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Elba Sessions Presents…(Oor Birthday!)

So, the title’s pretty self explanatory I suppose. Elba Sessions turns the ripe old age of 1 this month and to celebrate, well, we’re doing pretty much the same as most other months, putting on a good ol’ gig. We’re actually being a bit greedy and stretching our birthday out for a bit, but October seemed to be the point in 2009 where it all started to come together.

In fact, the first podcast was recorded in July 2009 with Dean Owens of The Felsons. Stephen, the owner of Elba Studios had decided in an effort to get people in to the studio and to give himself a bit more practice, he would invite people in to have a chat about their songwriting, play a couple of songs and then upload the resulting effort to the grand old dinosaur that is Myspace. At the time, Stephen was only in the studio part time so this was a good opportunity to get more bands recording in the studio. Stephen then called on Chris, to do the talking on the podcasts and they recorded a podcast in August ’09 with Pearl & The Puppets.

Myself and Chris had been speaking about putting on our own gigs for literally years, probably since our days at school in Aberdeen, and joining up with Stephen on the back of the studio podcasts seemed the perfect opportunity to do so. We used the Elba name and with the kind help of Dochan McMillan of The Free Candy Sessions, we started our monthly residency at The Liquid Ship in Glasgow’s West End in October 2009.

The blog was a totally different beast altogether. This was a personal thing that I’d been wanting to start for quite a while and this seemed like a good opportunity to get off my backside and do it, plus, i didn’t have to sit for hours thinking of a name I’d come to regret, I just used Elba Sessions! The first blog post went up at the tail end of August 2009 and was a video of a Bill Callahan Black Cab Session. It stayed as the first post whilst we figured out design and layout and ever since it’s contained the odd post here and there, sometimes it’s more regular than other times but life can get busy! We also have had friends who have helped out along the way, Steph sometimes takes pretty pictures and Kim will often write pretty words.

As we come to the end of year one, it’s been nice to reflect on everything that we have seen and done and our birthday gig is really a tribute to our debut year. The premise of the gig was to have the great and the good that we have featured on Elba Sessions, whether it be podcast, gig or blog, over the last year and get them together for a special gig at The Liquid Ship. Unfortunately we couldn’t ask everyone, there was quite simply too many people and we didn’t quite have it in us to organise a five day festival but we’re proud of the line up and hope that you will join us to celebrate a good year, where we have met so many good people who have helped us out, whether it be a mention on their blog, sending us some music to listen to or even the odd follow friday on twitter!!

Without further ado, here’s the poster for our Birthday Night, please come and say hello, we’re a shy bunch really, but a pint or two usually straightens me and Chris out!! It’s free entry as usual and due to the size of line up it’ll be a sharp 9pm start!

Facebook Event Page Here

We’re looking forward to doing this again next year and are especially looking forward to the challenges of keeping it all together for the next year as life gets hectic. Stephen is packed out in the studio and myself and Chris find ourselves in charge of staff in our dayjobs (daunting). I’m also following the blogger Peenko’s good example and will be a father around Christmas time. Maybe the baby can design the posters????

Elba Sessions Presents… Thurs 8th Oct

Lets face it: the weekend really does start on a Thursday night nowadays. There’s nothing like nursing a light alcohol induced headache on a Friday at work. Perhaps indulging in a little sneaky something that’ll pick you up at lunch time. Maybe even taking a half day. It is unfathomably gratifying to ease into the weekend. The first instalment of ‘Elba Sessions Presents’ last night certainly proved itself to be an imperative addition to this new tradition.

Paul McLindenThe Liquid Ship played host to the first live chapter of Elba, brought to you from the regular stage of The Free Candy Sessions, and what a night it was. There really could have been no better a setting; the subterranean ambient nook is perfect. To step into the calming and cosy lantern and candle lit venue to such pleasing acoustics…well…I’m pretty much drooling reminiscing over how delightful it was.

The gentle sounds of Paul McLinden opened the evening. There is something graceful about how he performs. On record his songs are serene but live they are almost lulling, yet all the while captivating. He has perfected that ‘warm your soul’ feeling that comes when someone merges their instrument and voice so completely.

Whilst we’re on the subject of soul, Calum MacDonald really knows how to bear his. The room was hushed to a revered silence as his minimal guitar accompanied honest vocals. This man could out-do Frightened Rabbit in emotional stakes single handedly. An impressive cover of ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ showed weight and promise. We at Elba now also have a rather unexpected fixation on Calum’s hairdo.

Calum MacDonald

Only Living BoysFour piece Only Living Boys opened things up again with their keyboard rooted light indie. Even with a full line up these guys managed to hold back rather than blow the windows out of a small venue. Not only this but they provided the “Only Living Snare” for our headline act of the evening Le Reno Amps.

Le Reno and what I like to think of as their semi-acoustic set showed Al and Scott on unmissable and crowd pleasing form. Their set encompassed the very best of the band. Old favourites including 1969 and Get You Wet were warmly welcomed alongside an array of tracks from latest album Tear It Open (Drift Records). Out of this, Outlaws really is the one that shows the boys (and lady on days when she is present) as we know and love them. It has a guitar riff and vocal yowl that’ll grip you like no other dark country tinted song can. Al literally ripped up his guitar on stage during the solo, pulling a ‘knob’ off in the process. Why is it I always find myself saying such things that elicit mild titters after a Le Reno Amps show? One wonders. I implore you to catch this band right now, they really are at their best. They’ll also sell you their records for:

‘Whatever you like really. We’re mental…like Radiohead. Unless it’s under a tenner…’

What’s that they say about Aberdonians again?

Le Reno Amps

Thanks to everyone who came along and big thank you to all the bands. We really hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Next month is looking just as lavish with John Hinshelwood & Sandra Gellatly, Andrea Marini and Julia and the Doogans confirmed for Thursday 5th November.

Thanks also to Steph Mulligan for the fab photos!!! We’ll have more up on the myspace soon!

Elba Sessions Presents (One)…

Elba Sessions @ The Liquid Ship 1We have finally confirmed the line-up for our first live Elba Sessions! Over the next couple of months the lovely dudes at The Free Candy Sessions and The Liquid Ship will play host to ‘Elba Sessions Presents…’

Our first night is on October the 8th and we have a cracking line-up. Headed up by September podcasters Le Reno Amps (Drift) they will be joined at The Liquid Ship by Paul McLinden, Only Living Boys and Calum MacDonald. As with all good Free Candy shows, there is no tax on the door making it an absolute steal!

We will have more info on our Bonfire Night spectacular soon but we are already very excited by the line up!