Today’s Pick In Edinburgh – 6/8/13

Where we pick one or maybe several things to check out in Edinburgh during the month of August [disclaimer: in the event of tardiness or over-eagerness, don’t be fooled by the headline, it’s today cos we’re picking it today, rather than you should go today]

936377_10151490486708935_1840280583_nA short and sweet (and FREE) pick today. Siobhan Wilson, whose EP ‘Glorified Demons’ has quite literally been melting us over the past wee while, is playing a free set at the BBC Potterrow site tonight at 8pm. The BBC Pink tent is unticketed so all you need to do is just turn up but we promise you, it’s very unlikely you’ll be disappointed. If you miss out on her tonight though, she is playing at the Pale Imitation Festival this Saturday (more about the glorious 10th later this week) with Sparrow and the Workshop and The Rosy Crucifixion.

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