Brew at the Bog

Kim mentioned a few weeks ago that in her advancing years (still a spring chicken really!) she is a bit of a fan of the city fest. However, with all this lovely weather we’ve been having (save for yesterday’s snow here in Glasgow), it would seem a shame not to consider getting some good, fresh, highland air in your lungs. Whilst we aren’t always blessed with great weather here in Scotland there certainly is no shortage of good festivals and every year, another attractive option seems to open up for the festival go-er.

In my opinion, I want a festival to have good music, good food and nice beer and not be too overcrowded. Brew at The Bog (Sat May 5th) is fortunate enough

to cover all bases.

Brew at the Bog is the joint brainchild of

Bogbain Farm and Brewdog which basically means stunning location + great beer = a topper of a festival. Oh yeah, the line up ain’t too shabby either. There’s quite a few Elba favourites in there including Washington Irving, The Little Kicks, Kitty the Lion and the excellent Mike Nisbet (do we mention him too much on these pages?) along with a whole host of bands from our fair country as well as quite a few from further afield.

The full line-up is below;

Tommy Reilly
Washington Irving
Stanley Odd
Kitty the Lion
Over the Wall
Three Blind Wolves
Findlay Napier & The Bar Room Mountaineers
The Little Kicks
Open Swimmer
Jonathan Powell (WALES)
Laki Mera
Matt Norris & The Moon
Megan Blyth
Bensh (WALES)
Sion Russell Jones (WALES)
Little Fire
Woody Pines (USA)
Mike Nisbet
Midnight Glory
Open Day Rotation
Cafe Disco
Lost City Soul
Graham Brown
Cherri Fosphate
He Slept on 57

The guys at the farm are working in overdrive just now to get the festival site ready and you can see some snaps and an update on their progress over on the Brew at the Bog blog. I see that they have also confirmed that they will be stocking 77Lager, Punk IPA and my own current personal favourite 5am Saint. (although i may be biased as a Brewdog shareholder!).

Tickets are still on sale but are literally flying out the door so if you want in, you need to be quick. Ticket’s can be purchased here for a very reasonable £45. Camping is also available.

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