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My Top 5 Albums of 2012 (and joint 6th's)

We usually do an Elba Annual in December where we ask people their ‘best of’s’ from throughout the year but seeing as we’ve had a particularly quiet year on here, we decided it probably was best to give it a miss and hopefully get it going again next year.

I did however, want to share my Top 5 albums of the year with you. I am asked each year by Peenko to submit my albums of the year for inclusion in the yearly BAMS (Blogs and Music Sites) list and this year when Lloyd from Peenko realised he’d run out of fingers to count up the albums, he called on me for my ninja spreadsheet skills. That list is still to be announced however, so I thought I’d get my list up before A) I forget and B) The BAMS list spoils my thunder.

Limiting albums to a Top ‘whatever’ is always quite hard I think. It depends on mood or the time of year, so in my Top 5, I could probably interchange about 3 of the 5 that are included below. In fact, in the three weeks since i sent over my albums of the year, I’ve changed the order in my head several times. However, I’ve gone with my original list but a few albums which on any other day would have made my Top 5 were;

6= Yusuf Azak – Go Native
6= The Pure Conjecture – Courgettes
6= Laurence & The Slab Boys – Lo-Fi Disgrace
6= Beach House – Bloom
6= RM Hubbert – Thirteen Lost & Found
6= Stars – The North
6= Randolph’s Leap – …and the Curse of the Haunted Headphones

But anyway, to the Top 5…


5. Best Coast – The Other Place

“Summertime in 11 tracks”



4. Francois & The Atlas Mountains – E Volo Love

“I find it hard not to love this album as it is but having seen them play live, it takes them to another level altogether. A highlight of 2012”



3. Chris Devotion and The Expectations – Amalgamation and Capital

“heard it prior to 2012 (just) and it still gets frequently aired in my house. There’s no messing about here. Catchy, two minute rock n roll tunes.”



2. Meursault – Something for the Weakened

“I loved Meursault’s first album. I love Meursault’s second album. ‘Settling’ = shivers”



1. Django Django – Django Django

“Another that I can’t seem to put down. Just a really great listen that I never seem to tire of. Again, have seen them a couple of times over the last year and a bit and they are always excellent.”

The Armello-tour Steams In To Town

Not bad poster eh? And the line-up isn’t too shabby either. Our chums at Armellodie hit the road in a couple of days with eight bands from their roster, seeing the sights of Bonnie Scotland. The tour kicks off this Thursday in Edinburgh’s Wee Red Bar with sets from newest signings Trapped Mice, The Douglas Firs and Super Adventure Club. 6 more dates over the next nine days take in Dundee, Glasgow twice, Aberdeen, Lossiemouth and Elgin featuring label mates Cuddly Shark, Le Reno Amps, The Scottish Enlightenment, The Hazey Janes and Chris Devotion & The Expectations. The full details are at the end of this post.

If that news wasn’t enough to to make you get yourself out to see some live music, maybe this excellent EP from Kowalskiy featuring all 8 bands, might convince you.

I’m going to three of the gigs so I might just see you there.

SupervAdventure Club + The Douglas Firs + Trapped Mice
Wee Red Bar, College of Art, Edinburgh
Thursday 2nd August 2012

The Hazey Janes + Le Reno Amps + Cuddly Shark
Duke’s Corner, Dundee
Friday 3rd August 2012
Free Entry

Le Reno Amps + Cuddly Shark + The Scottish Enlightenment + Trapped Mice
Nice n Sleazys, Glasgow
Saturday 4th August 2012

Super Adventure Club + The Hazey

Janes + Chris Devotion & The Expectations
Art School, Glasgow
Wednesday 8th August 2012

Le Reno Amps + The Hazey Janes + Chris Devotion & The Expectations + Cuddly Shark
Tunnels, Aberdeen
Thursday 9th August 2012

Chris Devotion & The Expectations + Cuddly Shark + Le Reno Amps
The Steamboat, Lossiemouth
Friday 10th August 2012
Free Entry

Cuddly Shark + Le Reno Amps + Chris Devotion & The Expectations
The Thunderton, Elgin
Saturday 11th August 2012
Free Entry

sad songs and waltzes aren't selling this year

So, we’ve had some ‘database issues’ over the last couple of weeks so we’re declaring January a bust. No blogging in Jan, for various issues. It’s pleasing however that one of these reasons isn’t that there was no good music to listen to, the reasons are another story however, and I’m leaving it at that.

I’d started writing this post in the first week of January and had got to 800 words but now it’s Feb, I’m not going where I was going when I wrote it anymore but I am keeping the title to this post, cos I like it. If you don’t know it, it’s the title of a Willie Nelson song.

I liked the idea that at the start of the year when we are besieged by ‘ones to watch’ lists that we have no idea what’s selling this year. In fact, I hope sad songs and waltzes are selling this year, because those type of songs are fucking great.

That’s all really, we just wanted to say hello, for the new year, assure you that we hadn’t nicked off anywhere and we’ll try and write about

better stuff this year. I’ve added some things from Jan that I’ve enjoyed below and we’ll resume normal service over the next week

* Go and download yourself the latest single from Dad Rocks! It’s free to do so.

* Check out new albums from RM Hubbert, Django Django and Chris Devotion & The Expectations

* On that last point Chris Devotion and the Expectations are launching their album tonight at Captain’s Rest in Glasgow. If you’re on the east coast, they will be playing at Henry’s Cellar Bar in Edinburgh on Feb 18th as part of Song, By Toad’s ‘Ides of Toad‘ gigs.

* And finally, whilst mentioning Song, By Toad. His latest Toad Session with Josh T Pearson is available for download/perusal over this direction

Elba Annual 2011 – Chris Devotion (Chris Devotion & The Expectations)

December already, cripes. This year has totally flown by don’t you think? This means that it’s time to sum up, in the fashion of a teen magazine, a

selection of best of’s from this year and dust off the Elba Annual for another year. It’s like the Smash Hits annual of blogging (hopefully that’s selling ourselves very, very short.)

Our first entry in our 2011 edition comes from the person who has the privilege of being our first Annual contributor in 2009. This, as you will see from the title is Chris Devotion who next year will release his first album along with his band, The Expectations. Amalgamation and Capital will be released on Armellodie Records, on January 30th. It’s the ideal album, 16 songs spanning 36 minutes, each a sparkling rock n roll nugget. You can hear album opener, ‘An Honest Refusal’ after the questions…

– Album of The Year
Fucked Up – David Comes To Life. A brilliant record, it sounds like stadium hardcore (imagine Husker Du playing Be Here Now) and all the better for it

(Honourable mentions: Tom Waits- Bad As Me, Wild Flag – Wild Flag, Off! -First Four EP’s)

– Song of the Year

Shaw by Reigning Sound, (I could have picked almost anything from the free (FREE!) mini album they released, a fun collection of wee gems from one of the best bands around)

Best gig you played
The launch for our last single was a good un, we were showered with praise, love and good vibes (though cash would have been better), as was supporting Pete Yorn. It is always nice to win over a crowd who don’t know who you are.

– Best gig you saw

Possibly Kyuss at the ABC, I went in reasonably sceptical but it was full of heavy awesomeness.

(Honourable mentions, Wilco, Primal Scream, Best Coast and Gillian Welch)

– Any musical thoughts to share on the year 2011?

Hmmmm……well, every year has its ups and downs musically but as ever, there is always good stuff happening. The biggest problem for me, just as a fan of music, is people who will not shut the fuck up at concerts. I swear it seems to be getting worse, I would gladly bring back hanging for those cunts (though, for the record, in all other cases I am against capital punishment)

– What does 2012 have in store for you?

Ready for the hard sell? Good.  Our debut album ‘Amalgamation and Capital’ is out 30th Jan, just in time to banish those post-xmas blues.  What’s that you ask?  Are we playing live in support of said debut?  Yes we are, thanks for asking, we are playing a bunch of places throughout February and March.

A Modest Refusal by Chris Devotion & The Expectations by Armellodie

Amalgamation and Capital, the debut album by Chris Devotion & The Expectations is released on January 30th 2012 on Armellodie Records. However, the album before December 9th and the good lads at Armellodie will make sure you get your record before Christmas, a whole month before it’s release, plus you get an instant download of ‘Blister’.

It’s also worth noting that you can see the band I proclaimed as one of my favourite live acts as they launch their album at the Captains Rest on Feb 3rd 2012 with support from Kill Surrrf and The Dirt.



'The Dream Gig'

We’re a bit down in the dumps here at Elba, and it’s all because of the poster

above. Yeah, sure were pretty excited at the line up, all of the bands have played at our Elba Sessions gigs and if that isn’t a ringing endorsement, then I really don’t know what is! No, we’re a bit glum because it will be the last appearance for the foreseeable future of Le Reno Amps. They’re all off to explore pastures new. Al’s off to China to teach kids doric, Jase is in Elgin, Mandy’s going to France (on Holiday) and Scott will be conquering Castlemilk Chateau Lait (well so their facebook brags anyway).

We’ve had some good times with the amps so we’ll sorely miss them (like a hole in the head hurts) but the gig should be the perfect send off.

Joining Le Reno Amps on the night will be label-mates Chris Devotion & The Expectations and Cuddly Shark along with bad ass cowboys Bad Bad Men.

All the fun kicks of around 7pm on Friday 5th August and it’s a mere £5 to get in. The facebook event page can be found here