, Pivo Pivo and Rockers amongst other will provide the base for a myriad of eclectic bands both local and from further afield:

Mystery Jets
British Sea Power
Jeffrey Lewis
Friendly Fires (DJ)
Joe Goddard Hot Chip (DJ Set)
Hot Club de Paris
Wave Pictures
GrecoRoman Soundsystem
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Fenech Soler
Johnny Foreigner
French Wives
Kitty the Lion
Midnight Lion
Ballers Social Presents…..
Cooly G
Marcus Nasty
Eclair FiFi
Art installations by Konx Om Pax & Christina Kernohan
Make Sparks
Little Yellow Ukuleles
Pulled Apart By Horses
plus more TBC

That last statement, that more will be announced, has me practically drooling as the list already promises so much on many fronts. I can foresee the 3rd of April as a whirlwind of adventure with much racing about the city in the hope of catching… EVERYTHING. The end of the day looks like it’ll be quite the party too with the inclusion of Friendly Fires and Joe Goddard on DJ duties for the later running events. In the lead up to the festival Phil and I will feature some of the acts that we’re hoping to catch at Hinterland. This clearly has the potential to turn into a marathon posting event. We’ll do our best to keep the short-list short and to be cut-throat in the selection process. I know what you’re thinking. You don’t think we’ve got that in us. Well! You’re quite right. I’d advise getting an early bird ticket due to its low cost of just £10 right now available from www.thehinterlandfestival.com.

'hey…what's shakin'?'

It seems like the local music scene is beginning to hot up again after christmas and ‘The Big Freeze’ with plenty of good releases and gigs coming up. I felt like there was a real lack of decent gigs through January, however, couple this with post christmas debt and a busy day-job, it might just be me.

A band that have only recently caught my attention, thanks to Jim at Aye Tunes is Spaghetti Anywhere. They are based in London and play uncomplicated indie pop. A little bit in the vain of Belle and Sebastian or Camera Obscura although I am always very wary of comparing bands. Anyways, they are definitely worth checking out and their E.P. is released on Feb 22nd on Toy Soldier Records.

If you can’t wait until Feb 22nd for your fill of new music, I suggest you point your browsers in the direction of Glasgow based label/collective Wise Blood Industries from tomorrow where you will be able to download the new single ‘The Hours’ from The Kays Lavelle. I’ve given it a couple of listens now and the orchestration is fantastic and I just love the haunting vocals. Their album, recorded by Neil Pennycook of Meursault, is due out in the spring and no doubt when that comes around it will be very hotly anticipated.

There’s quite a few gigs this week to look out for in Glasgow this week. The aforementioned Meursault play next Sunday (21st) at Nice and Sleazys with Xiu Xiu and North Atlantic Oscillation. Working backwards, we may have mentioned at some point that King James, Maple Leaves, Craig Davidson and Cuddly Shark will be playing at The Liquid Ship on Friday night (19th), more details here. On Thursday a big Happy Birthday goes out to the Glasgow PodcART dudes. They will be having a bit of a shindig to celebrate with sets from St Deluxe, Little Yellow Ukeleles and Campfires in Winter. That all goes down at the 13th Note. Lastly (but also firstly this week), on Wednesday night at Brel the fantastic Julia and The Doogans, Panda Su and Sophie’s Pigeons will play some pretty acoustic songs.

Anyways, that’s about all my thoughts for now, we’re going to get this blog a bit more populated with features and reviews over the next few weeks so keep checking back and don’t be a stranger!

Elba Sessions Presents…(Four)

Time for another Elba gig methinks.

We”ll be back at The Liquid Ship on Friday 19th February and we’ve assembled somewhat of an eclectic, but totally rad (excuse the outdated slang term but I’ve been listening to Pavement) lineup. Heading up the bill for our first gig of 2010 are King James. Hailing from somewhere between the Cornwall coast and Berlin they are made up in numbers by an amalgamation of Thirty Pounds of Bone and The Diamond Family Archive. Their music is a collection of folk-tinged gospel music (according to The Source, ‘with a bit of Hank Williams thrown in for good measure’) and is actually pretty uplifting listen to! We’re really excited to get them up (and over) to Scotland before they head over to Germany for a string of dates.

Also on the bill for the night are Glasgow’s very own Maple Leaves. Tipped for big things this year they have the ability to surround me with a warm glow everytime I listen to them so they should have no trouble in putting a spring in the step of everybody’s weekend. Next up we have Craig Davidson, a singer songwriter hailing, like myself, from the chilly north east of Scotland. His influences range from Elliot Smith and Nick Drake all the way to The Teardrop Explodes and Pink Floyd. There’s a definite element of psychedelia to his work which you can check out on his myspace.

Plus, if three bands weren’t enough, we’ve organised what can only be described as a ‘wee treat’. Called out recently for being nothing but angry on their debut album, we’ve taken up the role of therapist to try and tame the beast that is Cuddly Shark. We’ve twisted their arm, and some more, and persuaded them that whilst turning their amps up to 11 is great, that we think they would sound just swell stripped down to nothing more than some quiet guitars and percussion. This could go either way folks…(!).

So there you have it, first lineup of the year. Will hopefully see some new faces along and as ever, kick off is at 9pm and the gig is free!

Elba Annual 2009 – Phil Elba

My turn, let’s keep it snappy…

Album of The Year – Loads to choose from! Titus Andronicus – The Airing of Grievances probably tops the list though. Honourable mentions to Brakes, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Le Reno Amps, Cuddly Shark and The Cinematics, oh, and The Phantom Band! (I could go on…)

Favourite New Band – Again, several! I’ve heard loads of new stuff from doing the blog and going out to gigs. Top 3 in no order at all would have to be Maple Leaves, Julia and The Doogans and The Scottish Enlightenment.

Best Gig (Elba) – All of the gigs we’ve put on so far have been pretty memorable for various reasons. The first night at The Liquid Ship with Le Reno, Calum MacDonald, Paul McLinden and Only Living Boys was a total treat and I think we all felt a sense of achievement at the end of the night. However, all of the gigs have been great fun and we’ve had some very talented people at each night.

Best Gig – It would probably have to be Springsteen at Hampden. It was a great day all round and it was fantastic to finally see him live. Also really enjoyed Brakes at King Tuts early in the year and seeing Chris T-T as Sleazies was pretty sweet as well!

Best Memories of 2009 – Apart from getting married and going on honeymoon (photo above), probably getting involved with Elba and setting up the blog. It’s opened my eyes to loads more music and I’ve had a lot of fun putting on the gigs and meeting people as well as starting to just pop along to gigs as well with my Elba cohorts to listen to a new band. As a musical memory, I’ll not forget Le Reno Amps playing ‘Body’ at Tuts with Marc from Brakes playing pedal steel. It’s a beatiful song and was a nice moment.

Hopes for 2010/Things You’re Looking Forward To – Putting on more gigs, writing more for the blog (and getting better at it), seeing and hearing loads of new music, working with Armellodie records and seeing it evolve, Pavement at the Barrowlands (!!!!!!!) and putting some faces to email addresses!


SEE YOU IN 2010!

Elba Annual 2009 – Maple Leaves

As the Elba Annual begins to draw to a close for 2009, today’s post comes from one of my favourite new bands, Maple Leaves.

They’ve had a pretty busy year cramming in much more than many unsigned bands could do in several years with a set at T in The Park, tv and radio performances not to mention the thumbs up from none other than Stuart Murdoch (Belle & Sebastian). Here’s hoping that we see plenty more of them in 2010. Anna tells us what made her 2009…

Album of The Year – May I have 3? Or even 4? This is nigh on impossible to choose just one, I’m afraid as Checkmate Savage by Phantom Band, the God Help The Girl album, Zoey Van Goey’s ‘The Cage Was Unlocked All Along’ were all out…so how do you choose between them? Not to mention Bill Callahan record….! Sorry I’m quite bad at making decisions on stuff like this….!

Favourite New Band – I love what I have heard from Olympic Swimmers (formerly Hindle Wakes). Their songs are really beautiful, have loads of depth and atmospheric – I really can’t wait to hear more from them.

Best Gig (Maple Leaves) – Playing T in the Park was fantastic, there were random Canadians dressed up in Toronto Maple Leafs hockey gear which was pretty funny…(although gutting for them when they discovered we’re not Canadian..!) It was our 6th gig so we were scared and excited at the same time but getting up on stage, it all just fell into place. It’s hard to top that in a way, but then the gig at King Tut’s in the summer was so much fun, it was our first time playing there and we had a blast.

Best Gig (Other) – Yo La Tengo in the ABC blew me away, but David Byrne at the Edinburgh Playhouse was beyond amazing. What a voice – he had the whole theatre up and dancing, and was doing crazy dancing in a tutu…

Best Memories of 2009 – Playing my hometown of Newcastle was really cool, but the whole T in the Park Maples adventure with the boys was memorable from start to finish! From piling into the car with the tunes turned up loud, playing on stage, getting filmed for BBC One…and then celebrating with the boys in the crowd for Nick Cave

Things You’re Look forward to in 2010 – Releasing our first proper single and playing some great shows, in Edinburgh and in King Tuts again in January. We were in Chemikal Underground’s Chem 19 studios in November and the songs for our first single are just getting mastered now, so should be released in the New Year. Can’t wait!

Follow Maple Leaves at the following for latest gigs and newses…


@mapleleavesband (twitter)

Facebook group – Maple Leaves