when you get a song stuck in your head (Saint Max, Meursault and The Pure Conjecture)

for those moments you just can’t get that little ditty out of your head

We’re spoilt for new releases this week. All three of these tracks were released yesterday and they are all, at different points of the day, stuck in my head.

Saint Max and the Fanatics – Let Em’ Have It Sunshine

This one caught me completely off guard. Taken from their debut EP, this track has a raft of ska horns and lyrical chops to match. Apparently he’s not a real Saint either but I’m going to let him off because the whole EP

Next up, is Flittin’ by Meursault. To be honest, it’s the whole album here, not just this track. I made no secrets at just how much I loved Meursault’s previous release ‘All Creatures Will Make Merry’ and have been looking forward to ‘Something For the Weakened‘ for quite a while now. It is a little more polished and it is a little more epic but it’s still undeniably Meursault. This track Flittin’ and the grandiose ‘Settling’ are particular favourites.

Finally, we have ‘The Throat’ from The Pure Conjecture. I had no idea what to expect from this album at all, yet, when I heard this track I was immediately taken in by it. Again, the whole album is brilliant, but this track and opener ‘The Power of The Notes Is very Good’ are album stand-outs for me.

Hopefully a couple of these tracks will play on repeat in your head today.

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