Today’s Pick In Edinburgh – 3/8/13

Where we pick one or maybe several things to check out in Edinburgh during the month of August [disclaimer: in the event of tardiness or over-eagerness, don’t be fooled by the headline, it’s today cos we’re picking it today, rather than you should go today]

baconface-it-s-all-bacon_30269I suppose when a lot of people think of the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe, they think of comedy. Now, this writer doesn’t claim to be really in the know about who is hot this year and who isn’t but I quite like the sound of ‘Baconface’ who is performing his show ‘It’s All Bacon’ for the duration of August at The Stand.

A ‘programme-associate’ on the forthcoming series of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle (BBC2), is a cult 80’s icon and the inventor of Canadian stand-up. If razor sharp wit from a man in a mexican wrestling mask wrapped in bacon sounds like your thing, then grab a ticket quick as more than half of his dates for this month are sold-out already. Tickets are only a fiver and the show is at 1:20pm each day.

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