Lil' Daggers – King Corpse EP

There’s a couple of labels who when they release a new record i’ve always got a pretty good idea that before I’ve even heard it, I’m probably going to dig it. Song, By Toad Records definitely fit into this category, ever since they got me hooked with Meursault’s All Creatures Will Make Merry, there’s always been some anticipation whenever an email from SBT announcing a forthcoming release finds it’s way to my inbox. This is further backed up by my social networking declaration earlier in the year that King Post Kitch’s ‘Don’t Touch My Fucking Honeytone’ was a “bona-fide beezer!”

One of the latest releases on Song, By Toad Records is from Florida (yeah, Florida, in America, the land of the free, a long way from Leith) natives Lil’

Daggers, a move incidentally I think is to be applauded. Why in this digital age must we stick to releasing records by bands from our neighbourhood? The world’s a big, big place!

The simple facts are, this is a great EP. Lo-Fi in an ever so slightly polished way, catchy and there’s something about it which I can’t quite put my finger on, but it whispers some similarities to The Strokes first record. There’s also some hammond floating through the songs which gives it a bit of a psychadelic feel, maybe more California than the Florida Coast but it evokes a bit of sunshine either way so I guess that fits. It’s probably also why I like it so much.

‘King Corpse’ is out now on Song, By Toad Records

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