Through the murky and incessant weather that would befall Scotland in the latter months of 2009 a spark would remain lit. A triumvirate of platforms were born over time that would allow creators to voice the heart of their noise, give a platform to artists indiscriminate of genre but unfaltering on quality, and whisper words about great sounds.

Elba Sessions, a monthly podcast recorded live in Elba Studios, began in July 2009. The sessions’ aim was to give artists a chance to perform live in the studios and provide insight into the creative mind and process. Following the first session featuring Dean Owens, there has since been a impressive collection of Scottish talent featured on the podcast including Song, By Toad Records’ Sparrow & The Workshop and 2013 SAY award winner RM Hubbert.

It was in October 2009 that a residency began in The Liquid Ship (now The Roxy 171) in the West End of Glasgow. The tiny stage in the softly lit nook proved perfect for a mixture of appearances by solo artists and stripped down bands. In December of that year Elba co-promoted a larger venture at the Grand Ole Opry featuring Le Reno Amps, The Moth and The Mirror, Rags and Feathers and Conor Mason. Elba’s premier, dance inducing, DJ appearance was at the first evening of the six month Barmellodie showcase in Bloc, January 2011.

Throughout, the blog has been the heart of the collective and has remained a constant source of progress, documenting the course of Elba Sessions and championing music dear to the heart of all involved. From local upstarts to international stalwarts, the blog covers varied subjects and is the home of both information and critique.

To put things simply: Elba write, listen, record and promote.

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