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Plugging shamelessly, and other assorted stories…

The title says it all, we’ve got a few things to mention and tell you about, so look sharp.

You may remember a few months back we talked about a couple of releases from South Coast based Lynched Recordings. We thoroughly enjoyed the Clowns 7″ and you can still pick up a free Masked Eldorados of the Americas track here. Anyhoo, the label has come up trumps with a lovely little EP by Birdengine. Turn your pointers here for a little listen and more importantly to buy the digital or 7″ version.

Closer to home, Olive Grove Records have released details of the forthcoming album by The Moth & The Mirror. ‘Honestly, This World’ will be released on October 10th through the usual good record buying channels.

It’s been a while since we dipped our toes in the promoting waters, nearly a year since our voluntary sabbatical, but news of a return to gigging is imminent, so keep your peepers open for that.

In the past, The Liquid Ship has been our home and hopefully we’ll return one day but alas, The Ship has closed and is undergoing a bit of a refurb. We hear it will open again soon under the name The Roxy 171. You can keep up to date with happenings on their facebook page.

We’ve got a theme going here, so, even closer to home, Elba Studio’s have let us know about a wee autumn deal they are running, should you be looking to get some stuff recorded. I’ll leave it to Stephen, heid honcho at the studio, to tell all…

“Hey folks, we are running an Autumn recording deal of 3 days in The

Tracking Room at Elba Studios for £450 (usual price £540) or 2 days in The Tracking Room at Elba Studios and 1 day mixing at Underworld Mixing & Production for £480.”

Sounds like a good deal and it’s a cosy wee studio to work in. We record our podcast s there which brings us on to the final piece of housekeeping.

You can hear September’s podcast with Andrea Marini on the mixcloud player below and look out for October’s podcast with Sparrow & The Workshop who are popping down to Elba tomorrow before their jaunt to Europe.

There’s always plenty to tell but that’ll do us for now. Look out in the next few days though, for a post about the aforementioned gig we’re helping to put on with one of our favourite bands and labels. It’s exciting stuff!

September Podcast – Andrea Marini

We posted a video from Andrea’s recent visit to Elba last week and here we now have the full podcast.

Andrea was one of our first guests in the pod and nearly two years ago, he told us about plans to record an album. Two years down the line, the album is done and has just been released. It’s a really lovely listen, the songs have been elevated with some big arrangements yet there’s still a subtlety and understated feel to

all the songs. A personal favourite for me is Paris which builds and builds gradually speeding up.

Anyway, enough gushing from me, to the podcast. We’re using mixcloud for a change this month, just to try it out and i think I rather like it!

Andrea plays a headline show at Mono, Kings Court, Glasgow on Wed 28th September and it’s free entry.

Elba Annual 2009 – Peenko

Hot on the heels of last night’s blog on the BAMS (see here), we have cornered the mastermind of said BAMS to ask what made his year. We’ve enjoyed following Peenko’s blog for a long time now, the Friday Freebies are a personal favourite, and whilst the relationship has thus far remained virtual, we hear he is one hell of a mover on the dancfloor! I give you Peenko’s Elba Annual…

peenko receipt

Album of The Year – The Phantom Band – Checkmate Savage

Favourite New Band(s) – (I know I am cheating here, but there’s too many to list just one) Kid Canaveral, Mitchell Museum, Campfires in Winter, Dupec, Be a Familiar, Ambulances, Withered Hand, Cancel the Astronauts, right I best stop there as otherwise I’ll be here all day.

Best Gig – Fence’s Homegame Festival (if you’ve never been before I’d urge you to go as it’s a great weekend, great music, great people and no neds)

Best Memories of 2009 – Probably getting to meet so many great like minded folk that are so passionate about the music currently coming out of Scotland

Hopes for 2010/Things You’re Looking Forward To – I’m really looking forward to ‘The Winter of Mixed Drinks’ the new Frightened Rabbit album/ Homegame 2010/ possibly releasing a record with a cracking band called Campfires in Winter/ the Kid Canaveral album/ seeing what else the Glasgow Podcart team come up with/ The Unwinding Hours album/ and lastly to hopefully get to meet one of the lovely Elba Session team in person (ed: can be arranged!)

Make sure that you bookmark Peenko’s blog. There’s some crackin’ stuff on there for download and a few Elba recommendations in the shape of Andrea Marini and Cuddly Shark!

Elba Annual 2009 – Andrea Marini

There was a period where everytime I looked at gig listings, Andrea Marini seemed to have a gig! We were lucky enough to have Andrea to Elba Sessions Presents at The Liquid Ship in November. A cracking evening where previous Elba Annual contributors Julia and the Doogans also played. At the time I said that Andrea’s music was effortless and having now had a chance to really listen to his back catalogue, it’s still as soothing as before.

A short and sweet entry today, here’s Andrea’s answers. We’d like to think favourite gig that he played was at The Liquid Ship but far be it from us to put words in his mouth!!!

Andrea Marini

Album of The Year – Sometimes I Wish I Were An Eagle, Bill Callahan

Best Gig – Yo La Tengo

Hopes for 2010/Things You’re Looking Forward To -Looking forward to finishing my record and hearing the new Vampire Weekend record

All of Andrea’s previous material can be downloaded for absolutely nowt on his bandcamp page.

Elba Sessions Presents…5th November

I know, I know, the review of the gig really should have been up more promptly. I mean after last month I’m sure it’s what you’ve all come to expect after Kim’s fantastic play by play of Elba Sessions Presents…(One) appearing on site well within her alloted deadline. Unfortunately due to bad timekeeping on the part of a gaggle of physiotherapists, unwellness and the inability to make time travel happen, you’re stuck with my thoughts this month.

Bonfire Night saw the second in our monthly series Elba Sessions Presents gigs at The Liquid Ship and I really felt on Thursday that over winter there is not many better places to be than in a candlelit basement bar listening to heart warming music with a pint of Weihenstephan in hand (note; my favourite beer). Of course this could apply to any gig, but on Thursday it was the turn of Julia and The Doogans, John Hinshelwood & Sandra Gellatly and Andrea Marini to stir the senses.

Julia1Julia and her scaled down Doogans (sans drummer) opened the evening and captivated everyone in the room with their blend of acoustic folk. Julia’s voice is fantastic and is a rare thing in that it sounds even more perfect live than it does recorded. I’m a sucker for a banjo so one of the set standouts for me was the brilliant ‘Collide’. Although notable mentions go to New York and Hummingbird. If you haven’t already caught Julia and the Doogans live, I urge you to do so soon. Trust me, it will make your life better!

JohnHinshelwood1Next up was the rootsy folk of John Hinshelwood who was accompanied by the voice of Sandra Gellatly and Tim Black on guitar. John, an established face on the Scottish roots and country scene blasted through a set of original material and covers. Personally, I was delighted at his Gene Clark cover as ‘White Light’, is one of my favourite albums and the combination of his and Sandra’s voice got my toe a tappin’.

Our final artist of the evening was October’s Elba Sessions Podcast guest, Andrea Marini. There is something about Andrea’s music that he makes look effortless and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an artist look more comfortable and at ease when performing than he does. Accompanied by a full band for the evening Andrea treated us to a heartfelt set of his songs. The outstanding ‘Windmills’ was a real standout and is one of the tracks on his ‘IV Songs’ cd which was left ‘just in the middle, over there’ for us to help ourselves to, which we gladly did. It was a great way to end the evening and sent us off out into the guy fawkes night mist happy and contented.Andrea1

Next month will see a slight change to the usual format of Elba Sessions Presents but that’s a different story for another day! Needless to say, we’re all pretty excited about the Christmas bonanza that we have planned for you all!

Photos by Steph Mulligan

Elba Sessions Presents (Two)…

We had a great night at Elba Sessions Presents…(One) and are equally excited for what should be a cracking second night next Thursday (5/11).

The Liquid Ship2On the bill we have Julia and The Doogans, John Hinshelwood & Sandra Gellatly and Andrea Marini. Andrea has just done a podcast for Elba Sessions which you can hear on the myspace.

I hope you will all join us for what should be a great evening (well, not everyone, I mean, not that you’re not welcome but The Liquid Ship really isn’t the biggest place on earth!). Myself and Chris popped along to see Julia at the Captains Rest last month and were blown away so we are really looking forward seeing her and her cohorts at The Liquid Ship and hopefully we can bag ourselves a fridge magnet!

If you do pop along, come and say hello! No excuses, it’s free to get in!

News and Stuff

Evenin’ ladies and gents,

There’s been a whole load of stuff happening here at Elba Towers as well as happening everywhere else so I just thought I’d post a wee update…

We’ve been in the studio recording next months podcast with Martin John Henry (ex-De Rosa) and it’s gonna be a goodie. The double bill of October podcasts featuring Andrea Marini and Salon Society are still up on the myspace page for those who haven’t listened yet (note to self; do something about making them downloadable!).

Elba Studios‘ Stephen has been fairly busy in the studio recently whilst also masquerading as a keyboard virtuoso. He’s been practicing with the afore mentioned Salon Society for their album launch this coming FRIDAY (30/10) at Arta. We’ve been told rehearsals are coming on well and it should be a great show!

Andrea MariniThe second Elba Sessions Presents…evening on November 5th is all sorted and ready to go. We’re feeling super organised this time and still buzzing slightly after the last one! We’ve got a great line-up on the night featuring Julia and The Doogans, John Hinshelwood & Sandra Gellatly and Andrea Marini. It would be great to see some of you down at The Liquid Ship, after all it is a recession busting £0 to get in!

Myself and Chris Elba are off to see Chris T-T at Sleazies this week, really looking forward to it, some good local supports playing as well. Other notable gigs in the next 7 days are Camera Obscura + Emma Pollock at Barrowlands (29/10), Los Campesinos + Copy Haho + Sparky Deathcap at King Tuts and Glasgow PodcART’s big gig at The Classic Grand featuring Esperi, Debutant, Panda Su and Yahweh, who we caught at Sloans last night and were mightily impressed with!

Also, for everyone who likes a good freebie and hasn’t done so already, go here to download some tracks which The Scottish Enlightenment are just giving away!!!

Our Christmas album debate has now had a couple of responses, all bigging up LOW and in Al’s case, posting us a youtube video which is still chilling us to our very core…all very HO HO HO! Join in here

Night! x

P.S. We have just set up a facebook, if you have one too, just search facebook for Elba Sessions, be a fan!

P.P.S Muller Little Stars Jelly Pots are dynamite!

October Podcast Part 2 – Andrea Marini

Elba Sessions - Andrea Marini
Elba Sessions - Andrea Marini

Instalment 2 of our October Podcast is now live.

Andrea Marini joined us at Elba to play three stunning live tracks. Andrea opened with a track ‘with no name yet’…(that’s what we like to call yet another Elba exclusive…) before closing with ‘Windmills’ and ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’.

Andrea also shared with us how he works, key influences and reveals how close the album is to completion.

Andrea Marini can be seen live in the coming weeks at our very own Elba Sessions Presents…@ Liquid Ship on 5th November (Free Entry) with John Hinshelwood/Sandra Gellatly & Julia & The Doogans.

Also Live – 25th October – Brunswick Hotel (OXJAM Festival) & 25th November – Captain’s Rest.

Head down to check him out live…and pick up a CD…They’re Free!!!!

Podcast Update 29/9

*The Word From Elba HQ*

Just a quick update for anyone eagerly awaiting the two podcasts for October. Due to busy schedules by all parties we are launching these a couple of days later than normal on the 5th October.

Our two podcasts involve Salon Society & Andrea Marini.

Salon Society who’s single PREACHING THE BLUES is out on 1st October followed by the album ‘Promenade’ at the end of the month with launch night at Arta on 30th October.

Andrea Marini who will be playing at the Elba Sessions second night at Liquid Ship on 5th November is also playing Oxjam Festival in October and will have news on this and more in the podcast.

So check back for those on the 5th October for the above and in the meantime check out our September podcast with Le Reno Amps who have just finished their UK tour promoting new EP ‘The Stand Off’ and will be headlining the Elba Sessions 8th October night at Liquid Ship.