Podcast Update 29/9

*The Word From Elba HQ*

Just a quick update for anyone eagerly awaiting the two podcasts for October. Due to busy schedules by all parties we are launching these a couple of days later than normal on the 5th October.

Our two podcasts involve Salon Society & Andrea Marini.

Salon Society who’s single PREACHING THE BLUES is out on 1st October followed by the album ‘Promenade’ at the end of the month with launch night at Arta on 30th October.

Andrea Marini who will be playing at the Elba Sessions second night at Liquid Ship on 5th November is also playing Oxjam Festival in October and will have news on this and more in the podcast.

So check back for those on the 5th October for the above and in the meantime check out our September podcast with Le Reno Amps who have just finished their UK tour promoting new EP ‘The Stand Off’ and will be headlining the Elba Sessions 8th October night at Liquid Ship.


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