January Podcast – AJ Roach

With the new year arriving, Stephen and Chris have been quick off the mark in getting some podcasts sorted to bring to you this year. We know that we’ve been a little irregular of late and I can’t promise we won’t be again in the future (!!!) but over the next few weeks we’ll be chatting to some people, and we’re pretty excited by them!

Anyhoo, without further ado, please let me introduce our first podcastee of the year, not to mention our most international to date, AJ Roach.

Hailing from Brooklyn, via Virginia, AJ Roach is over in Scotland at the moment to play a couple of shows at this years Celtic Connections festival including an appearance at the excellent Hazy Recollections night featuring Rick Redbeard, Rachel Sermanni, Humbert Humbert and Elba favourites Kitty The Lion.

AJ dropped by Elba to talk about his forthcoming album, the second coming of the ice age in Edinburgh and the difference between playdoh and ‘pleistoceine’ (trust me, i’ve spelled that correctly for the purpose!)

AJ Roach Podcast – Jan 2011 by elbasessions

You can catch AJ this weekend at the following locations;

Sat 15th Jan – Tron Theatre (info here)

Sun 16th Jan – Hazy Recollections at The ABC (info here)

Too keep up with the latest news just point your browser to http://www.roachmusic.com



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