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Head over to the East End Social

ee socThe East End Social is a new music and community engagement programme based in the east end of Glasgow. Principally run by Chemikal Underground with support from the 2014 Commonwealth cultural programme, the social has already lined up an impressive list of events with many more to be announced.

Despite having arguably Glasgow’s best venue, the Barrowlands, on it’s doorstep, the east end seems to be crying out for a more organised and varied music scene and the East End social appears to be the perfect hub for this. Taking in several venues around the east end including Rutherglen Town Hall, Platform (Easterhouse), the afore mentioned Barrowland ballroom and what appears to be the social’s ‘home base’, The Bowler’s Bar in Bridgeton, the East End social already has a wide and varied programme of events. Whether you’re after some Sunday afternoon jazz, a bit of Ghanaian kologo or a day chilling in front of a Reggae soundsystem, the East End social seem to have it covered. There will also be a set of intimate gigs hosted by BBC radio’s Vic Galloway as well as current Scottish album of the year winner RM Hubbert, who will be playing, along with friends, at Rutherglen Town Hall.

With loads more to be announced, you might want to keep your eyes pointed eastwards.

East End Social website

East End social on Facebook

East End social on Twitter

Words + Music


I’m all for a bit of education. If someone has done something remotely cool that I might be interested in also doing, then I’d like to know how they did it.

Music Industry conferences seem to be becoming more of a fixture than previous and it’s good to see that it’s not just the big cities who are holding them. It’s also good to see the quality of the speakers who are travelling to share some advice and words of wisdom.

On March 14/15, Perth will play host to the Words + Music Expo at the Perth Concert Hall and will encompass discussion panels, workshops, practical advice as well as some showcase performances and some special guest appearances.

Amongst the speakers will be Stewart Henderson (Chemikal Underground/SMIA), Rod Jones (Idlewild) and Paul Downie (Comets & Cartwheels). You can view the full programme over on the Words + Music website.

As well as the nitty gritty business stuff during the day, there are a series of showcase gigs on the Friday and Saturday nights. Elba favourites Poor Things play a showcase gig as well as Pinact, Lidh, Randolph’s Leap and the formidable looking Saturday night at Greyfriars bill, headed up by Alasdair Roberts and Siobhan Wilson. They’ve also just announced that RM Hubbert & Emma Pollock will be doing a turn on the Friday!

Delegate passes are available from the Perth Concert Hall site.

The Scottish Bloggers and Music Sites Award 2013 (The Scottish BAMS)

A little later than in previous years, the 2013 winner of the Scottish Bloggers and Music Sites Award (or BAMS as it is known affectionately in some circles) was announced, with Chvrches taking the number one spot for their critically acclaimed album, ‘The Bones of What You Believe’.

The votes were cast by 40 writers from 29 different blogs and music sites with 164 different LP’s getting nods. As ever, it was nice to see a few of our picks making the top 10. Boards of Canada, The Pastels and my top pick Kid Canaveral to name a few. Here’s how the masses voted;

1. CHVRCHES – The Bones Of What You Believe (Virgin)
2. Frightened Rabbit – Pedestrian Verse (Atlantic)
3. Adam Stafford – Imaginary Walls Collapse (Song, By Toad)
4. Rick Redbeard – No Selfish Heart (Chemikal Underground)
5. Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest (Warp)
6. The Pastels – Slow Summits (Domino)
7. The National – Trouble Will Find Me (4AD)
8. Steve Mason – Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time (Domino)
9. Kid Canaveral – Now That You Are A Dancer (Fence)
10. Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus (ATP Recordings)

Here’s how your Elba writers voted;


1.Savages – Silence Yourself
2.Veronica Falls – Veronica Falls
3.Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest
4.My Bloody Valentine – mbv
5.RM Hubbert – Breaks and Bone
6.Neko Case – The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You
7.Sparrow and The Workshop – Murderopolis
8.Bill Callahan – Dream River
9.Frightened Rabbit – Pedestrian Verse
10.The Pastels – Slow Summits


1.Kid Canaveral – Now That You’re A Dancer
2.Neko Case – The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You
3.Thirty Pounds of Bone – I Cannot Sing You Here, But For Songs Of Where
4.Veronica Falls – Veronica Falls
5.Franz Ferdinand – Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action
6.Sparrow & The Workshop – Murderopolis
7.The Pastels – Slow Summits
8.RM Hubbert – Breaks & Bone
9.Monoganon – Family
10. Fidlar – Fidlar

The massed writers are as follows;

Almost Predictable, Almost
Avalanche Records
Elba Sessions
Everything Flows
For Malcontents
Vic Galloway
Jim Gellatly
Glasgow Podcart
The Herald (Alan Morrison)
Is This Music?
La Terrasse
Last Year’s Girl
Manic Pop Thrills
Net Sounds Unsigned
The Pop Cop
Rave Child
Marion Scott
Scottish Fiction
The Skinny
Song, By Toad
The Spill
Tenement TV
The Tidal Wave of Indifference

Glasgow Music and Film Festival 2014

Glasgow Music and Film Festival returns for its sixth year snug inside the arms of the Glasgow Film Festival with events from 20 February to 2 March. The 2014 programme is laden with inimitable film, footage and performance. My excitement for this yearly calendar event has reached a peak with the quality of the 2014 schedule, a section of which I have highlighted after this rather swell photo of my Grrrl Kathleen.

Kathleen Hanna

This year, the Glasgow Music and Film Festival have a trinity of stimulating live scoring events. Heading this are Admiral Fallow with a Glasgow Film Festival commission to celebrate its tenth anniversary. The full event will feature both new material written to accompany bespoke visual content entitled Ten Takes, as well as familiar sounds played to the backdrop of William S Manson’s 1951 collection of footage Glasgow, No Mean City. The shots of bygone Glasgow against Admiral Fallow’s luscious, layered folk-pop suggest a wistful evening.

Dutch minimalist composer and lute lover (who isn’t?) Josef van Wissem will provide a live score to Partir To Live. The artist was presented the Soundtrack Award at the 2013 Cannes International Film Festival for his work on Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive. Partir To Live is the directorial debut of Domingo Garcia-Huidobro who describes the work as ‘an experience into sensations, ethical confusion, and physical and psychic contusions’. If you wish to be even more intrigued by the Chilean experimental film then you can watch the trailer here.

Once again the Music and Film Festival will return to Pollokshaws Burgh Hall to utilise the venue’s Wurlitzer pipe organ. Speedy is the silent film selection for this year led by the physical and gentle comedy of Harold Lloyd. Set in New York, Speedy is delightful caper with glorious shots of twenties Manhattan.

Another great strength of the festival has always been the gigs programmed in connection with films and this year is no different. For Requiem For Detroit at The Arches, Pressure present a DJ set by Carl Craig. The techno icon is a fitting selection as the documentary gazes into the slump of the city alongside the positive creative culture that has blossomed. Craig has been a techno and house ambassador to his home whilst supporting the engagement of electronic music within it his entire career.

Mistaken For Strangers is an unofficial tour documentary of The National shot by frontman Matt Berninger’s younger brother, Tom. Hired as a roadie for the tour, Tom proves a hindrance in the way that only a sibling can manage whilst also assisting to reveal a little seen side of the band’s identity. Lost Map’s Rozi Plain who supported The National on their last European tour will perform after the screening. I don’t know whether the film or gig calls to me more!

Finally, I would like to mention one of the more straight-ahead viewings of the festival, which is the Scottish premier of Kathleen Hanna documentary, The Punk Singer. If the next paragraph turns into a massive flap of the fangirl variety, it cannot be helped. Hanna, who returned to music last year with new outfit The Julie Ruin is the indisputable queen of Riot Grrrl. In Sini Anderson’s film, Hanna addresses her career from pioneering punk act Bikini Kill through to her days in Le Tigre (oh the dancing I’ve had to Friendship Station in my excitement over this film’s premier). Supported by interviews with Adam Horovitz, Tavi Gevinson, Kim Gordon, Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker, Joan Jett, Johanna Fateman, JD Samdon and Kathi Wilcox this looks to be a definitive record of the feminist figure. The evening will be introduced by Chvrches singer and synth-est Lauren Mayberry, co-founder of layered collective TYCI; for women, by women.

The full list of events is as follows:

– Metalhead, GFT, Fri 21 February, 3.30pm
– Partir To Live, CCA, Fri 21 February, 8.30pm
– Speedy, Pollokshaws Burgh Hall, Sat 22 February, 3pm
– Mistaken For Strangers, Paisley Arts Centre, Sat 22 February, 7pm / Glad Cafe, Tue 25 February, 7.30pm
– The Heart of Bruno Wizard, Sun 23 February, 9pm
– 20 Feet From Stardom, GFT, Tue 25 February, 6pm
– Danny Brown with Rollo Jackson, The Arches, Wed 26 February, 8pm
– Goblin, Oran Mor, Thurs 27 February, 8pm
– Requiem for Detroit, The Arches, Fri 28 February, 7.30pm
– The Punk Singer, GFT, Fri 28 February, 9pm
– Admiral Fallow – We Are Ten, Old Fruitmarket, Sat 1 March, 7pm
– Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed, Cineworld, Sat 1 March, 8.30pm

Further details on all of the above can be found on the Glasgow Music and Film Festival website. Tickets go on sale this Friday (24 January)

Bill Drummond – 100

Another post about a book. Jeez! It’s getting a bit like Richard & Judy’s bookclub over here! This however is not quite in the same vein as Chris’ posts, there’s a music link here, sort of.

The KLF are a band I remember from my childhood. I was too young to know how completely insane their backstory was but as a 7 year old, I owned a cassette of The White Room, in later years I think was passed on to my older brother and it occurs to me now, I really hope he still has it so that i can get it back!

Since the early 90’s, The KLF, in band form anyway, have long since faded away and founder Bill Drummond has embarked on a number of art projects (the less complimentary may call them stunts) like burning a million pounds, attempting to create a pyramid made from an equivalent amount of bricks from people born in the UK, or my personal

favourite, The Worst Artist of The Year award.

His book, ‘45‘ published in 2000 is a favourite on my bookshelf as it is a collection of stories which come together to make up a fascinating year in the life of one of Britain’s great creatives.

His latest book, again a number ‘100’ sees 100 questions asked of Drummond, and 100 answers written by Drummond. You can read the first 4 questions put to him by the Guardian today. Going on the notes listed on the Penkiln Burn site, copies of the book may be hard to come by.

The Shivers and a good poster…(and an opening ramble)

I was thinking yesterday, it’s about time that we probably wrote about some music on here rather than just put up nice photos. A quick word on the photos though, in case you were wondering. There’s no big explanation for them, the thing is, we like taking photos (we’re learning how to be better at doing it) and the blog is a bit of a hobby for myself, Chris and Kim so we thought we’d try and incorporate a few photos that we feel represent us or where we are. It’s doubly (is that a word?) cool for us just now though, cos’ Chris is away seeing Europe and North America and it gives us an excuse to follow his progress. We’re hoping he picks up some good music on the way too, just so his trip isn’t a complete waste of time…

So, to business, or to a good gig and pretty poster…

Sometimes if I hear about a band, where they’re from and find out what label they are on, I’m more likely to prick up my ears and take interest, not always mind but sometimes. Anyway, so I

keep hearing the name The Shivers and think, they sound like they’re from Brooklyn or Queens or something (which they are, Queens to be exact), there’s a chance I’ll like them, then when I hear about them again, it’s in a totally different context, The Shivers have signed to Fence Records. Now, I know that i like the sound of a band called The Shivers from Queens and I know I definitely like the output of Fence Records so I figure this is going to be good. And it is…

They are playing a pile of dates around the UK and more closer to Elba’s home they will be playing a gig run by our pal Peenko at Mono in Glasgow on November the 7th (pretty poster above). Support will come in the familiar form of Randolph’s Leap and less familiar to me, but becoming ever more familiar Where We Lay Our Heads. Tickets are £5.

Full UK dates and a video can be found here.

Burning Down The House

Nobody is unwise to what is unfolding down South right now.

We’ve all seen footage or glanced at the photos of the mindless rampage of a select group of society. I’m not here to throw in my own opinion on the matter. Anyone who knows me well will be glad that I am not bellowing out my thoughts on the matter. However, the damage has reached as far as to warrant some time spent on it by Elba.

A warehouse owned by SONY/DADC was damaged by fire on Monday night. This particular warehouse was used by independent distribution company PIAS to house their stock. Labels who have lost stock, and please prepare yourself for how long this list is, include:

(will continue to update the links below)

[PIAS] Recordings
[PIAS] Recordings Belgium
A Camp
Absynthe Minded
AEI Music
Air Recordings
ALC Music
Ambush Reality
Ancient & Modern
Angular Recording Corporation
Arcady Records
Ark Recordings
Asthmatic Kitty Records
Atlantic Jaxx Recordings
Bad Magic
Balling The Jack
Banquet Records
Battered Ornaments Records
Beggars Banquet
Best Before
Big Brother
Big Dada
Bird Records
Bloody Chamber
Blowout Music
Blue Chopsticks
Border Community
Borstal Beats
Boysnoize Records
Bright Star Recordings
Broken Sound Music
Brothers and Sisters
Brownswood Recordings
Buzzin’ Fly
Cache Cache
Cadenza Records
Celluloid Records
Chalkmark / IE
Chemikal Underground Records
Control Tower
Counter Records
Dance To The Radio
Dead Oceans
Ent UK
Dirtee Stank
Divine Comedy Records
Domino Records
Double Six Records
Drag City
Drive Thru Records
Drowned In Sound
Dummy Records
Eat Sleep Records
Fabric Worldwide
Fake Diamonds
Fatcat Records
Finders Keepers Records
Flock Music
Flying Circus
Freerange Records
Friends Vs Records
Full Pupp
Full Time Hobby
Gang Of Four Recordings
Ghost Ship
Glaze Recordings
Groenland Records
Hardly Art
Hassle Records
Hem Hem Records
HFN Music
KMS Records / Fabric
Laughing Stock
Lex Records
Little Sister Recordings
LO-MAX Records
Loose Music
Lovepump United
Low Life Records
Lucky Number Music
Lucky Seven Records
Memphis Industries
Metric Music International
Metroline Limited
Model Citizen
Motion Audio
MyMajorLabel Ltd
Ninja Tune
No Quarter
Nusic Sounds
One Four Seven Records Ltd
One Little Indian
Peartree Records
People In The Sky
People Tree
Pirates Blend Records Inc
Planet Function
Play It Again Sam
Poker Flat
Polyvinyl Records
Poseidon Records
Post Present
Raw Canvas
Red Cord Records
Rekords Rekords
Reveal Records
Riverman Records
Rock Action Records
Roots Records
Rough Trade Records
Sea Note
Search and Destroy
Secretly Canadian
SideOneDummy Records
Silva Screen
Slam Dunk Records
Sonic Cathedral
Soul Jazz Records
South Paw
Southern Fried Records
Stereo Bang Media
Stolen Recordings
Stranger Records
Sub Pop
Suicide Squeeze
Sunday Best
Thrill Jockey
Too Pure
Torque Records
Touch & Go Records
Transmission Recordings
Tri Tone
Trouble Records
True Panther
Try Harder
Twisted Nerve Recordings
Universal Sound
Victory Records
Wall of Sound
We Love You
Willkommen Records Ltd
Xtra Mile Recordings
Yaala Yaala
Young Turks

Yes, the title of this piece could be considered a crass pun, however, I like to think of it this way; the idiots out doing this are burning down our house. Anyone who values music needs to step up here and support the thing that they spend countless hours pontificating over.

Our own riot clean-up

The best way we can support these labels now is to contribute a little of our hard earned cash to a digital download to help recover losses. I know this might be unappealing to vinyl-heads and torrent-addicts. The plain fact is, there has already been serious financial impact on these companies. That stock is gone but we can reconstitute it in the form of these ethereal files that are transmitted over the web. Sack the two or three pints you were going to

have midweek and buy something, anything. This is not about backing one flimsy symbolic song, lets put our weight behind something and actually help what we profess to loving.

Head over to the label sites of any of the above and let them direct you to their online retailers.