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5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Launch!

I posted at the tail end of last week about the RE:Peater records launch night and i’ve got another couple of launches this week to fill your Friday night, should you be at a loose end. This appears to be as close to a regular Elba blog feature as you’re gonna get!

First up, here in Glasgow, the brilliantly named Zoobizaretta launch their forthcoming album, Foam & Leachate, with a show at the Captains Rest. They will be supported by White Heath and tickets are a measly £2, there really doesn’t seem like much reason not to go! They will also be in Edinburgh tomorrow at Sneaky Pete’s alongside the much loved, here at Elba, Loch Awe.

Over in the capital, The Scottish Enlightenment release another EP in what is becoming ‘a big tease of a run up’ to the album release late in the year. They release the Little Sleep EP on Monday 27th on Armellodie and will take to the floor at Sneaky Pete’s tonight along with support from Dan Lyth and Moon Junk. I believe, DHL permitting, there should be EP’s on sale this evening!

The Scottish Enlightenment – Little Sleep EP

The Scottish Enlightenment are about as close as we get to regulars on the Elba Blog and we know what we like here at Elba and we know we like The Scottish Enlightenment. They have featured previously on the blog as part of our Elba Annual last December and they joined us at The Liquid Ship earlier this year for Elba Sessions Presents…(Five).

After releasing the Pascal EP in May to critical acclaim, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the long awaited St Thomas album which is scheduled to be unleashed on Armellodie Records in October/November. Prior to that we are getting another wee teaser with the Little Sleep EP which is released on September 27th. After being sent a copy of the new EP a couple of weeks ago, we thought the time was right to catch up with main man David Moyes to see what they had been up to since we heard from them last. Also, the EP was that good that we’ve decided to break the Elba mould and stream a track at the bottom of the interview. Enjoy!!

When we spoke to you last on the blog, you told us that you were looking to release some records this year and play some more gigs? How has that panned out?!

The records thing is working out well, thanks to Al Nero of Armellodie Records. Pascal EP came out in May and Little Sleep EP is coming out in September. Then our album is coming out in October. So lots of records. Gigs wise its altogether more difficult, but we’ve had some good times at Kid Canaveral’s album launch and Kays Lavelle’s album launch. We’re pretty much just doing album launches now. Its our niche. Our guitarist became a Dad at the end of July, so he’s had some downtime, but now the year from September onwards is going to be more gigful, so i suppose that is going to be panning out ok. Pure dead panning it out.

Obviously you are now signed to Armellodie, a label we know plenty about here at Elba. How did that come about and what’s it like being included on their roster?

That came about when Al Nero emailed and asked what we were doing with the album. The label we were with at the time was running out of steam, so after much beard pulling and wisdom seeking, we gave our heart to Armellodie. It was a completely bonza decision. Al is brilliant at what he does, partly i think because he decided himself what he would do – I’m not sure anyone does the label thing quite like Armellodie. But its exactly right for us and Al has given loads to us and our records. But hes a friend now and that makes everything fun to do which is the whole point i think. If not the whole point, it makes the whole point, whatever that is, much more achievable.

We were really pleased to have you playing at our Elba Sessions night earlier this year as we knew that you hadn’t been playing many gigs, have you got any other gigs for Glasgow, or anywhere else in the pipeline? Maybe a tour?

Not a tour. We’d need a big Winnebago for all the wives and children. No no, not a tour. But we’ve got a few gigs. 17th September at Classic Grand in Glasgow, 24th September at Sneaky Petes in Edinburgh, then 2nd of October we’re playing a wee festival in Aberfeldy. We’ll have a few in November and December, after the album is out. But Phillip, i will let you know about those. I will.

You have the second EP, Little Sleep, due for release in the next couple of months. I’ve had a wee listen to it and it flows nicely from the Pascal EP. Do the songs all come from the same sessions or have the collection of songs on each EP come from separate times?

Let me think. We basically recorded all the songs off the EPs and the album in three sessions at the Green Door Studio in Glasgow. But three other tracks got themselves recorded here and there. One of those three is on each EP and another is on the album. But we started recording these tracks over two years and i think we have changed over that time. Pascal EP was mostly more recent stuff, but Little Sleep has tracks from the first session on it. I think that’s why its a bit louder as a record. We got quieter over the two years. I confidently predict that at some point in the future we’ll get louder again.

On ‘Get My Limousine’ you mention Steven Malkmus? Who are your’s or the bands main influences?

Well that song is like Pavement by numbers, so that line is sort of admitting its a rip off. I love Pavement and the Malkmus albums. Having been a teenage radiohead fan, they taught me that simple is a virtue when there’s real substance in the song. And Malkmus manages to combine cynicism and tenderness, and here and there we’ve tried to do that. Low are a big influence in lots of similar ways. Other folk in the band listen to different stuff. But we’ve been playing together for such a long time that the main influence on us is everything we’ve done before. They way we play is more a product of that than anything else. Although i think our influences are pretty much worn on our sleeves. I’m quite partial to a rip off now and again.

And for any reader who hasn’t heard The Scottish Enlightenment before and is wary of taking our word for it that they should buy the new EP. What should they expect??

They should expect to pay £4, mook.

The Scottish Enlightenment – San Germain is Thick Tonight by elbasessions

*The Scottish Enlightenment will play a stripped back set at Henry’s cellar Bar in Edinburgh this Thursday (19th Aug) along with Martin John Henry (ex De Rosa), Debutant and Dan Lyth. Not to be missed as it’s a beezer of a line-up!

Kill The Captains

Fun Anxiety – A condition known to afflict members of rock combination group Kill The Captains, born from a sense that everyone is having fun without them. Symptoms include leaving conversations hanging because your neighbour’s conversation sounds more interesting, a pathological refusal to go to bed despite the fact that everyone else went to bed days ago, a phobia of clowns.
Related forms: Funmnesia

Today we welcome Armellodie’s southernmost batallion Kill The Captains to the Elba Sessions. Having just released their debut long player, Fun Anxiety, we caught up with front man and axe-wielder Leon for a few words.

Firstly, would you care to introduce the band?

Of course- I go by the name of Captain Carter, I am co-axe wielder and chief warbler. My fellow axe grinder and gnasher of teeth is Dr Pickavance. Captain Scarlett pounds the traps like his life depends on it, Bifidus Digestivum does the sub-sonic pulses and throbs recently filling in the clown sized shoes of his forbear Yoz Hughes.

Awful question, but, who are your main influences. Having seen you live, I’m guessing it’s varied throughout the band!?

We are a ramshackled pile up of the best of Kraut rock, post rock, Brighton rock, roll and rock. Love Slint, love My Bloody Valentine, love Kyuss, love Can, love Le Savy Fav, love seventies folkie stuff, love it love it love it.

You seem to be quite a busy band what with having your own studio and putting on monthly ‘Mutiny’ nights. Do you think more bands should get involved with taking a wider approach to their band i.e. putting on gigs for themselves etc…

If you can handle the extra stress and strain of putting on an event it can be massively rewarding. We started Mutiny quite simply because we felt there weren’t enough nights like it in Sheffield. When we go out for a night of live music we want to see something fresh, non-generic and exciting, and we knew there were lots of people in our city similarly like of mind and taste. So it was a no brainer really. One of the obvious key benefits is that you get to put yourself on the bill with bands that genuinely excite you, rather than being at the mercy of a promoter who might not share your taste in music or sense. And then there’s the general principle of the evening where we aim to make the nights as good experience as possible for the bands we put on- we’ll promote the ass off it, whip up a great atmosphere and, importantly, all profits are shared. It is criminal that too many top bands play without being paid their dues.

Has doing this helped you as a band?

Greatly- we’ve played with some incredible bands as a result and reached their audiences where potentially we might not have. As a result we’ve shared the bill with the the likes of Bilge Pump, Acoustic Ladyland, Fists, Wooderson, Corleone, Johnny Foreigner, and our amazing label mates Cuddly Shark and Le Reno Amps.

How did signing to Armellodie come about being that you are based in Sheffield and them in Glasgow?

It was a strange meeting of minds that came about in 2007. My old school friend was passing through Sheffield with his band Actress Hands co-touring with Le Reno Amps. We all hit it off, sank booze, chewed the metaphysical fat, exchanged musical tips. Al Nero of the Amps got in touch a few weeks later expressing an interest in putting out some records on his fledgeling Armellodie label. The rest they say is history. We couldn’t be happier. To be on the roster of bands that Al has put together is an absolute dream. I genuinely believe we’re on one of the best labels in the UK. Cuddly Shark, Super Adventure Club and the Amps all deserve to be massive.

The new album ‘Fun Anxiety’ was released on May 5th. Has it been a long time in the pipeline?

As we went for the DIY approach, recording it in our studio ourselves, it probably took us a bit longer to piece together than it should. But it was our aim to try and do something a bit different- an album lover’s album. Hopefully something that you want to listen to from the first track through to the last, in one sitting. We consciously avoided simply recording the live renditions of the tunes, instead looking at different ways of interpreting songs that we had got used to playing a certain way. Hence stuff like Lebanese has been transformed from its live thrashy origins into something more ethereal and stoner for the record.

It struck me when listening to the album that it was very different and very cleverly put together, do you have a different approach to songwriting than your average band would?

Each song is different. Some stuff is the result of jams that have been recorded, replicated, structured, recorded and restructured. Other times I’ll come to the band with a song that’s ¾ finished, we’ll hammer it out and see what direction we can pull it in. As a general rule, we try to avoid the conventional verse/ chorus/ verse/ chorus route. But there is always something to be said about convention from time to time.

Does having your own studio help with developing the songs and how they eventually end up sounding on the record?

Absolutely. Our studio is a modest set up, but has served us fantastically well over the years as a recording and songwriting tool. For the most part, it’s instant feedback. If you’re working something out and unsure where to take it, recording and listening back is great for stimulating creativity, and making you look at the song more objectively. It’s also useful for documenting and logging jams, ensuring they’re not lost to the moment. Some of our best moments as a band have been born from recorded jams.

It is standard at Elba that we try to get some ‘local’ knowledge out of all the bands we speak to. Is there any bands that we should be looking out for either from Sheffield or that you’ve come across on your travels?

Loads – Wooderson are great band from Sheffield which we played with just the other night, Bilge Pump are awesome, hilarious and technically absurd, Bad Guys rock some serious ass and obviously our aforementioned label mates. Super Adventure Club have to be seen to be believed.

What does the rest of the year hold for KTC?

Well we’ve had a chocker year so far but after a gig with Clinic at the Harley in Sheffield in June, followed by the Peace in the Park festival we’ll take a short break from the gigs to return to the studio to record a new EP.

‘Fun Anxiety’ is out now on Armellodie Records and you can get your grubby paws on a copy here.

What’s Goin’ On?

So it seems that we’ve been getting way too much into the Easter spirit here at Elba. Loads of easter egg munching, drinking, holidaying and then the inevitable back to work ‘blurgs’ have left the Elba blog looking like a bit desolate. That being said, things are busy busy busy over at Elba Studios. We should maybe follow their good work ethic? Never fear though, I’ve taken a bit of a time out from, well, housework, ‘work work’ and watching trashy TV (yes, Cougar Town, it’s you I’m talking about) to let you know of a few gigs coming up over the next couple of days.

Tomorrow night (Friday 9th) there is a couple of things on our radar. First up an artist who we unfortunately didn’t manage to get along to at Hinterland (sad faces and regret all round), The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, is supporting Australian bluesman (with a penchant for Hip Hop beats) the John Butler Trio at the O2 Academy. Heading back over the River Clyde, recent visitors to Elba Studios, Inner Sight, launch their forthcoming single with a support slot for Edinburgh favourites Isa & The Filthy Tongues who also launch their album on the night. The ‘cosmic dance rockers’ take to the Stereo stage tomorrow night and it’s £7 to get in. We’ve been told to expect some surprises????????

On Saturday, it’s a veritable feast. I’ve had serious trouble deciding where I’ll drag the better half, behold the options…

A) Another good gig at Stereo featuring a rather stellar line up headed up by Three Blind Wolves who are launching their new album ‘Sound of The Storm’ (looking forward to hearing that one), one of last weeks ‘Elba Hinterland highlight‘ bands, French Wives and the chaotic but excellently named John Knox Sex Club. Tickets are fiver.

B) The Ruck In The Duck. (The poster leaves me no choice but to use boxing lingo…apologies.) A heavyweight bout of champions. A battle between Glasgow’s two best, unknown, record labels. Taking place at (the name gives it away) The Flying Duck, the line up includes She’s Hit and Calacas representing the awesome Lucky Number Nine Records and in the ‘other’ corner showing off the Armellodie stable are Sheffield’s ‘tough as steel’ upstarts Kill The Captains and Cuddly Shark. The first bell rings at 8pm so get in early for your ringside seat.

So there you have it, two options for Friday and Saturday. Take your pick!

*This is in no way meant to be a definitive gig guide, just gigs we like the sound of. If you do have a gig coming up that you think we should know about, just holler at us, we’re always looking for somewhere to go!

Elba Annual 2009 – Phil Elba

My turn, let’s keep it snappy…

Album of The Year – Loads to choose from! Titus Andronicus – The Airing of Grievances probably tops the list though. Honourable mentions to Brakes, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Le Reno Amps, Cuddly Shark and The Cinematics, oh, and The Phantom Band! (I could go on…)

Favourite New Band – Again, several! I’ve heard loads of new stuff from doing the blog and going out to gigs. Top 3 in no order at all would have to be Maple Leaves, Julia and The Doogans and The Scottish Enlightenment.

Best Gig (Elba) – All of the gigs we’ve put on so far have been pretty memorable for various reasons. The first night at The Liquid Ship with Le Reno, Calum MacDonald, Paul McLinden and Only Living Boys was a total treat and I think we all felt a sense of achievement at the end of the night. However, all of the gigs have been great fun and we’ve had some very talented people at each night.

Best Gig – It would probably have to be Springsteen at Hampden. It was a great day all round and it was fantastic to finally see him live. Also really enjoyed Brakes at King Tuts early in the year and seeing Chris T-T as Sleazies was pretty sweet as well!

Best Memories of 2009 – Apart from getting married and going on honeymoon (photo above), probably getting involved with Elba and setting up the blog. It’s opened my eyes to loads more music and I’ve had a lot of fun putting on the gigs and meeting people as well as starting to just pop along to gigs as well with my Elba cohorts to listen to a new band. As a musical memory, I’ll not forget Le Reno Amps playing ‘Body’ at Tuts with Marc from Brakes playing pedal steel. It’s a beatiful song and was a nice moment.

Hopes for 2010/Things You’re Looking Forward To – Putting on more gigs, writing more for the blog (and getting better at it), seeing and hearing loads of new music, working with Armellodie records and seeing it evolve, Pavement at the Barrowlands (!!!!!!!) and putting some faces to email addresses!


SEE YOU IN 2010!

Elba Annual 2009 – Super Adventure Club

We’ve been lucky enough to see loads of local bands this year and one of the ones that we keep coming back to are Super Adventure Club. If you haven’t had the chance to see Super Adventure Club, where have you been?!?!? Not many a month goes by without Super Adventure Club unleashing a sonic assault on the ears of anyone who will listen at various venues around Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as further afield. We’re also SUPER excited as a little birdie tells us there will be a single and an album out next year on Armellodie Records. Quite simply, we love SAC and can’t get enough of them. Here’s our daily fix…

super adventure club annual

Album of the Year – Sports by Rodent Emporium

Favourite New Band – Hey Vampires

Best Gig (SAC) – The Quad, Ireland with Adebisi Shank

Best Gig (other) – Flaming Lips

Best Memories of 2009 – supporting Future of the Left was pretty ectoplasmic. The Ireland tour with Adebisi Shank was mega fun, as was the England tour with Dananananananaykroyd. We saw the Cerne Abbes giant in real life. We’ve had a lot of fun this year, you can’t ration fun.

Hopes for 2010/Things you’re looking forward to – We’d like to have a real hip-hop-hot-pot-pot noodle and we’re looking forward to finally releasing the new album! We’d also like to be featured on the front cover of anything with the title ‘SAC’s bomb’ or ‘Anglo Sacsons’ etc etc, more puns please.

You can catch your SAC fix on the following dates;
17th Dec with Bronto Skylift, Lyons and DJ Vic Galloway @ Stereo, Glasgow 7:30pm £3
19th Dec with Pummel and Rage @ The Bongo Club, Edinburgh 7pm, £6