I Made You A Mixtape

I Made You A Mixtape is basically going to be my weekly ‘show’ on Steve from Elba Studios new ‘on-demand’ radio station, Radio Elba.

He’s been testing the waters on there for a few weeks and it will be the permanent home for any sessions he records which we used to run over here on Elba Sessions. This, is where it gets a little confusing, so I’ll keep it simple.

Elba Sessions (The Website) was created as an add on to collections of recordings that Steve over at Elba was recording under the name…Elba Sessions (The Recordings!!). We kept the sessions name when starting up the website but over time, we’ve started up gigs and written about a lot more and the blog has become a home for myself and on occasion Kim and Chris’ thoughts so it’s separated itself quite a bit from the recordings. In essence both things now mainly work independently. The option is always there to collaborate however so yeah, it’s not like we hate each other…long-winded? I could confuse you more. Trust me.

Anyway, in the spirit of keeping things as clear as possible, we’ve decided to keep the Elba Sessions name, both of us. You’ll not notice, honest!

So, back to this Radio Elba thing…it’s run by Steve from the studios and he kindly asked us if we fancied a show. He is looking to add more shows though, so if you fancy putting together a weekly/monthly or occasional podcast to add to the collective, get in touch with him, his address is in our contacts page.

The idea behind I Made You A Mixtape is essentially a selfish idea on my part. I’ve decided that you don’t want to hear my voice in between songs, you just want to listen to some music. It’s being hosted on Mixcloud too so you can stream it through the site or I now believe that there’s an iPhone app.

The show won’t be genre specific, it will basically be whatever i’ve been listening to or something I want to share that will maybe have some sort of meaning. In the absence of ‘chat’ from me, I’ll create some liner notes each week, just like a really good mixtape would have.

In truth, the main reason I am doing it is that I have always loved making tapes for people, letting them hear stuff I think they might like. Stu from the Tidal Wave of Indifference may attest to the tardiness of a Phil mixtape but I’ll try and keep these on time. Also, bear with me, I’m sure they’ll get better!


Conor Mason – Misunderstood

Derry based songwriter Conor Mason is a bit of a familiar face to Elba Sessions, he recorded a session back in 2010 as well as playing one of the Presents…gigs at the Liquid Ship. His previous album was a long-time favourite on my iPod and I was really happy when Al at Armellodie told me he was releasing his new record on his label. Al actually has a knack

of releasing records by bands I really like. It’s fair to say he has decent musical chops. Anyway, this track is the opening track from the forthcoming album (19th March) and it really took me aback after what I had previously heard of his music. There’s a lift in tempo, horns, drums…it just sounds a lot more than just a singer songwriter album. There’s bags of great songs on there, so look him up…

Slow Club – Two Cousins (Acoustic)

I’ve got a proper band crush on Slow Club, they’re just adorable. I came a little late to the party but I love their first record and the track I have included is the ‘acoustic’ version of ‘Two Cousins’ which was on the bonus disc of their second long player, Paradise, which was released in 2011. The banjo brings a totally different dimension to the song.

Dad Rocks! – Battle Hymn of The Fox Father

This is probably my most played song of this year, in fact iTunes stats tell me it is. The best thing is, it’s a free download too, so nobody really has an excuse not to own it, unless it’s not your bag of course, I’m not here to tell you what to like, you’re big enough to choose for yourself.

Randolph’s Leap – Deep Blue Sea

I lavished some praise on this record over at the Elba blog last month and it really is a great wee LP. Released on a Ltd Ed cassette, it is the perfect representation of diy/homemade. This song also has violin on it, which you will learn, is one of my favourite instruments.

Chris T-T – Market Square

Ah, Chris T-T, easily one of my favourite musicians to go out and see live. i’m fortunate that he seems to visit Glasgow a lot and just as I was putting this mix together I heard that Lis from Last Year’s Girl is once again putting a gig on for Chris at The Admiral in Glasgow. This track was on his 2010 album Love Is Not Rescue as well as being part of the AA Milne themed ‘Disobedience’ project which ran at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe and found a release on bandcamp in late autumn. Lovely so it is.

Finn LeMarinel – The Mothers

I had a real urge about a month ago to go back and listen to the ‘I’m Through’ EP by Finn LeMarinel. It’s a really solid EP full of intricate guitar work and nice lyrics. However, live is really when you want to catch him, he’s like one of these guitar wizards, creating a beat at the same time as appearing to do about a gazillion different things involving the neck and strings on the guitar. I was lucky enough to get him along to play at The Liquid Ship for Elba a couple of years back and I noticed the other week that he had been announced on a pretty mega bill for the Daily Dose’s next gig at Stereo (Glasgow) on March 5th. Alongside Carnivores and Cuddly Shark, it’s one I will really do my best not to miss.

Stars – Your Ex Lover is Dead

This track is just really lovely. I’d rather not go on about why actually, I think sometimes when you like something a to a certain degree, pulling it apart ruins it a bit don’t you think?

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Teenage Tide

I heard this track on a compilation from Turntable Kitchen around July last year and i remembered liking it at the time but the compilation also included Real Estate and The War On Drugs and it was the first time I’d come across either of them so unfortunately I forgot all about this track. Happily, I stumbled across it just the other day on a SXSW playlist so I thought I should include it on here.

Easter – Damp Patch

Another track I heard on a compilation from another blog, this time it was in Song, By Toad’s annual festive fifty compilation. I don’t know a huge amount about Easter other than that they are from Manchester and that you can grab this track on their soundcloud page.

French Wives – Younger

The last track for this week comes from a band that you don’t really want to have to google, especially if in work. It’s a rather epic sounding song and like Dad Rocks! you can also download this one for frees! They’ve just finished recording their debut long player and are heading out on tour over the next month in the UK and US.

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