Elba Annual 2010 – i build collapsible mountains

Kicking off our Elba Annual for 2010 is an artist that we came across in July this year after a couple of unmarked mp3’s were sent our way. Luckily they didn’t stay unmarked for too long and we acquainted ourself with i build collapsible mountains aka Luke Joyce. He released his debut album this year on Peenko Records and we were lucky enough to have him over from Edinburgh to play his first Glasgow gig as ibcm at our last Elba Sessions Presents… gig, of the year. We’ve caught up with Luke to see what he rated over the last year…

Album of The Year – Admiral Fallow – Boot Met My Face. I’ve known this band for a fair wee while now – since the days of Brother Louis Collective. I got to know their music after photographing them. This album is head and shoulders above any other album thats come out this year, and this fact is really paying off for the band as they continue to become more and more succesful.

Best Gig (i build collapsible mountains) – I havent had too many so far, but i guess the Wee Red Bar show has been the most enjoyable. The other bands on the bill made it an awesome night.

Best Gig (by someone else…) – British India & Penguins Kill Polar Bears at Stereo. British India are huge in their native Austrailia, so i think it was a bit of a shock for a few of the aussies who turned up to see them in such a small venue. But for every one else it was a great introduction to this outstanding band. Their energy was relentless and even though i didnt know any of their songs, they still held my attention with a cracking show. Having PKPB also on the bill made for a pretty perfect show as they complimented the headliners with a set that saw them sounding as immensely huge as i’ve heard them yet.

Favourite New Band(s) – Penguins Kill Polar Bears – I first heard them when i supported them at the Wee Red Bar. After picking up a copy of their Dawn E.P. i was hooked. Ive seen them live a number of times since and they are equally as impressive live as they are on record. Their yet to be released track ”There’s something old around here” is my track of the year even though its not out until Feb 2011. Its quite simply epic.

Musical Memories of 2010 – I guess my musical memories of this past year are bitter sweet. From the untimely demise of my previous band to the formation of my new project, its very much been highs and lows. But keeping positive, i’ve discovered some amazing new music, and made some new friends, and right now it seems 2010 will mark the begining of good things.

Hopes/Plans for 2011 – in 2011 I hope to continue releasing music as IBCM. I have a few things in the pipeline, including my first U.S. release in the early part of the year. I would like to work with some other musicians, possibly take IBCM beyond a solo project if anybody showed interest in such a venture. But if not, that’s ok. I’m enjoying the life of a solo artist.

If you are around Edinburgh on Dec 11th, you can catch i build collapsible mountains at The Electric Circus. If you haven’t got the album ‘A Month of Lost Memories’ yet, you can do so here.

For more info visit www.ibcmountains.com

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