I Made You A Mixtape…Eight

This weeks mixtape liner notes which should really have gone up a week ago, but I couldn’t think what to write!

1. Rick Redbeard – Now We’re Dancing

Every now and again I hear something that I take to straight away. I think I listened to this one about about ten times straight when I heard it. This single is released as a split 7″ on Gerry Loves Records with the other side featuring Adam Stafford, on June 25th.

2. Willy Mason – Hard Hand To Hold

I went along to the Stag & Dagger festival the other week and Willy Mason’s set at the very end of the night was one of my highlights. I really hadn’t expected it to be so good. This track is from his 2004 debut album ‘Where The Humans Eat’

3. Teepee – Time Meant Nothing

This is the latest single from Miami’s Teepee who I first came across on a Turntable Kitchen mix. If you like the track, you can also download it for free on Teepee’s bandcamp page.

4. Meursault – Weather

Meursault’s forthcoming album is one that I’m really looking forward to. There’s an album launch on July 7th at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh with support from Rob St John, Jill O’Sullivan and Jenny Reeve. This track is from the 2009 album ‘All Creatures Will Make Merry’ which is one of my favourite albums from the last few years.

5. The Son(s) – Roaring Round The House

The name of the song sounds quite rowdy I think but the track couldn’t be further from that. Laid-back that it’s almost horizontal, this is the opening track from The Son(s) excellent Leviathan EP which is out now on Olive Grove Records.

6. Best Coast – How They Want Me To


I’ve already proclaimed Best Coast’s sophomore album The Only Place as my favourite album of 2012 so far to several people. It’s the perfect summer album, ideal for hitting the beach when/if the sun comes out!

7. The Lemonheads – The Outdoor Type

It’s festival season and all I seem to hear about are people going off to various festivals. There are so many great small outdoor festivals that you can get to and from in a day from Glasgow or Edinburgh which is great for me because I’m not really the camping sort. I think that pretty much explains this selection…

8. M Ward – I Get Ideas

This is from M Ward’s latest album ‘A Wasteland Companion’ which I think is a return to form after his Hold Time album. I really like his almost airy/wheezy vocals, and he’s always struck me as a bit of a dude.

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