I Made You A Mixtape…Two


Richmond Fontaine – (Postcard Written With A Broken Hand)

I really like the spoken interludes that Richmond Fontaine do on Post To Wire and if you’ve ever read any of frontman Willy Vlautin’s books this is exactly what they sound like in my head when I read them. The real reason this track is on though is because as you may have seen on the blog the other day that Chris has been away travelling Europe and North America and it just so happened that whilst he was away I received a postcard which marked a certain resemblance to this track and was signed, Walter.

Freelance Whales – Generator (1st Floor)

This week has very much been a week where I keep hearing songs I’ve not heard in a while or I see people get mentioned on Twitter or something and I then head off to listen to them. Freelance Whales are one of those bands. I saw them support The New Pornographers at the Oran Mor a few years ago and immediately got myself the album, this was the track they opened with that night and I was pretty much hooked. Now they’ve turned up on an o2 advert which really should awaken the ‘hip dude’ in me and I should shun them for their commercial sell-out but they’re a bit too good for that and I’m not being shallow…today. Also, do you ever really like a song but wish it would just go on for another chorus or two? Yeah, that as well.

Tandy Hard – There’ll be a lot of Smoke

Again, I just happened across this album the other day by virtue of it being next to something I was looking at in my cd shelves. I don’t know a huge amount about Tandy Hard other than the record that this song is from came out on Drift Records a good few years ago. I do really like the album though so if you like this track, the album will not be a let down.

Field Music – Sorry Again, Mate

I arrived (un)fashionably late to the party with Field Music. I loved their last record ‘Measure’ and the new record ‘Plumb’ is also excellent. I’ve been assured that if I delve further into their back catalogue then I’m in for a treat, so I’m going to do just that.

Laish – She Is Clever

Laish are another band who I am not all that familiar with but I do know that they are part of the brilliant Wilkommen Collective who really are worthy

of your time. I think they are based in Brighton. We always hear about how much talent the music scene in Scotland has but over the past few years, Brighton and the South Coast of England also seem to have something special floating about in the water! Oh, and this track has a clarinet in it which is a pretty under-used instrument in music, well, the music I listen to. However, it did make me go away and listen to Sufjan Stevens’, The BQE.

Yusuf Azak – Lay Me Down

Yusuf Azak returns this year with a second full length album on Edinburgh’s Song, By Toad Records. We were excited about the release of his first album in 2010 and our excitement is building for album two. Incidentally, Song, By Toad have just released their 2012 label sampler which you can download for free on bandcamp. Looks like it will be another excellent year for the Edinburgh-based label.

Bowerbirds – In The Yard

North Carolina’s Bowerbirds were recommended to me by Kim so I’m really just passing on the commendation to you. This is just the kind of thing I like, a bit folksy/Americana with a female vocal and nice instrumentation. Lovely.

Andrea Marini – Windmills

The wind has whipped up again over the last few days and the next two tracks probably represent the change in weather. I always find that some songs really fit what kind of weather you are in and although it probably differs from person to person, this track’s sparseness really fits perfectly with walking about a nearly ice cold city with only music for your thoughts.

Mike Nisbet – Snow Me In

There’s a pretty simple reason for the inclusion of this track. This track really gives you a big warm hug. The snow started falling yesterday afternoon and this was the first track that I reached for, there’s a real warmth in both the piano and vocals which compliments the inclement weather perfectly.

Mitchell Museum – No.3

Mitchell Museum are back seems to be the Scottish music story du jour and I’m really pleased with the news. I really liked their debut album ‘The Peter’s Port Memorial’ and I was looking forward to what their second album would bring, and then they took a hiatus. It seems now that all is well and they’ve come back with a new track which you can hear on soundcloud. This song however, is my favourite track from their debut album.

Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball

How predictable on the week of release to include a Springsteen track I hear you cry but hey, who can blame me, he is the boss after all. I had really been looking forward to hearing how this track sounded recorded for the album, I had heard the live version released as a b-side a couple of years ago and loved the song. The song was written for the run of shows Springsteen did at Giants Stadium, NJ just before it was pulled down and moved next door to a brand new stadium. I’d actually been to the stadium a couple of weeks prior to the Bruce Springsteen shows for a football match so when I heard the descriptions in the song, I felt a bit of an attachment. Oh, and The Big Man shines on this one…

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