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Elba Annual 2010 – Phil (Elba)

Our final annual comes from Elba Sessions’ constant and reasoned voice; Phil. You will be well acquainted with him by now I’m sure.  For those of you who are not: he is a man of great taste, intelligence, wit and charm.  As a great driving force behind everything Elba I’ve found him to be exceptionally motivated and particularly good at knowing what buttons to push to get the most out of everyone he works with.  It is holding all these elements together and only ever snapping when things have reached well passed boiling point which leads us to his alter ego.  With a quiet and calm demeanor, a patience like no other, an ability to maintain organization even whilst working under potentially incendiary conditions and the occasional (and very understandable) melt down, who else could we select?

All that sucking up needed balancing out with something ridiculous. Ironically he will, of course, love this comparison. Here is Phil’s account of 2010:

Album of The Year – This is a tough one. There have been quite a lot of albums I’ve really liked over the course of the year and the title of ‘favourite’ constantly seems to change. I think ‘Method’ by Thirty Pounds of Bone gets the win though. It is an honest album and really nicely put together and produced. For the first couple of months, Los Campesinos! and Field Music would also be in with a shout as well as notable mentions for Chris T-T, Meursault, Super Adventure Club and The National.

Best Gig – There have been several people I have really enjoyed seeing this year, RM Hubbert, King James, Super Adventure Club (possibly the most fun that can be had watching a band, as well as the most jealous at how ridiculously good individually they are). Best gigs are usually defined for me by notable things or songs that were played. In that sense, there have been two or three great gigs for me in 2010. The National, which seems to be on everyone’s lips really stands out just for the whole occasion. Mr November, including a tour of the crowd by singer Matt Berninger, was a biiig standout as well as the completely unplugged sing-along to Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks.

Also, on two occasions I’ve seen a band play a song this year that has just made the hairs on my neck stand up. When The Scottish Enlightenment bellowed into Little Sleep at the end of the set at their album launch in the 13th Note and when they played it at The Liquid Ship on one of our Elba gigs, i knew that there was something pretty special happening.

Favourite New Band(s) – Probably could make a lengthy list here but I’ll try to keep it short. Bella Ruse play the kind of sweet indie folk pop that I’m just a sucker for. I’ve also been digging Caitlin Rose, The Mariner’s Children and more locally Johnny Reb, She’s Hit, Yusuf Azak and The Douglas Firs.

Musical Memories of 2010 – Putting on some great bands at The Liquid Ship as part of our Elba Sessions gigs…Chris’ boundless enthusiasm for Springsteen…Kim’s boundless enthusiasm for music and her awesome writing…Kim and Chris’ support and patience when I get ‘the rage’… The National at the Academy…Willy Vlautin at the Captains Rest (if indeed that was this year)…The return of Le Reno Amps…Making some new musical acquaintances…oh, and being thanked in the sleeve notes for the Thirty Pounds of Bone album was pretty sweet.

Hopes/Plans (music) for 2011 – To kick on with Elba a lot more. I really want to get a good focus going on the blog, going for a bit of a wider viewpoint on the music we all love here at Elba rather than the same old. We’ll also get the Elba Sessions gigs going again in a few months, peepers on the lookout for bands to play already. I’m also looking forward to Dj’ing at the first BARmellodie night at Bloc on January 21st. Also, I want to start getting along to a lot more gigs and seeing some bands to get excited over.

So that’s us for 2010. Have a grand old time this evening!  We wish you a bonne année and we will return before you have fully recovered fully from the celebrations.

This weeks stuff…

Time is not any of our friends at the moment but here’s a quick catch up of some stuff…

First up, viagra pills for sale the last gig of the Elba season is happening tomorrow night at The Liquid Ship and we’ve assembled a fine wee line up. First on the floor will be the debut gig of Now Wakes The Sea, a project “anchored by overdriven vocals and a sense of claustrophobic miserablism”. This will be followed by Iglue and the line up is completed by the brilliant I Build Collapsible Mountains who is playing his long-awaited first gig in Glasgow Town. As usual, doors are at 9pm, and it’s free.

Should you not be in the locale of Great Western Road, you could pop in to the 13th Note for yet another debut gig, this time from CD/EX (Chris Devotion & The Expectations). Support comes from Farewell Singapore and our favourite young scamps Le Reno Amps, who are sporting a new bass player at the moment in the form of Mandy Super Adventure Club.

If that wasn’t enough, Aye Tunes goes head to head Vs Peenko when they combine to bring another evening of entertainment to the masses, this time at The Classic Grand and said entertainment is brought to you by The Seventeenth Century, Come On Gang! and oh look, I Build Collapsible Mountains, fresh no doubt from an absolute topper of a gig at Elba Sessions!

And just to finish off, some decent music to point in your direction. The aforementioned Le Reno Amps are giving away a new track for nowt, just head to their home page. Whilst we’re on free downloads, point your mouse here to get a free download by easily one of my favourite band’s of the year, Bella Ruse.

And finally, if you’re feeling a bit flush, you could do a lot worse than getting your mitts on ‘New Moore Island’ the new EP by Brighton based collective, The Mariner’s Children, have a wee listen to ‘It Carved Your Name Into The Ground’ here.

Bella Ruse

When it comes to liking music, I have many many weaknesses. It’s fair to say if one or several of the following things are present in any music that I listen to, there’s a chance I’m going to like it. These weaknesses may include, but are not restricted to, banjos, ukelele’s, pianos with strings and male/female duo’s. Bella Ruse falls into the latter.

I’d come across one of their songs a few months ago and their myspace page has sat in my browser’s ‘To Check Out’ folder ever since. I noticed that Peenko had a link to download an EP by them in his Friday Freebies last month and this was just the kick up the backside I needed to give them a proper listen, and I’m glad I did!

The Bella Ruse EP is a lovely collection of songs. The vocals are endearing and intimate and the acoustic guitar understated. Push On, the EP’s opener is probably the stand out track but every track is a winner. I’ve seen them described as folk jazz and whilst that description generally doesn’t grab me, it probably sums them up quite well. The folk comes through in the songwriting and the voice is very soulful and reminiscent of great jazz/soul singers like Ella Fitzgerald. There’s even a track in French, another one of my weaknesses!

If you’re curious, you can check them out at the below places!

Official Website