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Elba Annual 2010 – Alastair – Deathpodal, Electropapknit, Battery Face…

Funny story, myself and Chris thought Alastair had an amp for a head first time we saw Deathpodal. It was a mixture of an unfortunate viewing position downstairs in the 13th Note and a couple of pints of Staropramen. Turns out on chatting to him, his head is most definitely not ‘amp-like’ and is perfectly human. Quirky point number two is that when I get an email from Alastair, gmail tells me that the email conversation is between me and Death, slightly disconcerting. All the above aside, it was a pleasure to catch up with him to ask him his ‘best of’s for this year and ask what he’ll be up to with Deathpodal, his other band Battery Face and his label Electropapknit over the next year.

Album of the Year – Er don’t know? Liars – Sisterworld… MIA’s new record… Grinderman 2… too many choices!

Best Gig – The Skinny show with Team Ghost was good, super busy, Aberdeen was a lot of fun with Min Diesel, but I’d probably go with supporting Islet just because we played pretty well and all the bands were amazing.

Best gig by someone elseMan this is a hard one, I liked so many shows this year, Mission of Burma at ATP, Les Savy Fav at Oran Mor, the Winning Sperm Party show at Audio Lounge, Mount Eerie, Trash Kit, Liars, Autechre… but overall being blown away, probably Don Vito at the Rock n Roll Circus.

Favourite New Bands – local wise Galoshins, the other band I’m in (Battery Face) are playing with them in December. Otherwise probably Male Bonding. I’ve also started listening to Zu again, which doesn’t count, but they rule.

Musical Memories of 20106 Music being saved, if that had gone it would have ruined one of the best opportunities alternative bands have for some represenation on the airwaves. Finding out USA Is A Monster had split last year, which sucked. Going to Retreat Festival (Edinburgh) smashed and losing all my memories.

Hopes / Plans for 2011plenty of Battery Face shows and perhaps a tour, a return of Deathpodal with completely new material, jamming with more people and releasing more compilations and other bands through Electropapknit.

Battery Face play the Elektropapknit compilation release party this Thursday (9th Dec) at the Winchester Club along with Galoshins, Min Diesel and Public Spaces and you can download, for free, the new compilation from Electropapknit who will have a download link here from around the 9th or 10th.


Battery Face

Electropapknit Records

*Photo by Gemma Burke

The Scottish Enlightenment – St.Thomas

Whilst I await the new arrival to my family sometime in the following few weeks, this week we welcome the arrival of St.Thomas to not only your ears but also to Glasgow. St.Thomas is the brand new long player from subterranean-ecclesiastical-rockers The Scottish Enlightenment. We’re pretty excited here at Elba about it’s pending release, it’s been a long-time coming and they have teased us plenty, what with giving away some free tracks in 2009 and this year the release of 3 EP’s to whet our appetite. We are almost ready to burst.

We don’t have to tell you how good it is really, but we will anyway. It’s REALLY good. There we said it, we’re sold on it, in our general understated kind of way.

The album will be released tomorrow and you can get your mitts on copies through the Armellodie Records store and very possibly some other decent outlets. Alternatively, if you have the willpower of a saint, you could try waiting until Thursday to pick up a copy at the Glasgow leg of their album launch at the 13th Note. This show comes highly recommended this week at Elba. Not only have we been waiting since April to see The Scottish Enlightenment, when they played for us at The Liquid Ship, but they are also joined on the night by Deathpodal, whose EP ‘Exu__Wow ‘ has been enjoyed immensely by us, and Le Reno Amps who it is no secret that we have a massive crush on, what’s not to love! So, if it’s an evening of post-rock, epic sounds and generic cialis 100mg overindulgent guitar solos (Nero, I’m looking at you!) that you are after then we’ll see you at the note!