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Elba Sessions Video: Sparrow & The Workshop

We had fun putting a wee video together last month when Andrea Marini was in

the studio, so our resident Steven Spielberg whipped out the camera again when Sparrow & The Workshop came a calling last week to film them playing ‘Old Habits’ from the album Spitting Daggers. We hope you enjoy. The full interview and tracks will be up in audio format as soon as!

September Podcast – Andrea Marini

We posted a video from Andrea’s recent visit to Elba last week and here we now have the full podcast.

Andrea was one of our first guests in the pod and nearly two years ago, he told us about plans to record an album. Two years down the line, the album is done and has just been released. It’s a really lovely listen, the songs have been elevated with some big arrangements yet there’s still a subtlety and understated feel to

all the songs. A personal favourite for me is Paris which builds and builds gradually speeding up.

Anyway, enough gushing from me, to the podcast. We’re using mixcloud for a change this month, just to try it out and i think I rather like it!

Andrea plays a headline show at Mono, Kings Court, Glasgow on Wed 28th September and it’s free entry.

Anny Celsi Podcast – April 2011

This month’s podcast comes with a bit of a twist on the usual format. You can call it laziness if you want (!) but we thought we’d mix it up a bit when Anny Celsi, Duncan Maitland and Nelson Bragg rolled up to Elba Studios. Instead of Chris or Stephen asking the questions, we thought it would be nice to hear what musicians would ask each other so in some sort of ‘meeting of the minds’ style of thing, Anny, Nelson and Duncan quizzed each other on music, first bands and whether

Nelson prefers pushing Anny around Europe on a pushcart or if it’s better to push Brian Wilson around when he drums in his band.

Anny was over from the US playing some shows around Europe after last year’s jaunt was curtailed by some light mist caused by volcanic ash in Iceland, remember that eh! Joining her on the tour was Nelson Bragg who in his spare time plays in Brian Wilson’s (of Beach Boys fame) band.

You can check out more info about Anny here

Anny Celsi Podcast by elbasessions

January Podcast – AJ Roach

With the new year arriving, Stephen and Chris have been quick off the mark in getting some podcasts sorted to bring to you this year. We know that we’ve been a little irregular of late and I can’t promise we won’t be again in the future (!!!) but over the next few weeks we’ll be chatting to some people, and we’re pretty excited by them!

Anyhoo, without further ado, please let me introduce our first podcastee of the year, not to mention our most international to date, AJ Roach.

Hailing from Brooklyn, via Virginia, AJ Roach is over in Scotland at the moment to play a couple of shows at this years Celtic Connections festival including an appearance at the excellent Hazy Recollections night featuring Rick Redbeard, Rachel Sermanni, Humbert Humbert and Elba favourites Kitty The Lion.

AJ dropped by Elba to talk about his forthcoming album, the second coming of the ice age in Edinburgh and the difference between playdoh and ‘pleistoceine’ (trust me, i’ve spelled that correctly for the purpose!)

AJ Roach Podcast – Jan 2011 by elbasessions

You can catch AJ this weekend at the following locations;

Sat 15th Jan – Tron Theatre (info here)

Sun 16th Jan – Hazy Recollections at The ABC (info here)

Too keep up with the latest news just point your browser to


December Podcast – Dean Owens

Tying in nicely with October’s shindig celebrating Elba’s first birthday we asked back the subject of our first podcast Dean Owens, to check up on what he uk levitra had done with the last year and a bit and to see what the next few months held for him.

Dean Owens Second Podcast – Dec 2010 by elbasessions

Dean’s forthcoming charity single ‘Snowglobe’ will be available for download at all of your usual high quality download outlets from Monday December 6th. It will, as Dean mentions in the podcast be in support of the Mind charity who help people take control of their mental health. It’s a great cause and is definitely worthy of your support and attention, especially at this time of the year.

Thanks again to Dean for popping in to see us!

September Podcast – Stephen Cotter

A new month means it’s a good time to release our latest Elba Sessions podcast. Our heid honcho, Stephen chatted to his namesake about influences from the Beatles to Edwin Morgan, how he goes about writing music and plans for the future, including a shiny new EP recorded right here at Elba and hopefully some more shows.

You may have caught Stephen playing at Elba Sessions Presents…(Nine) in August, we put him on as part of our ‘people you may not have heard of’ series so here’s another opportunity for you to acquaint yourself with the man and his songs!


June Podcast – Blue Sky Archives

Just when we’d got the podcasts up on the Elba Sessions website, all shiny and available for download…they went silent. We hadn’t given up on doing them, simply, life gets busy and more importantly, Elba Studios got busy. Indeed, a mixture of work, life and a little bit of play restricted us to blog posting and putting on the Elba Sessions gigs. Thankfully, we cleared space in our diary for one of our favourite new acquaintances.

Not content with just having them along to headline June’s Elba Sessions gig, we thought we’d also drag them into the studio and ask those really probing questions…well, within reason!

So without further ado, here we go, June’s podcast with the fabulous Blue Sky Archives…

Blue Sky Archives June 2010 podcast by elbasessions

Blue Sky Archives EP is available for purchase here

February Podcast – King James

We spent a brilliant 8 hours with Laurence and Johny of King James last Friday (19th Feb) culminating in an effortlessly awesome set at Elba Sessions Presents…at The Liquid Ship. After a gruelling overnight drive from London, looking a little startled, we welcomed them into Elba Studios to have a wee chat and let them play a couple of their songs.

Also, we’re pretty happy that for your comfort and pleasure, this is the first Elba podcast that you can download, so you can always have us handy on your portable music device.

King James Podcast by elbasessions

King James the album will be out soon so keep checking the Lynched Recordings site for further info.

King James
Thirty Pounds of Bone
Diamond Family Archive

I think I speak for us all when I say the sooner we see them back up north the better!

January Podcast – Conor Mason

After a wee rest we’re feeling refreshed here at the Elba Sessions and to kick off the year we’ve got a podcast featuring Conor Mason. Recorded last month in between his two Elba gig appearances it features three live tracks from his debut album ‘When It’s Over’. It was a pleasure having Conor over, our first ‘overeas’ podcastee and hopefully it won’t be long until we see him back here, as long as he books a later boat home next time! Also, you will notice that you can listen to the podcast, right here on the blog, for the very first time! Thanks to the recommendations we got!!


Conor Mason Podast by elbasessions

November Podcast – Martin John Henry

Martin John Henry
Martin John Henry

Our podcast for November is now live. Listen to the excellent Martin John Henry here.

Martin joined us at Elba to discuss going solo, upcoming releases (including creating the packaging for his quarterly (‘In Three’s’ project)) and how it is writting on his own.

Martin performs two tracks of his own work (‘The Other Half Of Everything’ & ‘Woodilee Song’) and an acoustic version of ‘Pest’ taken from De Rosa’s 2009 album ‘Prevention’.

‘Prevention’ is a big favourite with all at Elba and worth tracking down for anyone that is yet to pick it up. Also, still available 2006’s debut album ‘Mend’.

Martin is currently working on his first solo album, keep updated on release dates and project updates on his myspace.

All northern loons and quines can catch Martin at The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen on the 20th of November as part of an evening with Chemikal Underground records. Also on the bill are the mind blowing Phantom Band, Emma Pollock and Aidan Moffat and The Best Of’s. Sounds like a great night!