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Last Year's Girl's Friday Night Speakeasy

When I heard that one of my favourite bloggers, Last Year’s Girl, was planning to put on a gig, I was pretty sure it was going to be a good line-up that she would put together. Having read her blog and followed her on Twitter for a while now I’ve got a fair idea of some of the music she likes and I’d started trying to put together in my head what kind of line-up she’d piece together.

The truth is, I wondered about Franz Nicolay and Chris TT but wasn’t sure she’d actually get either, so discounted them. It turns out I was foolish to cos’ by golly gosh she’s only gone and got both! Add to that, Dave Hughes and you’ve got yourself a great line-up.

If anyone isn’t familiar with the aforementioned names then i’ll try to enlighten you.

Franz Nicolay is a one-time member of The Hold Steady, he has a fantastically coiffed moustache and plays the accordion amongst other instruments.

Chris T-T is someone that we’re a big big fan of here at Elba. Having recently completed a run at the Edinburgh Fringe singing the poems of AA Milne, Chris T-T has a musical past spanning something around 7 studio albums. Don’t be surprised to hear shouts for him to sing the ‘one about Eminem’. You might not be that lucky but I’ll be content if we got ‘the acapella one about waiting for the RAC’ -that would be M1 Song. In keeping with us being up to the minute on the latest news, Chris has just released an album of the AA Milne songs which i’ve just finished listening to and it’s really beautiful. You can get it on his bandcamp.

Dave Hughes is a local folk musician who I’m pretty sure i’ve seen support Chris T-T on more than one occasion (i may be wrong). Dave has a wealth of music available on his site for you to hear and download. He’s also just released a 6 track EP on Corporate Records.

The gig takes place on Friday

Dec 2nd at The Old

Hairdressers, which is a fairly new venue across the lane from Stereo. Tickets are £7 in advance and you can get them on Brown Paper Tickets.