I Made You A Mixtape…Three

Thurston Moore – Benediction

This was one of my favourite tracks of 2011. It’s such a chilled out song and when I first heard that Thurston had a solo album, this was the last thing I expected it to sound like. I guess the reason it’s made the playlist this week is that Thurston Moore announced a series of noise gigs that he would be playing over the coming months and this track probably couldn’t be much further than what those shows will be like either, so I guess we’ve gone full circle!

The Wonder Stuff – Room 512 (All The News That’s Fit To Print)

This song really brings me back to my youth, or earlier than youth, depends how you classify it. I have a brother 8 years my senior and he was always into music. He went through all the phases and I vividly remember all the albums he used to listen to. In the early 90’s he was quite into a lote of British bands, Carter USM, Pop Will Eat Itself and The Wonder Stuff. There were the accompanying VHS offerings from each band at the time and I adored watching The Wonder Stuff’s ‘Never Loved Elvis’ video/documentary on a Friday night. They were the band that captured my attention at the time and I really wanted to go and see them. They were due to play a gig at Aberdeen Music Hall but it was cancelled at the last minute due to illness. To this day I’ve never seen them but I noticed that singer Miles Hunt was touring again this month so I’ve dug out their stuff. This track wasn’t on an album but turned up on a B-Side. It was however featured on the aforementioned documentary, being played acoustic on a New York City street.

The Spinto Band – Japan Is An Island

I’ve managed to get to Track 3 without mentioning the music event most people on my twitter feed, regardless of attendance, are speaking about. Yes, South by Southwest. Whilst I would love to be out there, the sheer buzz and talk in the press about it, I find is a great way of hearing about new music. Now, The Spinto Band aren’t new by any stretch of the imagination but I did notice that they were playing, and I quite miss them. Would be great if they came back and played some shows in the UK.

Tennis – Origins

Tennis are one of my favourite bands at the moment. They have just released their second album, ‘Young and Old’ on Fat Possum records. This is boy/girl dream pop at it’s best.

Real Estate – It’s Real

Undoubtedly, Real Estate’s ‘Days’ album was my pick of 2011’s long players. I just found it the most perfect listen. This is the lead track from the album but in truth I could have picked any one of these tracks. Do try and get your ears round the album if you haven’t already.

Lower Dens – Hospice Gates

I saw Lower Dens support Deerhunter last year at the Oran Mor and they were fantastic. I had kind of forgotten about them until I noticed last week they were playing SXSW and then this track popped on my iPod.

Andrew Bird – Heretics

The Muppets have been everywhere recently and whilst I’ve not yet seen the film, the soundtrack is an absolute treat. There’s a couple of names that appear on it that catch me off guard though, Joanna Newsom’s line in the theme song for one. It was the mention of Andrew Bird though that made me go back and listen to his back catalogue. He has a new album out soon but this track, ‘Heretics’, is from the brilliant Armchair Apocrypha.

Titus Andronicus – Joset Of Nazareth’s Blues

Another band I saw mentioned in connection with SXSW. This is from their outstanding debut album ‘The Airing of Grievances’. The can be an utter shambles of a band when they want but at the same time, essential listening.

The Douglas Firs – A Military Farewell

The Douglas Firs have just released a new album, ‘e.p.1‘ which is a collection of recordings from the past few winters. This track is again from their debut long player ‘Happy as A Windless Flag‘ which was released in 2011.

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