Elba Annual 2009 – Peenko

Hot on the heels of last night’s blog on the BAMS (see here), we have cornered the mastermind of said BAMS to ask what made his year. We’ve enjoyed following Peenko’s blog for a long time now, the Friday Freebies are a personal favourite, and whilst the relationship has thus far remained virtual, we hear he is one hell of a mover on the dancfloor! I give you Peenko’s Elba Annual…

peenko receipt

Album of The Year – The Phantom Band – Checkmate Savage

Favourite New Band(s) – (I know I am cheating here, but there’s too many to list just one) Kid Canaveral, Mitchell Museum, Campfires in Winter, Dupec, Be a Familiar, Ambulances, Withered Hand, Cancel the Astronauts, right I best stop there as otherwise I’ll be here all day.

Best Gig – Fence’s Homegame Festival (if you’ve never been before I’d urge you to go as it’s a great weekend, great music, great people and no neds)

Best Memories of 2009 – Probably getting to meet so many great like minded folk that are so passionate about the music currently coming out of Scotland

Hopes for 2010/Things You’re Looking Forward To – I’m really looking forward to ‘The Winter of Mixed Drinks’ the new Frightened Rabbit album/ Homegame 2010/ possibly releasing a record with a cracking band called Campfires in Winter/ the Kid Canaveral album/ seeing what else the Glasgow Podcart team come up with/ The Unwinding Hours album/ and lastly to hopefully get to meet one of the lovely Elba Session team in person (ed: can be arranged!)

Make sure that you bookmark Peenko’s blog. There’s some crackin’ stuff on there for download and a few Elba recommendations in the shape of Andrea Marini and Cuddly Shark!

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