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Elba Annual 2010 – Peenko

Today’s instalment of the Elba Annual features a blogger who has just found himself rated as hotter than Subo in The List’s Hot 100. I’ve never met Subo so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt…

Peenko, or Lloyd as his family call him, has had as he calls it, ‘a batshit crazy’ year. I could list the amount of pies he’s put his fingers in this year, but he covers it all quite nicely in his Annual answers…

Album of The Year – I have been debating this in my head for months now, it’s been a really hard choice. There have been so many albums that have got me really excited this year, personal highlights would have to include Kid Canaveral, Admiral Fallow and RM Hubbert (although I am not sureif it came out this year). However, I can’t really see past the Phantom Band’s ‘Wants’. I never thought that they’d be able to better last years Checkmate Savage, but they have and then some.

Best Gig – Man that’s a tough one, there have been so many great gigs for me personally this year. What makes it doubly hard to select one is my god awful memory. Off the top of my head I really enjoyed The Unwinding Hours (both at Oran Mor and at the ABC as part of the Chemikal Underground birthday bash), the Kid Canaveral album launch at The Roxy (possibly the sweatiest I have ever been at a gig), The Phantom Band at Oran Mor (it’s amazing what a difference a new drummer can make). I guess my favourite gig would have to be the National at the Academy, that was pretty fucking special, coming out the first few drops of
snow made it feel almost magical.

Favourite New Band(s) – Another toughie, if we’re going for bands that I hadn’t heard of until this year my personal favourites would have to be we’re only afraid of NYC, Randolph’s Leap, the Son(s), I Build Collapsible Mountains and Hey Marseilles (the only non-Scottish band in there). I am sure that if you asked me this in a weeks time I’d have a totally new list of acts, there genuinely are so many amazing new bands in Scotland at the moment.

Musical Memories of 2010 – Where do I start?! this year alone things went batshit crazy for me, I guess putting on the first ever AvP gig would have to be pretty near the top, mainly cause we didn’t have a clue what we were doing and still loads of folk turned up. Starting not one, but two labels has got to be in there. I was really flattered by the number folk that took the time to write about Olive Grove (one of the labels). Alongside side that I guess I can’t leave out becoming the manager of Campfires in Winter and the wee stint I did on the radio for Fresh Air.

Also, I nearly forgot to mention goNorth and the crazy few days I had up there hanging out with Ian from the blog Have Fun At Dinner. Awesome times were had in Inverness, we even got to see Mimi from Shameless signing autographs in the Inverness Poundland. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Hopes/Plans for 2011 – For me personally I hope to have the time to keep the blog going, what with becoming a dad in the summer my time has been somewhat taken up. Then again I don’t want to be a rubbish dad, nobody wants their children to grow up hating them. Plus I need someone to pass the legacy on to!

As for the labels, I hope we can continue to find new up and coming talent and show them off to the world. At the moment we’ve almost agreed a deal for our next Olive Grove release which has got me pretty excited.
As well as that I am hoping to put on a few more gigs and record a few more sessions. I won’t be resting on my laurels that’s for sure!

Check out the Peenko Corporation Juggernaut at the following URL’s

Peenko Blog

Olive Grove Records

Elba Annual 2010 – Trapped Mice

Following up our chat with Stephen at Elba Studios and Matthew from Loch Awe we are brought in a perfect circle with the second band who will be heading to Elba Studios in January to record as part of Creative Scotland’s YMI Demo Fund, Trapped Mice.

Brian took some time out from touring with The Last Battle to answer a few questions before their show at the Garage in London tonight. I think a couple of us here at Elba are in agreement with the memory of the year!!!

Album of The Year – I’ve been finding it hard to choose between Admiral Fallow and Meursault for best album of the year but I think the Meursault album gets it. Both albums are excellent but All
Creatures Will Make Merry has the dynamics and atmosphere which Boots Met My Face slightly lacks.

Best Gig (Band) – Trapped Mice at The Scottish Enlightenment’s album launch at the Wee Red Bar, great sound and I think we played better than any previous gig. I’m currently on tour with The Last Battle and will be playing at the Garage in London tomorrow night which could be my biggest gig yet.

Best Gig (by someone else…) – Alexisonfire at the o2 ABC in November was my gig of the year. An excellent performance all round and very much a change of pace from the gigs I usually go to. The Twilight Sad at The Liquid Rooms comes a close second though.

Favourite New Band(s) – A few of these might not be technically new this year but some of the best bands I’ve been turned onto in the last year include Loch Awe, Yahweh, I Build Collapsible Mountains and Admiral Fallow.

Musical Memories of 2010 – The National at the O2 Academy when vocalist Matt Berninger jumped into the crowd and went all the way to the back of the venue during Mr November, barely missing a note on the way then making his way back to the stage and going seamlessly into Fake Empire was pretty memorable.

Hopes/Plans (music) for 2011 – I’ll be heading to Elba studios in January to record a new EP with Trapped Mice and I’m hoping to be able to release a full album and go for a short tour with them by the end of 2011. There’s been mention of a new Last Battle EP and being the new member I’m looking forward to getting some of my own ideas down on record. I’m hoping to continue what has been a successful first few months of Found In Sound on FreshAir.org.uk and get even more of my favourite bands in for sessions.

You can find Trapped Mice and get a few free downloads here

Elba Annual 2010 – i build collapsible mountains

Kicking off our Elba Annual for 2010 is an artist that we came across in July this year after a couple of unmarked mp3’s were sent our way. Luckily they didn’t stay unmarked for too long and we acquainted ourself with i build collapsible mountains aka Luke Joyce. He released his debut album this year on Peenko Records and we were lucky enough to have him over from Edinburgh to play his first Glasgow gig as ibcm at our last Elba Sessions Presents… gig, of the year. We’ve caught up with Luke to see what he rated over the last year…

Album of The Year – Admiral Fallow – Boot Met My Face. I’ve known this band for a fair wee while now – since the days of Brother Louis Collective. I got to know their music after photographing them. This album is head and shoulders above any other album thats come out this year, and this fact is really paying off for the band as they continue to become more and more succesful.

Best Gig (i build collapsible mountains) – I havent had too many so far, but i guess the Wee Red Bar show has been the most enjoyable. The other bands on the bill made it an awesome night.

Best Gig (by someone else…) – British India & Penguins Kill Polar Bears at Stereo. British India are huge in their native Austrailia, so i think it was a bit of a shock for a few of the aussies who turned up to see them in such a small venue. But for every one else it was a great introduction to this outstanding band. Their energy was relentless and even though i didnt know any of their songs, they still held my attention with a cracking show. Having PKPB also on the bill made for a pretty perfect show as they complimented the headliners with a set that saw them sounding as immensely huge as i’ve heard them yet.

Favourite New Band(s) – Penguins Kill Polar Bears – I first heard them when i supported them at the Wee Red Bar. After picking up a copy of their Dawn E.P. i was hooked. Ive seen them live a number of times since and they are equally as impressive live as they are on record. Their yet to be released track ”There’s something old around here” is my track of the year even though its not out until Feb 2011. Its quite simply epic.

Musical Memories of 2010 – I guess my musical memories of this past year are bitter sweet. From the untimely demise of my previous band to the formation of my new project, its very much been highs and lows. But keeping positive, i’ve discovered some amazing new music, and made some new friends, and right now it seems 2010 will mark the begining of good things.

Hopes/Plans for 2011 – in 2011 I hope to continue releasing music as IBCM. I have a few things in the pipeline, including my first U.S. release in the early part of the year. I would like to work with some other musicians, possibly take IBCM beyond a solo project if anybody showed interest in such a venture. But if not, that’s ok. I’m enjoying the life of a solo artist.

If you are around Edinburgh on Dec 11th, you can catch i build collapsible mountains at The Electric Circus. If you haven’t got the album ‘A Month of Lost Memories’ yet, you can do so here.

For more info visit www.ibcmountains.com

This weeks stuff…

Time is not any of our friends at the moment but here’s a quick catch up of some stuff…

First up, viagra pills for sale the last gig of the Elba season is happening tomorrow night at The Liquid Ship and we’ve assembled a fine wee line up. First on the floor will be the debut gig of Now Wakes The Sea, a project “anchored by overdriven vocals and a sense of claustrophobic miserablism”. This will be followed by Iglue and the line up is completed by the brilliant I Build Collapsible Mountains who is playing his long-awaited first gig in Glasgow Town. As usual, doors are at 9pm, and it’s free.

Should you not be in the locale of Great Western Road, you could pop in to the 13th Note for yet another debut gig, this time from CD/EX (Chris Devotion & The Expectations). Support comes from Farewell Singapore and our favourite young scamps Le Reno Amps, who are sporting a new bass player at the moment in the form of Mandy Super Adventure Club.

If that wasn’t enough, Aye Tunes goes head to head Vs Peenko when they combine to bring another evening of entertainment to the masses, this time at The Classic Grand and said entertainment is brought to you by The Seventeenth Century, Come On Gang! and oh look, I Build Collapsible Mountains, fresh no doubt from an absolute topper of a gig at Elba Sessions!

And just to finish off, some decent music to point in your direction. The aforementioned Le Reno Amps are giving away a new track for nowt, just head to their home page. Whilst we’re on free downloads, point your mouse here to get a free download by easily one of my favourite band’s of the year, Bella Ruse.

And finally, if you’re feeling a bit flush, you could do a lot worse than getting your mitts on ‘New Moore Island’ the new EP by Brighton based collective, The Mariner’s Children, have a wee listen to ‘It Carved Your Name Into The Ground’ here.

Elba Sessions Presents…(Last gig of 2010!)

Indeed, it will be the last Elba Sessions at The Liquid Ship for a couple of months. We’re taking a well deserved break from the live element of Elba over the winter break, not to hibernate, no we’ve got much better plans than that! Knoxy is heading off to New York for part of December, lucky bugger. I’m becoming a Dad in December, or so the doctors say, I’m not quite sure how they actually can predict a ‘due date’, anyway, all being well the wee one will be here for Christmas! Kim is going to be a busy bee, whilst me and Knoxy are off faffing about, she’s going to be getting us a bit more organised on the blog front so expect these pages to get a bit busier over the next few months. We hear so much good music, we’re kinda feeling bad we never write about it.

Anyway, brief update over, it’s business time. Joining us down at The Ship on November the 4th will be the following clutch of talented people…

i build collapsible mountains

We are so pleased to bring you ibcm! That is all…

Only kidding. Having just released his debut album on Peenko Records he has quite rightly garnered praise far and wide and has a growing reputation in the Scottish music scene. He mysteriously appeared on our radar in early summer, I think. The aforementioned Peenko sent me a track and I immediately loved it. It wasn’t until I asked who it was that I found out that this was the first recorded track by Luke Joyce aka i build collapsible mountains and that he had and he hadn’t played any gigs as ibcm yet. We are delighted to welcome i build collapsible mountains to The Liquid Ship!


Hailing from the Isle of Lewis, Niaal Masson aka Iglue currently resides in Glasgow but the music he writes is most definitely influenced by the island. Listening to his songs totally chills me out and I can only presume that comes from island life. As I saw on his tumblr

“the sea sounds a lot lot better than motorways and police sirens. Silence is amazing.”

That’s not to say you should expect some avant-garde silence act if you come along, but I for one am looking forward to chilling out listening to iglue on Nov 4th.

Now Wakes The Sea

Now Wakes The Sea is the latest project of Alan McCormack who I previously knew of as Popcorn Superhet. Taking influences from the writing of Sufjan Stevens (we like him at Elba don’t you know? oh? we mentioned it?!), Sparklehorse-esque vocals and the miserablism of Arab Strap this is a bit of a departure from his previous work. With an EP due out at the end of the year, I hope we’ll be seeing plenty more from Now Wakes The Sea over the coming months.


Facebook Event Page

i build collapsible mountains


Now Wakes The Sea (Free Download!)

A hasty but (now) accurate update

Greetings to one and all. We realize we have been a little quiet of late and thought we should bring you exciting tidings. You will be glad to know that we have been fussing over various things that we love. Our silence has merely been a result of a post birthday high, distraction by lovely things (thoughts of babies and New York adventures), some tedium (nine to five related woes), fantastic grub and a lengthy amount of time dedicated listening to Sufjan Stevens’ The Age of Adz and The Phantom Band’s The Wants. All in all it is making it damn near impossible to accomplish anything at all. I am also undertaking a speed reading of Simon Pegg’s autobiography Nerd Do Well for stalking/book signing purposes tomorrow. If it weren’t for the fact I was taking a short break from work I am quite certain I would be snoring my head off with a keyboard as a pillow.

However, I have switched off the stereo and put the book down to update you on a few most charming items of interest.

I Build Collapsible Mountains debut mini album A Month of Lost Memories was released last week. This outfit is the solo work of The Gothenburg Address’ Luke Joyce. It is a stripped back offering. It is pure, simple, emotional and melancholic. The album is available on digital download as well as a limited run of 50 special edition hand made CDs. The CDs feature three further exclusive tracks and we encourage you to seek this out. I Build Collapsible Mountains plays Sneaky Pete’s on 30th October and will be playing the next Elba Sessions Presents… at The Liquid Ship on 4th November.

Favourite Son and Oxjam present a line up to make you tingle Friday 29th October at The Classic Grand. The eclectic evening will feature The Winter Tradition, Nevada Base, Kochka and The Clyde. It’s £4 in advance or £5 on the door. Its a great cause and there are rumours of fund-raising including PRIZES on the night.

Finally, Shambles Miller is releasing a follow up EP to his debut Shambles Vs The Dragonwizard entitled Shambles Sails The Clockwork Sea. I do enjoy how all of his titles and songs throw my imagination into fairytale land. That is, a nice, shiny, pleasant fairytale land. Not a creepy Guilermo Del Toro imagined world where creatures have too many eyes in many a weird place. Anyway, I’m losing focus. I think it is the feeling of freedom that is to blame. The four track release will launch (it will literally be catapulted into the air…)(no)(not really)(I was exploiting the connotation of the word launch) this Friday (the 22nd) in The Liquid Ship.