Cancel The Astronauts – Funny For A Girl

I like when a song just makes your foot tap/head bob/neck jerk, right from the word go. Title track ‘Funny For A Girl’ on the EP by the same name from Cancel The Astronauts does just that. In fact, The Funny For A Girl EP seems to have a habit of doing this throughout all five tracks. It’s one of those albums that by the time you are halfway through, you are already looking forward to listening from the start again.

This is the second release by Edinburgh based Cancel The Astronauts and it follows on from the first, in pretty much the same vein of every songwriters favourite theme, unrequited love. Don’t worry though, I’m not recommending an EP filled with crooning love song’s a la James Blunt, what we have here is five slices of synthy indie pop who even when it looks like they are about to start crooning, (Standing Still – Track 4), they burst into a catchy chorus filled with all the musical hooks you could possibly need. The stand out tracks for me are probably the opening track ‘Funny For A Girl’ and ‘She Said She Loves Somebody Else’.

The EP is available now from their bandcamp page for a meagre £3 and if you can negotiate through bandcamp and find their other releases, you can download their previous EP for free! They also play King Tuts this Saturday with Elba recommended Astral Planes, Galleries and Casino Brag. Word on the street is that if you drop them an email, you can get a ticket for £4 and they might even throw in a download code for their EP for each ticket purchased. Boom!!

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