Soundcloud Meetup – Glasgow 2011

Glasgow and adjacently situated musicians, promoters, managers, writers and all musically minded types should attune their ears to the Soundcloud Meetup – Glasgow 2011.  SoundCloud is one of the most popular online audio distribution platforms boasting over a million subscribers making music in a diverse range of genres.

On Wednesday 9th February Stereo will be venue to a showcase and networking event celebrating the best that the music scene in the city has to offer.  To enable this to happen SoundCloud users in Glasgow are being encouraged to submit their best tracks along with artist contact details to the SoundCloud group in advance of the event. On the night the music submitted will be played with the artist information being displayed on the visuals screen.

The event in Stereo will be preceded by an audio workshop at the Scottish Music Centre in City Halls, where a new collaborative composition will be created for showcasing at the main event. Musicians are being openly invited to attend with instrument in hand and contribute to a new work.

More than anything else, it is important to emphasize that this event has the possibility to expand and gain momentum the more you talk about it.  Your or an acquaintance’s emerging band could get the attention of a manager someone else knows, or a small label that would dedicate themselves the sound that they hear in Stereo that night, even find themselves a dedicated fan in the form of a writer looking to discover new talent to praise in grand verse… the possibilities are endless. So go! Viral network until your eyes are dry from sitting in a dark room staring at a little rectangular screen for hours.

Further information on the event and how to submit material can be found on the Soundcloud Meetup – Glasgow 2011 Facebook page or you can jump straight to submission on Soundcloud.

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