I like my title for these words. If you consider that a first listen of the band would be to be Mogwai-ed. There would be no state of undoing.  But redoing?  Huh.  I’m not certain.  I’m quite sure that you can’t be Remurdered, in medical terms anyway. What a name though. The first sound of The Rave Tapes came on Monday and can be heard below, courtesy of Rock Action.


There are signature Mogwai noises. It’s a teasing build. There are little flares of guitar, the way Mogwai do them best. Where other guitarists would cease their melodic song, here more thought is added; an answer to the question being posed. The percussion jumps in as it pleases. Then, after three minutes of beautiful and sinister sound the moment comes that will have you devoted. Nothing else will matter to you but this song for at least four days*.  Oh and at 3:20 you will find the sound that will deafen you when this track is played live.

Mogwai have announced live dates, beginning in the new year after an ATP appearance, including Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on 28th January 2014 as part of Celtic Connections.

The band’s twitter is promising even more news in mere hours. This leaves a little time to head to the band’s website and get a free copy of Remurdered. The Rave Tapes is available for pre-order now and will be released on 20th January 2014.


* based on the number of days that have passed since the test group** first listened to the track

** the test group is one person***

*** okay, the test group is me

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