Loch Awe – Artificial Life From A Digital Sea

Loch Awe have surprised me. It isn’t that I doubted I would like a band that includes a ukulele in it’s ranks, it’s the fact that their debut album ‘Artificial Life From A Digital Sea‘ was written and recorded in a matter of weeks. If this wasn’t enough to impress me, they’ve only been together since the end of July. The Edinburgh outfit haven’t even played their first gig, yet the album sounds like it’s been a labour of love which has developed over time. I asked Matthew, Jack and Joy how it all came about…

Would you care to introduce yourself for readers who may not be familiar with Loch Awe

Hi, we’re Jack, Joy and Matthew. We met at Edinburgh University last year. We’ve all been making music for a few years – Matthew under the name ‘We, the Plural’ and Joy and Jack as solo artists – and thought we might make slightly better music together.

How would you describe Loch Awe?

Like root negative one being divided by zero. Or proto-post folk. Or just folky…

You released your first record Artificial Life From A Digital Sea on August 30th (that’s today!!). It only took a month to write and record. Did you set out to write and record it in such a tight time frame?

Yeah, we did. We got together at the end of July, and decided we wanted something to show for it by the end of August. That and we just enjoy working to deadlines. We actually had to cut a few songs from it, because they didn’t fit in well. We’re hoping to put them out within about six months.

Who are the band’s main influences?

We’re all influenced by different things. To be honest, there aren’t actually that many shared between all three of us, so we’ll answer separately:

Matthew: I’m really into Withered Hand, WHY?, Y’all Is Fantasy Island and Youthmovies. I’m not sure how much they inspire what I write. Maybe other people will see it more than I do.

Jack: Recently I’ve bee listening to The Temptations, The Impressions, Hank Williams Sr., Bonnie Prince Billy and The Band.

Joy: I’m keen on Hot Chip and Neon Neon at the moment, but Arcade Fire and Royksopp tend to be on constant rotation.

What comes next for Loch Awe?

As we said earlier, we’re hoping to have something else out within the next half-year featuring some of the tracks we cut from the album. We’re also looking to get a few live shows under our belt, hopefully with synchronised dance routines!

Finally, we always ask our guests at Elba if there is any band in your locale, apart from yourselves of course, that we should look out for?

Matthew’s been recording some lead guitar for Andrew Lindsay’s new EP, which is sounding absolutely great. It’s definitely worth checking out when it’s released.

‘Artificial Life From A Digital Sea’ is out now and you can get it from their bandcamp page here for free! What’s not to like????


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