Adventures of a fangirl: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Forming cohesive opinion on a band that you have worshipped for over a decade is difficult. It is the curse of existing as a fangirl. I sit as I write this, staring off into the distance, groping the air with both hands trying to find a linear path through all that I wish to raise about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I don’t believe that I can succeed in a task of such magnitude. As this is the case, I’m just going to scrap that idea and provide you with snippets of thought about the band as they arise. Please note that what follows is entirely personal, self indulgent and tangential.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ eponymous EP, which is often referred to as ‘Master’ due to the necklace that features on the cover, came out in 2002. This makes me feel very old.

It is inappropriate to sing Bang in an office environment.

My trip to Manchester’s Apollo to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs last week was my fifth time seeing them live. Previous performances were enjoyed at The Barrowlands, T in the Park and the Glasgow Academy. I went to The Barrowlands twice if you are questioning my arithmetic. The first time there more women than I had ever seen in one place with a mullet. The second time this was trumped by a trend in bowl cuts. Nice one Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Karen O performed Art Star with a towel over her head in Manchester and I laughed so loudly at this that people glared at me.

It took me a week of listening to Mosquito at least once a day before I finally began to like the album. This is an improvement on the months it took me to warm to Show Your Bones, which I now consider to be on par with Fever To Tell.

The Gold Lion video enhances my enjoyment of the song an unprecedented and unexplainable amount. The Mosquito video creeps the hell out of me.

The most romantic song I know is by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It is not Maps.

At their last T in the Park appearance, they opened with Sealings. This is a track that appeared on the Spider Man 3 soundtrack.

Of their many side projects, Karen O and the Kids’ Where the Wild Things Are OST is probably most loved by me. This is aided by the fact that Maurice Sendak’s tale was my favourite book for most of my childhood. Nick Zinner’s assistance with Scarlett Johansson’s Tom Waits covers, ashamedly, would probably be next in line.

The band’s soundcheck sometimes involves a lady putting Karen O’s microphone in her mouth. That same mic has been shoved down the singer’s shorts and leggings more times than I believe she would care to think about.

I would steal this jacket and legally change my surname to O:


I should stop this now. If there were ever a band who I would recommend experiencing live, well, there is no other who inspire such chaos and joy.  Their current set is an unstoppable and unrelenting smack to the face with no gaps between tracks for you to recover. Their song selection spans their entire catalogue rather than forcing their newest album to the forefront. If you are in their path then get a ticket.

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