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The Armello-tour Steams In To Town

Not bad poster eh? And the line-up isn’t too shabby either. Our chums at Armellodie hit the road in a couple of days with eight bands from their roster, seeing the sights of Bonnie Scotland. The tour kicks off this Thursday in Edinburgh’s Wee Red Bar with sets from newest signings Trapped Mice, The Douglas Firs and Super Adventure Club. 6 more dates over the next nine days take in Dundee, Glasgow twice, Aberdeen, Lossiemouth and Elgin featuring label mates Cuddly Shark, Le Reno Amps, The Scottish Enlightenment, The Hazey Janes and Chris Devotion & The Expectations. The full details are at the end of this post.

If that news wasn’t enough to to make you get yourself out to see some live music, maybe this excellent EP from Kowalskiy featuring all 8 bands, might convince you.

I’m going to three of the gigs so I might just see you there.

SupervAdventure Club + The Douglas Firs + Trapped Mice
Wee Red Bar, College of Art, Edinburgh
Thursday 2nd August 2012

The Hazey Janes + Le Reno Amps + Cuddly Shark
Duke’s Corner, Dundee
Friday 3rd August 2012
Free Entry

Le Reno Amps + Cuddly Shark + The Scottish Enlightenment + Trapped Mice
Nice n Sleazys, Glasgow
Saturday 4th August 2012

Super Adventure Club + The Hazey

Janes + Chris Devotion & The Expectations
Art School, Glasgow
Wednesday 8th August 2012

Le Reno Amps + The Hazey Janes + Chris Devotion & The Expectations + Cuddly Shark
Tunnels, Aberdeen
Thursday 9th August 2012

Chris Devotion & The Expectations + Cuddly Shark + Le Reno Amps
The Steamboat, Lossiemouth
Friday 10th August 2012
Free Entry

Cuddly Shark + Le Reno Amps + Chris Devotion & The Expectations
The Thunderton, Elgin
Saturday 11th August 2012
Free Entry

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – The Arches – 11/11/2011

I probably was more set for an over the top stadium rock gig when I moseyed into the Arches on for this gig, not because ‘cock-rock’ is my usual taste but because I’d just visited the excellent AC/DC exhibition at Kelvingrove Art Gallery. The focal point was a full wall screen showing live footage of the band. I’m not anywhere close to being a huge AC/DC fan but they’ve got some pretty iconic songs so it was interesting reading about them and seeing some memorabilia. So, with Back in Black ringing in my ears, I nipped across the road to Brewdog Glasgow (i’m a punk now) for a quick pint before setting off to see Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks at the Arches.

It was the first time I’d seen him play with the Jicks and I was trying to forbid any thoughts that he might come out and do a Pavement classics encore. Alas, no such luck but

to be fair i did come to see Malkmus and The Jicks, not Pavement.

Sauntering on to the stage, Malkmus is the epitome of effortless cool. You kind of hope that you’re as laid back and cool as him when you’re in your 40’s. Well I do anyway. He sauntered on to stage clutching a copy of The Sun and proceeded to read us the story of reality star, Frankie Cocozza’s, drug and women binges, reading the headline “My Six Nights on Coke”, labelling it the Stephen Malkmus story.

The band started with ‘Gorgeous Georgie’ and then ‘Tigers’, both from Mirror Traffic. The set was fairly heavy on the new album and the songs, I thought, sounded really good live. There were big cheers for lead single ‘Senator’ and we were also treated to an outing of a new song which I am not sure the name of but after doing a bit of digging, it may be called ‘Flowers’.

The main set ended with ‘classics’, ‘Jenny & The Ess Dog, a personal favourite of mine, and ‘Us’. A friend had told me before the gig that he’d seen him play three times in the past, and Jenny had never been part of the setlist, I felt justifiably proud that I could text him back with a smug, “ha ha”.

The encore included a great jam of Jimi Hendrix classic ‘Hey Joe’ and finished with a rendition of Surreal


All in all, the Jicks sounded tight. The Mirror Traffic album is a lot more coherent and dare I say ‘poppy’ than previous Jicks albums and it came across well. There was the odd noodling musical interlude but the album works very well live. Add to that, Malkmus’ indie-grunge charm and the show was a bit of a winner.

Last Year's Girl's Friday Night Speakeasy

When I heard that one of my favourite bloggers, Last Year’s Girl, was planning to put on a gig, I was pretty sure it was going to be a good line-up that she would put together. Having read her blog and followed her on Twitter for a while now I’ve got a fair idea of some of the music she likes and I’d started trying to put together in my head what kind of line-up she’d piece together.

The truth is, I wondered about Franz Nicolay and Chris TT but wasn’t sure she’d actually get either, so discounted them. It turns out I was foolish to cos’ by golly gosh she’s only gone and got both! Add to that, Dave Hughes and you’ve got yourself a great line-up.

If anyone isn’t familiar with the aforementioned names then i’ll try to enlighten you.

Franz Nicolay is a one-time member of The Hold Steady, he has a fantastically coiffed moustache and plays the accordion amongst other instruments.

Chris T-T is someone that we’re a big big fan of here at Elba. Having recently completed a run at the Edinburgh Fringe singing the poems of AA Milne, Chris T-T has a musical past spanning something around 7 studio albums. Don’t be surprised to hear shouts for him to sing the ‘one about Eminem’. You might not be that lucky but I’ll be content if we got ‘the acapella one about waiting for the RAC’ -that would be M1 Song. In keeping with us being up to the minute on the latest news, Chris has just released an album of the AA Milne songs which i’ve just finished listening to and it’s really beautiful. You can get it on his bandcamp.

Dave Hughes is a local folk musician who I’m pretty sure i’ve seen support Chris T-T on more than one occasion (i may be wrong). Dave has a wealth of music available on his site for you to hear and download. He’s also just released a 6 track EP on Corporate Records.

The gig takes place on Friday

Dec 2nd at The Old

Hairdressers, which is a fairly new venue across the lane from Stereo. Tickets are £7 in advance and you can get them on Brown Paper Tickets.

Hazy Recollections @ Glasgow Americana

It’s a bit grim and bleak as I look out of our window today. I’m also listening to some melancholic music and I think it’s the weather that does it. However it must be said, these are sometimes some of my favourite days.

The Glasgow Americana Festival 2011 has

been taking place over the last few days and ends tomorrow. Our friends over at Hazy Recollections will be spending tomorrow afternoon (Sun 9th October) in their usual environs at Stereo on Renfield Lane looking to bring a bit of sunshine to this Glasgow rain. Kicking off at 2pm, Hazy Recollections gives you the chance to laze away the afternoon listening to some great music and still giving you time to get home for a relaxing evening to iron your shirt or make your packed lunch before the daily grind starts again for another week.

The protagonists of said relaxing afternoon are as follows…The Doghouse Roses, Andrea Glass, The Dirt, Porch Song Anthology and Colin Train. The afternoon starts at 2pm and it’s £6 entry.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend y’all!

Returning: The Hazey Janes Album Launch

I mentioned earlier this week that we would be sharing some details of a gig we were helping to put on, so here it is!

We’re donning our Armellodie tin hats for this one, and doing our best not to get in the way, to help launch the new album from The Hazey Janes. The Dundee band are about to launch their new album and when Armellodie came a calling (whilst General Al is fighting the good fight in China), looking for an extra pair of hands to help out with the Glasgow leg of the album launch there was no way we’d refuse and what better way than to celebrate than have a wee party at the Captain’s Rest.

If a bit of ‘beefed up’ sunny power pop sounds like your bag, then this gig is more than up your street, and being that it’ll be mid-October, who wouldn’t want a bit of sunshine in the evening? As the label say ‘they’re like Big Star on steroids’. Nuff said…

The Hazey Janes will be joined on the night by local band The Brazen Cars and Loudon, who we featured at Elba Sessions Presents…probably around a year ago now.

The gig, as you’ll see from the lovely poster above, takes place on October 18th at the Captains Rest which precedes the release of the ‘The Winter That Was’ on October 24th.

You can download the lead single ‘Carmelite’ from The Winter That Was below.

Carmelite by The Hazey Janes by Armellodie

Over and out…

Barmellodie – March 2011

It’s that time of the month again where we give a wee nod to our buddies over at Armellodie and mention this months Barmellodie residency at Bloc in Glasgow.

This months musical shenanigans come in the shape of jazz/rock/pop adventurers ‘Super Adventure Club’. If you haven’t seen SAC play, prepare to be dazzled and wonder just how the three of them could actually be that darn good! They are going to be playing their debut

album ‘Chalk Horror!’ in it’s entirety.

Musical interludes on the evening will also come in the shape of The Brazen Cars, Hagana and From Paris to Prison.

Also, there’s usually a guest DJ but it seems the guys at Armellodie were either a bit worried about Aye Tunes playing Skee Lo or they knew that nothing was going to better our effort from January along with the choices of Crash Test Dummies and Dire Straits from last months post-gig resident.

Barmellodie takes over Bar Bloc this Friday (18th March). It’s Free until 11pm and then £2 thereafter.

Dee it!

The Hold Steady – O2 ABC Glasgow – 09/02/2011

‘Craig Finn is a fucking poet!’…those were the words of the man standing next to me at last night’s Hold Steady show…and he ain’t wrong!

Craig Finn is indeed a poet, and on top of that, hands down one of the most watchable front men that can be seen live. He lives and breathes every word that comes out his mouth. Now, I’m sure many before me have tried to describe his energy during a show in words and failed miserably…so I won’t even try. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then ‘You Tube‘ it! On top of that, Finn has one of the tightest ‘blue collar indie rock’ bands on stage with him, driven by lead guitarist Tad Kubler.

On the night, The Hold Steady played a variety of numbers from all five previous albums, in particular some earlier work where the band seem to be having a lot of fun. (Killer Parties, Your Little Hoodrat Friend, Stevie Nix) However, it is in the anthemic tracks from albums Boys And Girls In America & Stay Positive where the crowd react strongest to the band (Chips Ahoy, Stay Positive, Southtown Girls, Massive Nights, You Can Make Him Like You).

It is during these songs that I realise how delighted I am for the band. My previous Hold Steady gigs have been at The Cathouse on Valentines Night (there were about 40 people there) and on the main stage at Connect (also about 40 people there). At both gigs, as great as they were, the tracks deserved an audience to scream the lyrics back at the band, so it was great to see them play to a packed out ABC ballroom. After all, in the words of Craig Finn at the close of the gig ‘We are all members of The Hold Steady!

The Walkmen – Oran Mor 19/01/2011

If you have been reading our blog lately or follow any of us on Twitter, you will know that times have been busy round ‘ol Elba way.  It is with that in mind that I present you with tales of live music, long overdue.  Two astonishing acts in two weeks have left me with a boundless energy and enthusiasm to fill my calendar with adventures new. This year has already been so very good to us.  The time has come to reflect a little.  I will talk about one today, the other later in the week.

The Walkmen are a band that I have always appreciated.  Yet, I feel it is important to note that they are a band who troubled me slightly.  There was something about them that I just did not ‘get’ on record. Often it can take experiencing a band live to finally hammer home what it is you did not (but should have) understood previously.  I learned this at the Oran Mor; a gig that seemed a peculiar but welcome addition to the Celtic Connections 2011 programme. For all the richness of their production, it wasn’t until I was getting battered with their distinct New York twang in person that my eyes widened and I felt like I had finally awoken.

In The New Year was certainly the first song that roused the above revelation and that also put emphasis on how reliant the band are on Hamilton Leithauser’s voice.  Indeed how he manages to retain a voice when the man sings somewhere between a nasal and throaty yell with perfect control and an ability to project an inordinate volume really does leave you wondering.

Latest album Lisbon’s outing was a proud one.  Blue As Your Blood bounced along on its 50s guitar riff. Victory was fantastic live realization of the pivotal ‘sound’ of the album.  While I Shovel The Snow was truly beautiful live; delicately scored with a full band tinkering away, perfecting the distant and subtle delicacies of the song to the reverent crowd. Stranded was played, apologetically, without any brass and was as moving without, as it is with, what you would think to be the pinnacle of the track.

The Rat, of course, rallied the crowd during the encore.  It is a song that speaks greatly to its audience. It is a miserablist and aggressive narrative, entirely indulgent and wholly intoxicating.  The chants around me of the infamous bridge had me wondering what heartache had fallen upon these many men.  You can read this and assume that I am being overly flighty but a lot of the testosterone heavy crowd were croaking as they left the venue as a result of screaming along for those four charged minutes.

Many things about The Walkmen can be appreciated live.  Whether that be their their strength of catalogue or instrumental precision; particular emphasis put on Matt Barrick.  But to appreciate The Walkmen is to live them.

This weeks stuff…

Time is not any of our friends at the moment but here’s a quick catch up of some stuff…

First up, viagra pills for sale the last gig of the Elba season is happening tomorrow night at The Liquid Ship and we’ve assembled a fine wee line up. First on the floor will be the debut gig of Now Wakes The Sea, a project “anchored by overdriven vocals and a sense of claustrophobic miserablism”. This will be followed by Iglue and the line up is completed by the brilliant I Build Collapsible Mountains who is playing his long-awaited first gig in Glasgow Town. As usual, doors are at 9pm, and it’s free.

Should you not be in the locale of Great Western Road, you could pop in to the 13th Note for yet another debut gig, this time from CD/EX (Chris Devotion & The Expectations). Support comes from Farewell Singapore and our favourite young scamps Le Reno Amps, who are sporting a new bass player at the moment in the form of Mandy Super Adventure Club.

If that wasn’t enough, Aye Tunes goes head to head Vs Peenko when they combine to bring another evening of entertainment to the masses, this time at The Classic Grand and said entertainment is brought to you by The Seventeenth Century, Come On Gang! and oh look, I Build Collapsible Mountains, fresh no doubt from an absolute topper of a gig at Elba Sessions!

And just to finish off, some decent music to point in your direction. The aforementioned Le Reno Amps are giving away a new track for nowt, just head to their home page. Whilst we’re on free downloads, point your mouse here to get a free download by easily one of my favourite band’s of the year, Bella Ruse.

And finally, if you’re feeling a bit flush, you could do a lot worse than getting your mitts on ‘New Moore Island’ the new EP by Brighton based collective, The Mariner’s Children, have a wee listen to ‘It Carved Your Name Into The Ground’ here.

Elba Sessions Presents…(Last gig of 2010!)

Indeed, it will be the last Elba Sessions at The Liquid Ship for a couple of months. We’re taking a well deserved break from the live element of Elba over the winter break, not to hibernate, no we’ve got much better plans than that! Knoxy is heading off to New York for part of December, lucky bugger. I’m becoming a Dad in December, or so the doctors say, I’m not quite sure how they actually can predict a ‘due date’, anyway, all being well the wee one will be here for Christmas! Kim is going to be a busy bee, whilst me and Knoxy are off faffing about, she’s going to be getting us a bit more organised on the blog front so expect these pages to get a bit busier over the next few months. We hear so much good music, we’re kinda feeling bad we never write about it.

Anyway, brief update over, it’s business time. Joining us down at The Ship on November the 4th will be the following clutch of talented people…

i build collapsible mountains

We are so pleased to bring you ibcm! That is all…

Only kidding. Having just released his debut album on Peenko Records he has quite rightly garnered praise far and wide and has a growing reputation in the Scottish music scene. He mysteriously appeared on our radar in early summer, I think. The aforementioned Peenko sent me a track and I immediately loved it. It wasn’t until I asked who it was that I found out that this was the first recorded track by Luke Joyce aka i build collapsible mountains and that he had and he hadn’t played any gigs as ibcm yet. We are delighted to welcome i build collapsible mountains to The Liquid Ship!


Hailing from the Isle of Lewis, Niaal Masson aka Iglue currently resides in Glasgow but the music he writes is most definitely influenced by the island. Listening to his songs totally chills me out and I can only presume that comes from island life. As I saw on his tumblr

“the sea sounds a lot lot better than motorways and police sirens. Silence is amazing.”

That’s not to say you should expect some avant-garde silence act if you come along, but I for one am looking forward to chilling out listening to iglue on Nov 4th.

Now Wakes The Sea

Now Wakes The Sea is the latest project of Alan McCormack who I previously knew of as Popcorn Superhet. Taking influences from the writing of Sufjan Stevens (we like him at Elba don’t you know? oh? we mentioned it?!), Sparklehorse-esque vocals and the miserablism of Arab Strap this is a bit of a departure from his previous work. With an EP due out at the end of the year, I hope we’ll be seeing plenty more from Now Wakes The Sea over the coming months.


Facebook Event Page

i build collapsible mountains


Now Wakes The Sea (Free Download!)