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Today's Pick In Edinburgh – 4/8/13

Where we pick one or maybe several things to check out in Edinburgh during the month of August [disclaimer: in the event of tardiness or over-eagerness, don’t be fooled by the headline, it’s today cos we’re picking it today, rather than you should go today]

edinburgh nightAfter a bit of art and comedy we’re back in more familiar waters with today’s pick, which is the excellent looking Edinburgh Night, put on by music industry brain-boxes, Born To Be Wide.

Taking place at Electric Circus, the night has an interesting format with several bands and a plethora of guest DJ’s. The night follows an interesting format of 10 minute live sets every half hour, punctuated by DJ sets from some well-known faces from the local music scene, including Elba pals Nicola Meighan (The List/The Herald) and Lloyd Meredith (Olive Grove Records). The musical line-up ain’t too shabby either with sets from Randolph’s Leap, Gastric Band, past Elba podcastee A.J. Roach and Scotland’s only and probably best Grandaddy tribute band, Grand Laddie (Bart Eagleowl and friends) and several more.

However, possibly the great thing about the gig, well, after the excellent music, is the fact that you can buy a ticket here, right now, for only £3! Even better than that though, is that if you visit their Facebook event page, share it and then post your top 4 Edinburgh tracks on their event page wall, they’ll let you in free. Can’t sniff at that on a Sunday night on the first weekend of the festival!

Elba Annual 2009 – The Scottish Enlightenment

The last few months have been pretty good in the world of Elba Sessions. Writing blogs, putting on gigs and recording podcasts has put us in touch with buy cialis 10mg loads of really good people who are so passionate about music. Today’s example being The Scottish Enlightenment. Now, chances are I’ve seen them play, but I think it was a very long time ago and my memory is a bit hazy but when I downloaded a couple of tracks from their forthcoming record ‘St Thomas’ there was no way I was going to forget about them this time. It seems this year they have been busy busy recording their album which should see the light of day sometime in 2010 which will also hopefully mean plenty of gigs. Sign me up!

David has been kind enough to let us in on his 2009…

The Scottish Enlightenment

Album of The Year – Everything is Simple by Dan Lyth. He’s a friend, and mixed our album for us, so maybe I’m biased, but the record is incredible. Its like a set of small bright pictures, and I doesn’t sound like anyone else really. He’s probably one of the most under-exposed music makers in Scotland – like proper talented and that.

Favourite New Band – Mitchell Museum. Got to admit i thought the name was duff, until we played a gig with them at Electric Circus in Edinburgh – they’re utterly jaw dropping. Like a very excited Grandaddy. Love them very much.

Best Gig (your band) – We’ve only played 2 this year because we’ve been recording, but there have been some moments recently at rehearsal that have been pretty excellent. So I’d say our gig on 12th December in Edinburgh is going to be the best. That right there was a clever answer.

Best Gig – De Rosa at Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh. So sad that they’re gone. We are all fans, but our bassist Angus was verging on groupie status a while back. I think that’s why they split. (ed -I don’t know, a couple of people in the Elba community could give him a run for his money!!)

Best Memories of 2009 – Recording the album in Glasgow with Jamie Grier – I’ve just realised how close his name is to Germaine Greer. But he’s much cooler.

Hopes for 2010/Things You’re Looking Forward To – Finally getting our album released. Playing a lot of gigs and getting good at it. Recording a Halloween EP.

The Scottish Enlightenment play the Trampoline all-dayer this Saturday (12/12/09) at The Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh. Details here

Also, do your mp3 player a favour and give it an early Christmas gift by downloading a couple of free tracks from their album St Thomas. They can be found here