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We’ve been under attack lately, some wee hacker type of thing invaded and tried to sell you all muscle enhancers and viagra. However, after some poking, prodding, umming and ah-ing we realised we weren’t cut out to sort it so we asked our friend Alan to fix it, and fix it he did, we think…Oh, and there was swearing too, lots of swearing, which brings me on nicely, to Beer vs Records.

*note: I love the whole idea of this. It is right up my strasse

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Beer vs Records is a unique project from the ever excellent (and sometimes sweary) Song, By Toad Records and Barney’s Microbrewery in Edinburgh. The basic premise is that a 12″ of 8 tracks will be released on special edition clear red vinyl and will simultaneously be put head to head against a 4 pack of Barney’s Beer with each bottle containing a download code for two tracks. You get the same amount of music either way but what side do you fall on? Would you rather have a record you can touch and keep forever, or would you prefer to knock back a bottle of Magic Eye Red Rye and listen to the mp3’s of the tracks? I suspect that many will embrace both.

The bands featured are Le Thug, Magic Eye, Plastic Animals and Zed Penguin. They are paired with the following beers

Le Thug Lager 4.8% ABV – Light straw coloured, smooth and a light fruity zing. A clean, dry, finish.
Zed Penguin Pale Ale 3.8% ABV – Gold coloured, a good honest full-bodied pale ale with a subtle citrus & spicy hop finish.
Magic Eye Red Rye 4.5% ABV – made with 2 types of rye malt & German melanoidinmalz. Copper/dark amber colour, with a crisp, toffee apple & fruity taste.
Plastic Animals IPA 5% ABV – Light straw coloured, assertive bitterness, erupting with US style hop character.

We have first hand experience of the pedigree of both the label and the brewer here at Elba. We’ve raved many a time about a release on Song, By Toad and take our word for it, our better half’s have raved at us after a few too many Barney’s.

Beer vs Records will launch on Record Store Day (20th April).

Also, whilst we’re mentioning them, Song, By Toad will release the excellent new album ‘Murderopolis’ by Sparrow and the Workshop in May. You can pre-order it here.

Not forgetting about Barney’s, they

will be hosting Summer(Beer)hall on May 24th and 25th which will include brewery tours, music, bratwurst and pretty much anything you could want from an afternoon or evening enjoying some excellent craft beers. There’s much more info, and details of how to buy tickets here

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