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Summat' For The Weekend – Hazy Recollections #8

With a blog title like that, I’ve now got Super Furry Animals in my head.

Anyway, if your Sunday afternoon is looking a little bare this weekend (I suspect football fans of a certain two clubs may have other plans this Sunday), you should pop in past Stereo for Hazy Recollections. We’ve mentioned HR lots in the past but this weekend’s show is a bit of a special one.

The show sees the launch of HR founder Findlay Napier’s new album ‘File Under Fiction’. I’ve had a wee listen and it’s definitely an album for the summer, lots of melodies and sing-a-long choruses. Joining Findlay on the bill will be Endor, The Hidden Lane Choir, James Mackenzie & The Aquascene and Little Fire along with house band and Findlay’s album cohorts The Bar Room Mountaineers.

Tickets are £5 and can be purchased in advance here or alternatively you can get on the door. I believe they are also doing a ticket and signed album deal for £15.

Hazy Recollections runs between 2pm and 5pm on Sunday 15th May at Stereo, Renfield Lane, Glasgow.

A Quick Catch Up With…Findlay Napier (Hazy Recollections)

Another year and we get to the end of January where Celtic Connections has again whizzed by me and I’ve not gone to see half the things I wanted to. Amongst the standouts in this year’s programme were the weekly Hazy Recollections gigs at the ABC.

Hazy Recollections, as we know it here at Elba, happens every couple of months on a Sunday afternoon and is usually populated by some of the best local indie/folk/roots bands. The thing that stood out with the HR Celtic Connections shows was not only that it was weekly but also the more international make-up of the line up. Local favourites like Julia and The Doogans (no stranger to the good ship Elba) alongside people like Humbert & Humbert, Elba Podcaster AJ Roach and Amelia Curran.

The man behind Hazy Recollections is Findlay Napier, and we caught up with a very busy Findlay ahead of this weekends final Hazy @ Celtic Connections.

For those of us not in the know, please tell us a bit more about Findlay Napier and Hazy Recollections…

At a rehearsal one night Myself, Gillian and Douglas (from The Bar Room Mountaineers) and Blair MacMillan were talking about all the great bands in Glasgow. We felt there were a number of acts whose music met at the boundaries of the indie, folk and roots scenes who were not getting the breaks or exposure they deserved. What began as a one sided all talk and no action rant about the shortfalls of the music industry was transformed by the guys at Vox Populus into an all action positive reality in January 2010.

Hazy Recollections is now about a year old, how did the idea come about and why did you decide to make it an afternoon gig rather than holding it in the evening?

The afternoon gig came about as we had done a few afternoon gigs when touring in Europe and North America. We liked the idea of playing the show then keeping the evening free to chill out. All the shows that we went to like that there was a mixture of all ages, I suppose because there was work in the morning people brought the whole family.

This month HR has become a weekly event as part of Celtic Connections and the line up’s have taken on a bit more of an international feel. How have these gigs been received by the artists and has it inspired you to make future HR events have a less local/scottish line up?

We’ve always wanted to expand and Donald Shaw and the Celtic Connections teams have allowed us to tap into these amazing acts. We knew they were out there but without the weight of a name like that I’m not sure we would have been taken seriously.

The artists have been loving the idea. A lot of them have never played a Sunday afternoon show before so I think they’re surprised when a big crowd shows up to see them. For some bands it strange as they’re not used to silence between songs… people actually listening and really enjoying their music.

You are also the host for the Celtic Connections Late Night Sessions which has seen some pretty special guests this year, what’s been your main highlight?

Fisherman’s Friends last night were great craic. I really enjoyed Aerials Up. If you take a look at my blog, there’s a list of who’s been on. Bettye LaVette’s (fond memories at elba of her appearance at the sadly departed Triptych festival a few years ago) band came down and played a few songs on Sunday night to a hand full of people around 2:30am. They were amazing I wish I could have got them on earlier. I think they were just happy to play. I reckon I could have put them on at 10pm and they’d have played right through. Four of the best musicians I have ever heard… and the first time I’ve heard really good Duane Allman style slide guitar live. The only people I’ve not had at the LNS was Humbert and Humbert who played Hazy on the first weekend their music is beautiful and very moving.

Finally, what does the future hold for Hazy Recollections?

We will keep doing Hazy Recollections. We’re planning a few more through the year and we plan to launch our new record at the next one. I think we’ll move back to Stereo for the next ones as they’ve been really good to us and the layed back vibe of the venue suits the show.

Sign up the mailing list for further info.

The final Hazy of Celtic Connections takes place this Sunday at 2:30pm with a line-up including Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers, Alex Cornish, Julia and The Doogans, Amelia Curran and Findlay Napier and the Bar Room Mountaineers. More info here.

Kitty the Lion

Photo by Alan Roney

At the moment we keep going back and forth here at Elba trying to decide who we want to go and see at Hinterland next week. When we sent our initial lists to each other I wasn’t particularly surprised that some of the same names were on each others list. I mean, I’d like to think we have pretty discerning tastes here at Elba (ahem, if you knew about one of our collective’s cheesy pop collection, you’d surely disagree). Several of those names also seem to have animal names in them – nearly every band I seem to like these days has an animal in the title! Anyway, today’s feature is no exception to that rule and someone we’ll definitely be going to see next weekend. I present to you Anna from Kitty the Lion…

You used to perform as ‘Anna Meldrum’. Why the change, and do you enjoy having a full band behind you?

When I was gigging as Anna someone asked me what my real name was because they thought it was a stage name. I thought that was a bit bizarre because my name is really ordinary, but maybe that’s only because I read it on envelopes a lot. Anyway, we decided to change because when I started playing gigs with a band behind me it felt really awkward when we’d get introduced as ‘Anna Meldrum’…and there were three of us. I absolutely love having a full band together now, I get all grumpy when I have to do acoustic things nowadays. The songs sound the way they always did inside my head, but everyone else gets to hear it too!

You released your single ‘Lion in the Bed’ in November. Any plans for more releases? Or maybe an album?

We’re definitely going to have another release at some point this year, not sure what it’ll be yet but most likely an EP sort of idea. A single and an album’s baby.

Glasgow has a reputation for having a lot of good venues to play in, what’s your favourite?

I like the Captain’s Rest and Nice n Sleazy. The sweaty dank ones where you get no phone signal. There are good memories hanging about in those places.

Stornoway is listed in your recent gigography, if you could play a gig anywhere, where would it be?

I’d really like to go to Iceland and imagine I was Björk.

Hinterland 2010 is fast approaching and we are looking forward to seeing your set. Is there anybody else playing the festival who you’re hoping to catch?

As many as I can! It will be cool to see the bigger names but will also be nice to see some local people I’ve listened to but not seen live, like Panda Su and The Boy Who Trapped the Sun.

We always ask anyone who does a podcast or interview on for Elba Sessions if there are any bands we should be checking out? Any recommendations?

Findlay Napier, Kristina Cox, Julia and the Doogans, Matt Norris and the Moon, Sparrow and the Workshop…

What can we expect to see from Kitty the Lion in the next year?

More commitment because I’ll have graduated from Uni!


Kitty’s aforementioned single is out now and available for download at i-tunes, get yer mitts on a copy. For all the latest news on the band be friends over on myspace.

You can catch Kitty the Lion as part of this year’s Hinterland Festival, next Saturday (3/4/10) at various Glasgow venues ().

*The lovely photo above was brought to you by the lens of Alan Roney