In the sun and our website looks different…

The sun makes things look pretty awesome. I enjoyed just wandering about at lunchtime today enjoying Glasgow bathed in sunshine, looking up at the buildings and blue skies. It looks so much different in the sun. If I am honest though, I like Glasgow in the rain. It somehow suits the place.

I guess in talking about looks, it’s a round-about way of introducing the new design of the Elba Sessions website. We haven’t gone nuts with ‘loads of fab new content’ and a big launch of it wasn’t necessary, or very us, instead, quietly just appearing is our new brown, cream and polka dot theme. We’ve been working at it ourselves, with a little bit of consultancy from friends, you know who you are and we think it looks a lot fresher and clean.

We’ll tidy up some of the pages and get it generally spruced up over the next while but now that the look is in place we can turn our attention to writing about the pile of the things we have heard recently as well as getting some gigs on the go again. Podcasts are a little more sparse at the moment as Elba Studios has been jam-packed with bookings but we’ll let you know as soon as things die down a bit. I’m also going to sort out the blog roll so if there’s anything that you think is worthy of a good read then just holler at us!

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