I Made You A Mixtape…Four

The lovely weather today kind of affected the mixtape at the last minute. You see, there’s one album I reach for when the sun shines, Grand Prix by Teenage Fanclub. So, not only have included something from that album, there are a couple of other last minute additions.

Next week Kim will be guesting on mixtape duties…

King Post Kitsch – Nocturnal Wandering

An instrumental to start the mixtape from Glasgow/London based King Post Kitsch. This track

featured on the recently released EP of the same name which you can download free on bandcamp. He released a track last year called ‘Don’t You Touch my Fucking Honeytone‘ which you should also look up, I believe my quote was that it was “a bona fide beezer

Teenage Fanclub – About You

My go to sunshine album. It’s probably my favourite album of all time, it also includes one of my favourite songs of all time in ‘Sparky’s Dream’ but I thought I’d go for a slightly less obvious choice here.

Fidlar – Max Can’t Surf

This is the first of two tracks on this mixtape that I know next to nothing about the band. Fidlar are a surf pop band from Los Angeles and I really like this track, pretty lo-fi and garage-y, right up my street.

La Sera – Break My Heart

La Sera is the project of the Vivian Girls’ Katy Goodman. I’ve been listening to this track for a few weeks now and am yet to get my hands on the album but it’s on my wishlist. She seems to be garnering quite the buzz at the moment, and rightly so. You can read an interview with her over at Last Years Girl’s blog.

Wild Flag – Romance

Wild Flag are often described as something of a supergroup. This is the kind of track I really like, an excellent riff, good vocals and a bit of attitude.

Palomar – Infinite Variation

The second band on the mixtape that I know nothing about. I have a habit of hoarding music, downloading mp3’s from blogs or from other compilations and often forgetting all about them. I got my hands on a huge a huge catalogue of music which had something like 500 tracks of artists who were playing at SXSW about a month back with the best intentions of ‘giving it a good listen’. I stuck it on random and this was one track that really stuck out. Again, a pretty lo-fi sounding track. I of course have done some digging and it turns out Palomar are from Brooklyn, another thumbs up from me for that but the most important thing is that this track is just really awesome.

Now Wakes The Sea – Abandon Ship (Fuck Albert Camus)

I’ve been meaning to write about Now Wakes The Sea’s album Fluoxetine Morning which was released earlier this year. We had Now Wakes The Sea down at the ‘old’ Liquid Ship in what I think was his first gig under the NWTS moniker and from a personal point of view, I found it a really interesting show, a lot more

experimental than we usually had at our gigs. The album is also excellent. Very atmospheric and experimental in places but really just one of those albums that has an aura around it that just immerses you. You can have a listen over on the bandcamp page.

Pavement – Silence Kit

I’ve never hid my love for Pavement and like Teenage Fanclub, Pavement’s ‘Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain’ is another sunny day go to album for me.

PAWS – Kitten

Glasgow-based PAWS have just signed to Brighton’s Fat Cat Records and this track is from the EP they released with Gerry Loves Records last year. A prolific live band, this song has featured continually on my iPod for the last 6 months or so.

Rancid – Olympia WA

Now, this might be somewhat of a guilty pleasure. I’m not generally up on my early 90’s punk rock and the only reason I’ve ever heard this song was because one of my faves, Jesse Malin, played it before a gig once. Anyway, I just find it a really catchy song and it rounds up nicely the little theme of songs for the sunshine. I hope you enjoy.

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