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Elba Sessions Presents…5th November

I know, I know, the review of the gig really should have been up more promptly. I mean after last month I’m sure it’s what you’ve all come to expect after Kim’s fantastic play by play of Elba Sessions Presents…(One) appearing on site well within her alloted deadline. Unfortunately due to bad timekeeping on the part of a gaggle of physiotherapists, unwellness and the inability to make time travel happen, you’re stuck with my thoughts this month.

Bonfire Night saw the second in our monthly series Elba Sessions Presents gigs at The Liquid Ship and I really felt on Thursday that over winter there is not many better places to be than in a candlelit basement bar listening to heart warming music with a pint of Weihenstephan in hand (note; my favourite beer). Of course this could apply to any gig, but on Thursday it was the turn of Julia and The Doogans, John Hinshelwood & Sandra Gellatly and Andrea Marini to stir the senses.

Julia1Julia and her scaled down Doogans (sans drummer) opened the evening and captivated everyone in the room with their blend of acoustic folk. Julia’s voice is fantastic and is a rare thing in that it sounds even more perfect live than it does recorded. I’m a sucker for a banjo so one of the set standouts for me was the brilliant ‘Collide’. Although notable mentions go to New York and Hummingbird. If you haven’t already caught Julia and the Doogans live, I urge you to do so soon. Trust me, it will make your life better!

JohnHinshelwood1Next up was the rootsy folk of John Hinshelwood who was accompanied by the voice of Sandra Gellatly and Tim Black on guitar. John, an established face on the Scottish roots and country scene blasted through a set of original material and covers. Personally, I was delighted at his Gene Clark cover as ‘White Light’, is one of my favourite albums and the combination of his and Sandra’s voice got my toe a tappin’.

Our final artist of the evening was October’s Elba Sessions Podcast guest, Andrea Marini. There is something about Andrea’s music that he makes look effortless and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an artist look more comfortable and at ease when performing than he does. Accompanied by a full band for the evening Andrea treated us to a heartfelt set of his songs. The outstanding ‘Windmills’ was a real standout and is one of the tracks on his ‘IV Songs’ cd which was left ‘just in the middle, over there’ for us to help ourselves to, which we gladly did. It was a great way to end the evening and sent us off out into the guy fawkes night mist happy and contented.Andrea1

Next month will see a slight change to the usual format of Elba Sessions Presents but that’s a different story for another day! Needless to say, we’re all pretty excited about the Christmas bonanza that we have planned for you all!

Photos by Steph Mulligan